Mar 16 2009TA-DA!: Hubless Motorcycle Runs On Magic

hubless 1.jpg

This is a motorcycle with hubless wheels. Unfortunately, due to my tiny, dinosaur(loving) brain, I'm incapable of understanding how such future technology works. So this is when I copy/paste some quotes and wait for the next meteor to hit.

Hubless wheels work by fixing the rotating parts (brake ring, bearings, hubless rim) onto the outer side of a non-rotating inner ring that attaches to the motorcycle's swingarm or forks.

Advantages include decreased unsprung weight, reduced structural stress (no spokes to transmit forces through), increased braking leverage, more accurate steering, reduced vibration and a lower center of gravity.

Well hot damn! Let me just grab my leathers and we'll hit the road. I get to ride on the back though -- I'm rocking my chaps commando style. Hey, car behind me, get a load of this sexy ass! Haha, I know where you're going -- straight to BONERTOWN, USA! Oh, looks like you naturally swerve a little to the left.

Hit the jump for more pictures and a video of the magical wheels.

hubless 2.jpg

hubless 3.jpg

hubless 4.jpg

Hubless Monster Motorcycle Rolls Without Spokes [jalopnik]

Thanks to Kenny, whose motorcycle doesn't even need wheels because he's special needs and just sits on it in the garage going VROOM VROOM.

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Que merlin!



@ 2 no your second....haha

@2, Fail =p
and thats cool


you're usually on the cutting edge, but Billy Lane has been doing this for years. His 5th hubless was built in 2006. There was also a discovery channel show that showed these. I've gotta call you on it - OLD!

Has anyone made a lightcycle with hubless wheels like this yet?


No. 2 = Epic Fail

this is cool!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver Back Down where Max drove his moped off a jump over a milk truck. He didn't go fast enough, and his moped hit the truck, as he sailed over. The Moped lost all its spokes and Makx rigged it work in magic mode. He used a little bit of string and a lot of drugs to make it work correctly.

He's a-been consorting with the demon folk, burn 'im as the warlock he is!!!


Forget 2006 these have been around since the late 80's

I want to jam Rush Limbaugh in the back wheel and take it out for a spin.


That would be fun.

I was very curious to see this in action (no video GW?!). Anyway, here it is. The bike almost looks motionless!

I hope those are solid rubber wheels, 'cause fixin' a flat's gotta be a real pain.

i approve of this post

#12 Daisy,

Are you retarded? this is not fake. why don't you do maybe I don't know... a google search and you'll see it's the real deal... the real OLD deal.

incase you didn't know, daisy does that on all posts and looks like a total douche bag for doing it. as for you, well you look like one too for thinking that daisy was being serious.

*picture how the hubless motorbike works

Wow. I wanna ride on that thing. Sh!t, that is awesome.

can you say large bearing? basic 101, the hub is the inner rim (big) this has been done before, hellocopter rotor bearings (not light). unsprung weight? wheels and suspension below springs (air bags ect) is unsprung weight, what do 2 1/2 foot high bearings weigh?

@24 thank you. At least someone else realises that these are NOT hub-less wheels, they simply have hubs with a huge inner diameter. I repeat, NOT hub-less, just BIG hubs!

@ #20

Welcome to the site. Daisy posts the same old crap for all the stories, although she is now making them more interesting! Apparently the movie "Never Back Down" is dope to the power of rad, and contains every thing that is on this site thus far, and anything that could possibly be written.

So, just smile a little smile and say something like "I never did mind about the little things".

Geekologie Writer in chaps COMMANDO style!


In my Garage in




2* hits giant forehead on far side of freeway sign.

JAY LENO IS AMAZING - he totally rocks

..... Conan is going to suck ass

He stole this design from "Howard's Customs" in New Jersey. Howard has been building these custom "hubless" choppers for years. Howard invented it.

PS- Here's the link:

Nope, this was first done by Sbarro in the 1980s. This particular bike was built by Amen Design at least 8 years ago based on the Sbarro design. Don't think of it as being hubless, it just has a REALLY big hollow axle.

sweeeeeet! now only if this could be made into a bmw m3......

The History Channel had this thing on Batman Tech, and the new Bat Pod from The Dark Knight was a hubless bike with the engines inside the wheels instead of on the main chassis.

It's hard to see whether the weels are turning or not! Looks great to me!

Great clip! Well done!

yamaha an200 called, says 2001 is mad about those tunes..

wooooo, nice

Really its very imagine. Very good bike . I like it very much. For more motorcycle accessories please contact to link...

yes this are very big bearings I got them in a salvage yard here in my hometown and set them in a bike that I am about to finish, then does any one knows how to modify my truck to set this in it too?

funny Motorcycle

It's a good idea. Thank you

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