Mar 31 2009Puff Puff Pass: USB Smokeless Cigarettes

usb smoking.jpg

Need a nicotine fix but can't leave your cube? No problem! Puff on a Health E-Cigarette from Thanko! Identical to pretty much ever other electronic cigarette out there, the $30 device "uses a heating element to vaporize a nicotine solution to supposedly give you a purer smoking experience", which is just fancy marketing jargon for, "short-circuit and burn your office to the ground". Trust me folks, I hold a Master's in Marketing. And also, Lovemaking. You see this? You see this move I'm doing right now? Senior thesis, baby.

Thanko's USB-powered Health E-Cigarettes sound healthy [engadget]

Thanks to Julian, who once got caught smoking a tampon in the boy's room because some upperclassmen told him it was a cigar.

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weaksauce, why not a usb joint if you're going to follow a stupid idea?

I quit at once but unfortunally not many people are like me.That's why these things are invented.

This isn't about quitting, this is still quite addictive. It is for smoking indoors or in countries/states that have started to ban cigs.

These USB cigarettes would make 007 jealous!

What's more bad!? Smoke in the lungs or nicotine in the blood!?

#5 is a wise person.


That would be a more effective delivery system. You know what that means. Time for research!

Okay sweet idea, now I am in the works to make one of these but for weed, this seems like the best idea.
*knock* *knock* POLICE, oh poop gotta run......

I have this and it works which is interesting, you don't get the cravings and it does smoke but more of a mist format so it vaporizes to the air quickly.

"Ever other"?



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadowe's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back down where Max was over Baja's house and her dad thought Max was a pothead because he mentioned puff the maic dragon was a euphemism for smoking the weeds.

These cigarettes are for fags.

Real men smoke real cigarettes, and die young, like a rockstar.

13: So people dont have to deal with them for too long

@8 indeed, put my name on the list right after yours
@9 a usb vaporizer would be great, I'd def be in the market for owning a few of those

this reminds me of the time that i took all the tobacco out of an old fashioned (read: non electric) "smokeless" cigarette, and loaded it with pot. it worked pretty well, but really, it's just a vaporizer that is a total pain in the ass to load.
also, GW, "senior thesis"? i mean i could get nasty with an older lady, but once they have their kids pressuring them to move into a "home", or start concerning themselves with adult diaper sizing, i'm pretty much done with them. unless they're willing me their 78 collections, in which case call me errol flynn, cause i'm all about that booty.
alternatively: call me errol flynn, cause i'll introduce them to a whole mess of merry men.
alternatively: just call me bogart, and back off, i haven't hit it yet.

♪ pass the blunt, my nigga dont front
you had it for a minute but it seemed like a month ♪

@17 I always love when you sing

♪ rollin' with the homies ♪

This post is really informative. If you can’t leave your smoking habit immediately you can switch to the smokeless electronic cigarette or e-cigs with which you can really save yourself and your surroundings from the risks that are associated with smoking any traditional cigarette.

I am smoking one of these right now. its great I wont die from tar and crap that's in a cig just the zombie robot at y door. oh shit Run....

check out

I am not! going to bore you with a whole lot of gymnastic verbalizations on this DSE901 Usb pass-through from

There is just one saying for this e-cig product, and that is **Well done James!, by crikey!! i think you got it!**

This DSE901 Pass-though is fantastic!, great!, amazing!, Ooh lala!!....i can not find enough adjective's to describe Bestecig's 901 pass-through

great! vapour----convenient----I have been using it for 3 or so days now and i just can not! put it down, no other e-cig even appeals to me now, it has not given me any trouble **so far** And i emphasize the words so far, but for now it shows no! sign's of slowing down, perfect vapour an even easy draw each an everytime!.

It's Time to change the Old Traditional Tobacco smoking to Electronic Vaping. I bought my electronic cig few moths ago and it works great. The best part about my experience is that I've quit traditional tobacco smoking for good & now I choose Vaping rather than smoking.

Hey guys :) I think Electronic cigarettes Rock!!! It sure does not get any better than this :)

Hey guys :) I think Electronic cigarettes Rock!!! It sure does not get any better than this :)

Seriously got to thank the Chinese for doing it again. The invention of this device knows as the Smokeless Cigarette will truly change the world, and make it a much better place to live, no pollution, and no tar.

hey Dinosaur Rex ,if you wanna die young, or be a rock star in your dreams,it's your business,but think about your family and children ,they are always around us,and why they should breathe dirty air becouse of your cigarettes???that's why this >e cigarette is better then real cigarettes,and u can smoke it where u want and when u want
e cigarette

I was doing some investigative research on the smokeless cigarettes when I found this site. I love it!!!! Great stuff! Thanks.

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