Mar 10 2009Obama Reverses Stem Cell Research Policy

stem cell research.jpg

Obama, in a pow-pow-power move, signed an executive order (I need a pad of those) yesterday that has " cleared the way for a significant increase in federal dollars for embryonic stem cell research". Now I don't even know what that means, but I do want to clone my dog. And also, grow a tail.

"Medical miracles do not happen simply by accident," Obama declared.

Obama signed the executive order on the divisive stem cell issue and a memo addressing what he called scientific integrity before an East Room audience packed with scientists. He laced his remarks with several jabs at the way science was handled by former President George W. Bush.

"Promoting science isn't just about providing resources, it is also about protecting free and open inquiry," Obama said. "It is about letting scientists like those here today do their jobs, free from manipulation or coercion, and listening to what they tell us, even when it's inconvenient especially when it's inconvenient. It is about ensuring that scientific data is never distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda and that we make scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology."

Well rooty tooty, fresh and fruity! Maybe scientists will finally be able to unlock the secret of my seductive pheromones. Here -- lick my armpit. You taste that? It's called gin, and I sweat it. You ever made love to a man that smells like a pine tree? It's coniferous.

Obama reverses Bush-era stem cell policy [msnbc]

Thanks to Ryan, who is a huge proponent of both twig and branch cell research.

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Reader Comments

FIRST !!!!

Yes! My first, first! in yo face

second!!! ...ahh. to be second.....amost as good as first.

now post it MFer!!!

ever notice how Osama.......errrrrr......Obama seems to speak on, and travel to speak on., everything BUT the economy??

@ 2-4


economy recycles every 49- 50 years or so

clone the vampires



this is meant to be a bigger recession then 1929 thou :P

@1 - @3 Supreme fail, irreversible firstardation.

...nobody's listening

yes, and possibly a worldwide currency at the end of it

@4, It's because he's trying to distract us by giving us 'hope' and 'change' in all the places that don't matter.

F.U.C.K. you Obama.

6- Moron. Start reading and stop regurgitating the scare tactics.

Why the F*CK is this political crap here? Or are you attempting to qualify this as "awesome"? Psh.
*physically sitting on hands and biting tongue to pre-empt politcal rant*

It's about time. I need a new set of lungs and a new heart. Hurry up science. I don't have all decade.

I don't come to this website to read political debates...I come here to read about worthless stupid products that the Japanese create, to read about the inevitable destruction of man kind at the hands of our robot brethren, to read about some weird bra someone created, or a watch that you can't possibly tell time off of.

Please Mr. Geekologie writer, next time you receive or find an article such as this..pass it by and post some breasts.

@12 I second that, best closing suggestion I've heard all week.

Oops you used a bad word, I tried to change it but it still didn't work, anyway I was saying I don't support O S A M A I mean the new pres. He shouldn't waste other people's money.

Actually scientists have been able to research stem cells since it was discovered, and they have been doing so for years.

Obama just allowed the goverment to give funding to companies to help them research.

yay for science

Agree with #12.

Plus this is fake. photoshop, but an older copy. The shadows are all wrong. They just spliced parts of what nixon did with pictures of some sperm/egg dance party. Hell... that might be a mspaint job.

I don't think anybody misses Spam Artist :)

"GW, I think 'it' worked"


Obama is an idiot.. A complete idiot

Kup, LSDiesel, softlicious, apparently didn't get the memo that we're not calling Obama Osama anymore. Now we're calling him a libtardsocialistcommunistradicalmarxistfascist. Get with the times morons.

Are you saying that the ability to cure certain diseases is unnecessary? This is the future of medicine.

Timbo how long did it take you figure out Dubya was not too bright.? Seven years. Idiot

Kup are you serious? Osama... That was the best you could do. DUMB@SS

yaaay Obama clones! how fun...

Finally, now they can actually start spinal treatments for para and quadrapalegics to get them walking again!

I think that is the first time I've seen you post something that didn't make me want to set you on fire. Good job!


He has some cajones for going against the religious right.

27 - Right, because in this post-Bush-era political climate, it MUST take balls to go against the RR. *eye roll*

@27-isnt science a religion.


@22 you're an idiot too

" Hey guys! I just got some babies to
Murder!! Woohoo let's gooooo!!!"


Hey, maybe if you guys keep yelling "change" at the top of your lungs, like you did during the election, there will be some.

maybe not.

@The Right Wing Agenda

Get the sand out of your collective vaginas. I'd gladly dissect a fetus that was on its way to the medical incinerator so I can walk again. At least that fetus got more out of its existence than becoming a puff of smoke.

Are you aware that stem cells are sourced from many places other than aborted fetuses?
There are Embryonic Stem Cells, Umbilical Cord Stem Cells, Placenta Derived Stem Cells and Adult Stem Cells.


Can you please link me to your dead fetus recycling facility? What do you do with em anyway?

"Medical miracles do not happen simply by accident," Obama declared.

Neither does life.


Because every pregnancy had to have been done on purpose, right!


The ban that was lifted had never banned obtaining stem cells from the sources you mentioned. It banned obtaining them from inseminated eggs and fetuses.


Penicillin wasn't planned, I would say it is now a medical miracle. Doesn't mean it was an accident. All depends on what you think an accident is....

Lol @ calling a baby "Mommy's little accident"

I think not planning to have a baby when you have sex and then getting pregnant is pretty accidental.

37- Actually, the ban was on federal FUNDING of that procedure; you get 1/3 credit for trying though.

40- You mean participating in an act DESIGNED to create a baby and getting preggers, is an accident? Perhaps in your head, but not in the eyes of nature.

That said; bring on the cure to life threatening diseases through the death of unborn children - seems like we're robbing Peter to pay Paul. But as long as we're using death as birth conrol, we may as well try to do something helpful with it.
~Pro Choice with a Bit of Vomit in Her Mouth.

Wow only 41 comments for a religiously, scientifically, and politically motivated post. You're all slackers and should be ashamed.

PS. Everyone knows dead babies are best with Sweet BABY Ray's.


You mean having sex and NOT wanting to procreate is not something that we typically do? OooooOoooOohhh....

"...and grow a tail." Are you into the furry fandom? Just wondering, and if your wondering about me, the answer is hells yeah, and proud. Oh, and "kup" celebrating second, I must tell you second place is a fancy name for losing. lolz futurama reference.

Hooray! It's so nice that science is back in the White House. It's refreshing that we have a president who doesn't base policy on a 2000 year old fairy tale involving magic and superstition. Perhaps we're finally moving away from Bronze Age thinking and toward scientific enlightenment.

@32, 45 - wholeheartedly Agree

to anyone who doesn't approve.. get off your high horses. science is the first place you turn to in the time of medical need. let it do it's thing.

@45: My thoughts exactly. I just breathed a sigh of relief that we actually have someone with an open mind in a position of power, one who makes logical decisions, not ones based on antiquated superstitions.

Good job America, time to move in the right direction (as in correct, not Right-winged). I salute you Mr. Obama, literally and figuratively.

And for those of you talking about the economy: It's a fcuking recession, get over it. Only those who buy and sell stocks will be able to right this, and it'll happen in due time.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in NEver Back Down where Max worked nights in a morgue, and turned the morgue into a whorehouse for his own fun and profit.

People here bitching about using the unborn for scientific research while there are babies starving to death all over the world and you spend your time on Geekologie. Its easy to talk the talk right?...........

#49 I'm more worried about those starving babies precious stem cells going to waste than of providing them with food.

One - My tip rules.

Two - This isn't political, it's scientific. The majority of things you read on here have some kind of basis in science if you have yet to notice. Whether it be of anthropological significance, like the recent "vampire" skull, or just some crazy mutation like the octo-girl (posted a while back) which is choc-full of biological significance, it still pertains to science.

The only reason you see this as political is due to the controversy that has enveloped it, and will continue to do so until you realize how monumental this truly is. Also, to the person who told Obama to get effed - is this you: ?

Bam! Now, for all of the ladies here on Geekologie - here's me: . What I lack in good looks, charm, stamina, sexual prowess, pigment in my hair, etc., I make up for in... Well, I once had a tip on Geekologie. Not all at once, now!

Science stands in the first place in the time of medical need. Waiting for more developments

Oh god, a quick scan of the first 40 comments on this thread made me want to bash my head against a wall. It's on Geekologie because it's related to SCIENCE you idiots. Even if you do read this blog just to see the "girls dressed as anime characters" articles, why would you admit that? Nay, BOAST about being in the bottom IQ percentile of the Geekologie readership?

And yet here you all are, spouting misguided platitudes and you're all absolutely convinced that it should be a political issue because it's been made into one by your born-again egomaniacal ex-prez and his nasty little friends. And then you're whining about your current prez when all he's done is make life easier for a bunch of researchers. Why are you even reading this blog if you're against scientific progress? Ah yeah right - the anime chicks. Screw you guys.





@53 - I'm not against science, but I don't like murder. I also don't like the government to fund projects, I believe in the market economy. Barack Osama or libtardsocialistcommunistradicalmarxistfascist, as he nowdays uses to call himself (@21 - thanks for sharing), anyway libtardsocialistcommunistradicalmarxistfascist is a fücking libtardsocialistcommunistradicalmarxistfascist who is spreading the wealth around and I don't like that. If you know how to cure people who have cancer 100% of the time, then you should get some venture capital behind your project, not federal money. The government isn't supposed to decide which project is viable and deserves money, that's what they did in the sovjets and it's plain wrong. I think all democrats should go live in Cuba or perhaps Sweden, go to Sweden u stupid democrat!

Present..... ummmMmm.. Ahhhh.. You see...... Umm...... WHERE THE HELL IS MY TELEPROMPTER?!?!?!?!

@29 No science isn't a religion. One runs on facts, the other blind, willful ignorance

@30 You're the moron. The potential for human life isn't human life. How many sperm go unused every hour you masturbate? You should be tried for genocide, you mass murderer.

@35 Yes it does.

@ the rest of you. If you were dying of a horrible disease I bet none of you would turn down any cure developed from stem cells, hypocrites.



There has never ever been a ban on researching stem cells or using embryos to use as testing stem cells.

Bush didn't ban research on stem cells.

Obama didn't lift a ban on research.

Obama just allowed the government to give grants to companies that are researching stem cells.

There are hundreds of companies that have been researching stem cells since it was possible. They would just get private funding and not use government money.

No wonder the Republicans lost. Judging from these comments, they're stupid.

58- See comment #41. Thank you, have a great day!

60- See comment #15. Thank you, have a great day!

61 - You win this time...

@55: Your way failed miserably, it's our turn and see how it's done correctly.

It kind of surprised me seeing a political statement on Geekologies. I cant recall when (if) that happened the last time. As Count Orlock said, I don't come for political comments I come to read about the gamer/tech geek sub-culture. I have plenty of other websites to stress about this kind of stuff.

But since you opened the Pandora's box - embryonic stem cell research is worthless and ideologically driven. The reason government wants to put money in it is because the private sector wont - Adult stem cells have given us 70 breakthroughs. Embryonic stem cells? ZERO. 70 to 0. Dont waste your money.

Never mind the fact that you are killing people to perform this research. On the moral rung of evil the current US government would be looking UP at the NAZIS. You can't never create life from death.

@everyone- mass FAIL.

The truth is nobody really cares what you think. So shut it.

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is nobody really cares

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