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One Day Only: Star Wars Bobble Heads

woot wars.jpg's sale today is six random Star Wars bobble heads for $30 + $5 shipping. At first I thought it sounded like a ripoff because they look tiny, but each figure actually stands over 7" tall, so it's still a ripoff. Haha -- you still bought them didn't you? I call the Jawa if you get one!

Thanks to Mariah, who doesn't deal with bobble heads because she needs a real man.

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  • Clint Hockney

    At http://www.whoopassenterprises..., we had someone request a Princess Leia custom doll that looked like his girlfriend (sail barge). Not sure if she appreciated that as a gift.... but it turned out really great!

  • Star war bobblehead is good, but make you a custom star war is better.

  • All those startwar character looks awesome and attractive ones. In fact the making of bobbleheads are itself wonderful which makes each dolls look good.

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