Mar 11 2009New iPod Shuffle Speaks, Lacks Wheel

new ipod shuffle.jpg

The new iPod Shuffle's capacity has been doubled to 4GB, and now the minuscule music player doesn't have a control wheel. But how will you ever reign over your music? Simple -- with controls on the earbud cord. WHEE!

The new design keeps the clip and adds VoiceOver -- a new feature that gets around the lack of display by telling you which song is playing and who performs it at the touch of a button on the earbud cable. It'll also call out your playlists and let you navigate to others. Available in black or silver for $80 and your claim to what Apple calls the "world's smallest music player."

World's smallest music player my ass. I happen to own the world's smallest music player. It's a violin. *rubbing fingers together* Can you hear that? It's the REAL world's smallest music player playing "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath. Bitchin'!

Five minute promotional video about the new Shuffle after the jump.

Apple's redesigned iPod shuffle hits 4GB, talks to you [engadget]

Thanks to Julian, who doesn't need an iPod because the government beams audio directly into his head. Isn't that right, Julian? Julian? Jesus, put down the knife man!

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Reader Comments


apple loves making stuff easy to steal

This is getting ridiculous

I love apple, but even I find this to be fücktarded.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max's mom throws a glass against the wall, and then gets his brother to throw a plate.

oh look, they turned a flash drive into an mp3 player. just add headset jack.. AWESOME-O

Give me a break! I'm a huge fan of Apple and agree on most of the decisions they make, but releasing another stupid iPod is bad taste and timing. Who want's to scroll through 1000 songs blindly with crappy apple ear buds?

This is stupid. A stupid success!

wow! that has got to be the dumbest idea ever... imagine if you're looking for one particular song out of say, 500 songs? it will take you about 5-10 minutes to finally get to it... that voice over thing is a very stupid idea. why didn't they just put a small wheel in it or a d-pad?

I'm so glad I'm not sucked into nor dependent on the idiotic iworld of apple. This is weaksauce & the fruitymacs seem to think the same

This is not helping my hang over.

This looks like a crApple I took this morning.

this is why i boycott the douches

it's small enough, that if it were a little more cylindrical it could work as a suppository. then you could change your tunes with your extra wind power...

how small must it get before people say stop? "Apple to release new sub-cutaneous iPod" The "iPod dermatitis (tm)"

@13 I also boycott douches....I like my women to have smell


$teve Job$ : How can we make more money on ipods?

iworker : well we already took away the battery, so they have to buy a new one every couple years.

imarketer : Don't forget we made them install and use itunes in order to use it, so they will love only buying music only from us.

ilawyer : Its just too bad we dropped our least people are still ripping music as itunes files and not as mp3s..They'll never be able to play their music on anything but an apple product.

istock holder : My kids keep throwing out their cheap apple headphones and buying "good" headphones instead.

$teve Job$ : That's it! We'll make it so they HAVE to use our headphones as well. We should put all the controls on the headphones. We'll make boatloads of money! And sue anyone who makes headphones that are compatible with ours.
Then we'll come out with a slicker, slightly better version every year and make them buy new ones.

*GOLF CLAPS by everyone*

#16 has it perfect... cut print FTW

To those who don't know what they are talking about, instead of buttons on the device, the buttons ARE ON THE HEADPHONE, so it's easier to access.

@16 totally right

I cant believe they would take away the only option for decent sound. This has just become the worlds most useless mp3 player. Why int he world would anyone buy a stick without controls?

These really has to be for sheep with shitty hearing. Anyone who enjoys music will be avoiding this proprietary trap, yet another Apple lesson is planned obsolecence.

If you buy this, you are a fuc|<ing apple tool.

@18 why dont they just make a remote adapter with a jack to plug regular headphones into... like many cell phones do?

crapple jsut likes screwing the consumer and any tool that buys their products deserve the anal reaming they undoubtedly have coming



This is a complete blow job. I can tell its fake because I have psychic powers and complementary cerebral issues as well!

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Playboy 3: House of Bunnies, very good, very NSFW by the way, where the black girl throws a dildo against the lesbian's butt and then gets her boyfriend to throw a banana, her boobs: FAKE!

worst idea considering how terrible the Apple ear phones are...

I do appreciate the styling of Apple's products, and Mac OS takes a dump on Windows from a very dizzy height. I won't become an Apple fanboy, though, because I firmly believe that form should never take precedence over function - and it seems like Apple disagrees with me on this one.

@16: you'll sound like less of a douche when you learn the difference between headphones and earphones.

You say potato, I say proprietary.

ear buds

Fair enough - but I don't trust Wikipedia further than I can smell it - written and maintained by douches like me and you (;


too true.

Good god you people are dense..

Do you even know what purpose the Shuffle serves? Probably not, because you've never worked out or exercised in your life.

People who buy the shuffle want a device they can turn on, clip somewhere, and forget about. integrating a screen and controls on a device that clips in a pocket or backpack would be absolutely pointless. The VAST majority of users use the included headphones and taking advantage of that fact to make a smaller and easier to use device is a perfect idea.

If you want a tiny device with a screen and regular functionality of an iPod you buy a Nano, not a Shuffle.

Wtf is up with that video?
I would be generally worried about anyone who can't press a button with their eyes closed.

....if all the controls are on the earbuds, then that rules out using my own headphones....that sucks.

I gotta say, If this is fake, then some uberhacker sure did one over on the frontpage of apple:

well said Aex (28)....
....the shuffle is for clipping and forgeting....make it small and light for running on the treadmill, working out, lawn work, ect.
if you want a screen to constantly manage your music get an ipod that does. that is why Apple has different models of ipods to support the consumers preference...

God knows I have enough people talking in my head, do I really need one more. How is that a feature? Voice over my A** crapple, do you have no compassion? I agree with him, me too, thanks guys

16 - yes yes yes!

Its a shuffle, so it doesn't need controls since the songs are random. It just needs a back and forward, and having those on the ear buds is fine.

Basically, I would probably buy this strictly for when I run or am at the gym. Like anyone else who buys a shuffle. But none of you probably exercise anyway..

This product is absolutely useless to me. Apple ear buds and pretty much all regular ear buds fall out of my ear. They always do. If I were to run with headphones like that, the only way to keep them in my ears would be duct tape.

So, unless the new shuffle comes with a free roll of duct tape, Steve Jobs can shove it up his ass.

I guess for people who have no problem who always use ear buds and just like music to pump them up while working out, this is the perfect little mp3 player. I think the crappy digitized voice would drive me mad, though. There should be an option to turn it off.

Great! another way too small-Ipod I can't take out of my house, because if I clip it to my back pocket I'll sit on it and break it with my big ass.

i might be really mean and buy one for my boyfriend *evil laugh*

Is it just me or can that thing not rewind?

@CapnBirdseye - It's just you, clicking 3 times rewinds.

I own the iriver S10, it's smaller than that, has a screen in full color, and is fully controllable, had it for about 3 years now....fcuk crApple.

I will totally confuse that thing with a trident..

@22 an epic fail THAT was

not only is it the world's smallest, but its also a piece of cra p... situation: opps, i blew out my earbuds...and my eardrums, damn, usless piece of shi t. also, hook up to steryo... too bad

Apple takes marriage of elitism, idiocy to new levels with talking iPod

Apple didn’t invent the portable music player (PMP), but with the introduction of the iPod in 2001, it proudly pioneered the role of the devices as uber-hip status symbols projecting urban youth gestalt, hip-hop elitism, and a strident allegiance to a crippling dependency on one proprietary piece of software for the transfer of music files ...

these earphones arent so special anyway, they have less buttons then some that you can alreaady find in the apple store made by apple that have button controls. in my opinion taking reall buttons out was a piece of crap mistake

I am an Apple fanoi, and I too find this to be incredibly stupid. Apple headphones are shit, every single pair I had broke down pretty quickly. The fact that I can't replace them with this makes it an instant deal breaker. This should have been designed and shoved instantly into a museum of concept designs, NOT the real world.

Worst Apple product since the cube.


I want no part of this. I lose my headphones all the time and replacing something from Mac is always expensive. I think I am set to stay with my Gen4 Ipod.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down were Max wanted to check his neighbor's story that his car brakes were shot, and he needed to chock the tires to keep it stopped. When Max pulled out the rock, the car rolled right into the swamp and sank.

I love Apple's products and all, but I'm not too impressed with this. Yes, it's smaller and sleeker, but if you loose the headphones it comes with, there goes your controllers along with it. Not good.

Kinda looks like a tampon...

@16 -my hero

@ 28, you're the only one on here who understands why they made this. I'm buying one today because I'm sick of running with my iPod Touch.

& to ppl bitching about how it will take too long to find a song, that's why you don't have to fill it up. You just put a selection of maybe 100 songs or so as a playlist just for running or whatever you do on your spare time.

Until next time, Try it before you hate on it. And think before you type.

&& if you don't think they should have taken the buttons away, then go buy the 2nd gen. It's still available.

&& if you're too irresponsible to not lose a pair of headphones, then maybe you shouldn't own one of these.

Have a good one.

@16 my legs are spread for you...and i'm a guy!

@28 ok, i work out every day, i've worked out regularly since the first-gen ipod came out, which i shelled out $500 for a then-bleeding edge technology which i loved. then got the G3 ipod, followed by the nano and the shuffle. as time went on, it was obvious that apple was trying to lock people into a disposable player, except they weren't charging disposable prices. now they charge "premium" prices for what should definitely not be considered a "premium" player. ultimately i gave up on ipods because itunes is by far and away the most god-awful software ever created, and it's clear it was designed by their sales team.

when i leave for the gym in the morning, i might not know what kind of music i'll be in the mood for that day. i'm grateful to have PMPs that allow for lots of different genres of music to suit my moods. but along with that amount of storage comes a need to organize it efficiently and index it quickly. my sansa fuse does the job wonderfully with its screen, and sounds like a dream. to make users have to sift through tons of playlists with nothing more than a crappy synth voice cue seems like less of a design mistake and more of a punishment to users. that and forcing your users to use your sub-sub-sub-par headphones to control the pos...well hey, like i said, i'm not an apple customer any more.

yeah, you might only need enough music to get thru a 2hr workout, but that doesn't explain the fact that they keep putting more and more storage on these units. and this "press 8 times to skip 4 tracks, press 4 times and hold to rewind" crap is nonsense. it reminds me of the onion article with the ipod wheel replacing the keyboard. only this time it's a real product.

with every new apple failure, they prove again and again that they're the new M$.


Just to let anyone know who hasn't realized it already (*cough*Daisy*cough*), this actually is a new REAL ipod shuffle. Seriously. Check the website for it and you'll see it. You'll even see an editorial review for it on CNET.

If you're still doubtful...

loooks kinda stupid to me

@54 "Try it before you hate on it" - Pretty sure you said that you were only heading out to buy one today; what exactly makes you more qualified to espouse the virtues of a product you've never tried, than we have to slate it? I can't see anyone defending it who's actually *bought* one. Please don't buy it just because its Apple. Grow a brain. Read a review. There are loads of products similar to the Shuffle in size, but BETTER in functionality, reliability, output, and compatibility. Steve Jobs is not your friend. He will not cry if you buy a different brand.

He might.

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