Mar 6 2009Delicious!: Bubble Buddy Blows Bacon Flavored Bubbles For Your Dog Or Child!

bacon bubble buddy.jpg

Sure bubble guns have existed forever, but not BACON flavored bubbles! That's right, now you can blow bacon, chicken, or peanut butter flavored bubbles for your favorite pooch or small child.

Dogs love these yummy scented bubbles. You can use these dog bubbles with the included bubble wands or with any bubble machine, bubble blower, bubble gun or bubble shooter for dogs. One thing's for sure: your dog is gonna love popping all those flavored bubbles! 100% non-toxic bubbles are and safe for dogs and kids.

The gun costs $9.25 and 2-packs of bubbles are $4.25. Cheap! Fun! Delicious! I couldn't find any nutritional info, but I'm sure it's safe to say that drinking a whole bottle constitutes a well balanced meal. *GLUG GLUG GLUG* Mmmm, bacon-y. *BURP* Oooh -- just as delicious coming back up! WHEE, BUBBLES!

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Thanks to Alex, who marinated a Bacon Explosion in bacon bubbles and swears it was delicious.

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Couldn't help but watch her, could you?


I tried this once when I was a child.

Bacon grease does not fly.

Hey, Geekologie Writer! Nice typo, dudr!

coming soon to you vagina flavored bubbles with a hint of used up porn star and anus blood bubble flavor for those japanese geeks out there


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I got one of these for my dog about a year ago.

1. She loves the bubbles
2. The bubble gun sucks

So my advice buy the refill packs and go blow for yourself.

There's softlicious again, flailing around on the top of the comments section & today's proud winner of the total fücking douchebag award, great job!

I bought capnip flavored bubbles for my cat.. so this is nothign new

This is a great way to teach your kids and pets to eat soap and other toxic chemicals. Yay, Bacon Bubble Gun! YAY!

I can blow tuna flavored air bubbles when i queef.

ZOMG! ZOMG! ZOMG! Bacon flavored bubbles! I can die happy now!

I bet I could get you to accidentally fellate me by blowing bubbles near my junk. You dirty bacon grease whore.

Dude bacon flavored bubbles came out like over 5 years ago

this might make the fear of bubbles a thing of the past. i hope my dog will stop running to the bedroom when i blow them.

It's a good idea. Thank you

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