Mar 25 2009Neat: The Science Of Little Red Riding Hood

This is probably the coolest telling of Little Red Riding Hood I've ever seen not including the one where Red was a busty college co-ed and the wolf was just a guy with a monster dong and bear costume (low budget). But he still ate her alright! The grandmother too. *HORFITY HORF HORF BLOW CHUNKS*

Slagsmålsklubben [vimeo]

Thanks to Chris, who has never done a wolf but has had several cougars. Older ladies?

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those beats are freeeeesh

Why would someone waste time making something like this?

must have been made by the same people who did the vid for "Remind Me" by Royskopp.

You weren't kidding. That was amazing.

.....when they could be commenting on geekologie instead!

Tuesdays coming, did you bring your coat?

Well that was a waste of time.


I should be playing World od Warcraft.

Why can't we get stuff like this in the NYC Public School system?
It gave me tools.... and grandmas look pretty good now. *licks lips*

"This is probably the coolest telling of Little Red Riding Hood I've ever seen not including the one where Red was a busty college co-ed and the wolf was just a guy with a monster dong and bear costume (low budget). But he still ate her alright! The grandmother too. "

And I can't Say F*CK? WTF is this asshattery?

Still not as good as Debbie Does Dallas...ZING!


Well the men come in these places
And the men are all the same
You dont look at their faces
And you dont ask their names
You dont think of them as human
You dont think of them at all
You keep your mind on the money
Keeping your eyes on the wall


I wanna make a million dollars
I wanna live out by the sea
Have a husband and some children
Yeah I guess I want a family
All the men come in these places
And the men are all the same
You dont look at their faces
And you dont ask their names
Repeat chorus twice

Deutschmarks or dollars
American express will nicely thank you
Let me loosen up your collar
Tell me do you wanna see me do the shimmy again
Repeat chorus


Because it's freakin awesome!

perfect except the failure to explain how a sectioned granny was extracted from a wolf in one piece

I'd like to see this done with other stories. Most notably Hansel and Gretel and Go Dog Go.

oh and @13 - thank you for making me long for the return of Daisy. (asshat)

UHM what the hell?!

Okay. That was awesome. The supertards that disagree need to go back to watching Idle American and surfing or whatever.

And f*cking gay about the foul language. If you don't like the internet, stay out of it.

That was one of the coolest things I've ever seen on here. The music was awesome and the animation was clever.

the video failed to present how grandma got joint back together

she was cut into quadrants

everything else has excellent information

yet remind me is a much better song.


The Volkswagen is German but the rest is Danish!

Ha! Swedish!

The original fairytale is Danish!

Creative mind=well done!

there is one glaring problem in this scenario. it is common knowledge that raptors are the only other animal aside from humans capable of opening a door.

It's a lot of work to make a clip like this folks!

@27 Don't underestimate dogs! Whoof!

idiots! those were all bullshit science facts, look at when it shows a diagram of the human eye, since when did the lens diverge light around the whole freaking retina!!! it should have been focused onto the fovea.

It's actually a wolf in this clip! Not a dog! Neat Swedish precise work btw!

Geeeze, finally I got this story

Could have done without that really fcuking annoying "music."

interesting. i dont even remember the story..



@35 & 36 don't forget...

TEST eeee's!

sucking monster dong FTW!

@Lora: I thought that the instant I saw the still... it's nice to know that at least three people here have culture ; )

She goes into the hundred acre woods?
so.... the was the wolf a friend of Pooh bear?

I liked it.

Where can I hear more of that music?

Video was put together by Tomas Nilsson, check out his stuff here;
The video was made for a "digital image" course at Linköpings university, Sweden (same university where Mattias Bergbom got his degree (dude working at Digital Domain, which won an Oscar at the 81st academy awards for visual effects).

In other words; swedes are mighty computers geeks who will take over the world in 2012!!1

The music by Slagsmålsklubben (swedish meaning "fight club").
Check out their music here;

And yeah, how did grandma survive after being chopp'd up?
Simply by being a gangsta-ninja-grandma, I guess...

total rip-off of Remind me by Royksopp. Like no one was going to notice?

ha,'s almost exactly the same as Royksopp!
That sort of sucks...doing the exact same stuff and getting cred for it...not cool!

Those beats.. wows..

dogs cant open doors!!!

but the tunes are pretty sick

lower-case fail.

Hey did you guys hear about Little Red Riding Hood?
Somebody told me she goes down to Home Depot and pays the migrant workers to go to his house and choke him in the shower.

I enjoyed the music but I kept expecting a tumultuous chorus to start pumping because the music amps up at a couple of points but it just goes back into the same rythym again and I become flacid.

that was really cool

Well, there is an other movie you might watch, Dogville, it's much better than most other movies. The movie is a documentary about America, just like Never Back Down is a documentary about Max and Baja who run for the train to get to the airport where they realize they wern't travelling anywhere, when they come home from the airport they realize they were cab driver's and had to go back, but Max went to prison where he made a movie about himself the movie got cancelled when the president who Baja had voted for stopped listening to the siren's, this caused a paradox in the space time continuity and Max had to use the flux capacitor to go back in time to set some things straight, when he got back to his original time he forgot everything he had done and repeats it twice. NBD has a complicated plot.

@44, 45:

You twits, it says below the video on his page (watch it in HD and have some self-respect) that he was inspired by Royksopp's "Remind Me"

i didnt like this at all.

@ 27 - I've seen cats open doors, my German Sheppard's done it too... Perhaps that's because they were genetically mutated to let themselves outside...

Totally agree. My bassidor opens the gate in the back yard just so he can people watch in the front yard.


Yeah totally, like that time I downloaded a paper on advanced quantum physics and clamied the nobel prize! hooray for inspiration!

Turns out the song's called "Sponsored by Destiny" by Slagsmalsklubben.

lol at 10,000 calories for grandma. according to the rest of the information grandma should be about 284,000 calories but even those numbers are not realistic. Where are you going to find 25kg of carbs in a grandma and only 16kg of fat? Grandma's are carb free so is Atkins safe

Post 40. I thought the exact same thing . lol

But the hunter is a baker
yeah... yeah he is ^.^


thats so brilliant!!!!
i showed this to my science teacher!!!!

one thing though, the hundred acre woods was winnie the pooh not little red riding hood..
Still Brilliant!!

this thing suck

that's the original

from Royksopp - Remind Me is the french company that has designed The Royksopp movie or Areva Advertisement.
watch it yourself

Shame on this swedish guy


four pieces does not necessarily equal quadrants


The song is the only good thing about this video

It's a good idea .Thank you.

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