Mar 14 2009Fun With Offfice Supplies: A Wire Mario Kart

mario kart 1.jpg

Donald Kenny gets bored at work. REALLY bored. So what does he do? Sneak out the back? Play video games? Surf Facebook incessantly like a normal person? No. He makes Mario Kart sculptures using office supplies. As you can see, this is a paper clip and wire Mario. Good looking, Donald. Now tell me -- what his mustache is made out of? And also, is he selling rides? If I steal his rims I'll have 70¢.

Hit the jump for one more shot.

mario kart 2.jpg

Mario Kart Stationery Sculpture [uberreview]

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Not first


This is soooooooooooooooooooo wicked awesome

Wow. Mario's got a full pair of shoes. And you know it's not made out of paperclips nor office supplies. Hmmm...
I get it.
He took it from his boss's Angel figurine collection. Cut 'em off from their feet.

I've been playing mario kart online all week, f my life.

It acually is acurate and awesome and mario looks really cool he actually has shoes wait wat are the shoes made out of oh someone answer and hhis legs are pencil grips awesome

Ive made something like that before

not really lol

Yea you're first ... first NOOB to post another 111111 comment

Returning to the topic at hand, the moustache looks to be made of possibly part of the rotary of a mechanical pen or pencil. I would have used a spring from a pen to make the moustache.

What I am wondering about is Mario's shoes. What office supply is it made of?

But the shoes aren't office supplies...

Figured it out ... it looks like he used the feet of a (G.I. Joe) action figure

qq nub ^

go take a mustache ride

Good use of office time... way to stick it to the man -WIN!

The mustache was made from a part of mouse wheel, IMHO


This is a complete photroshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where MAx used a cordless drill to remove the doorknob at work that gave him a static shock every day. He also took apart the wall of his cubicle, exposing his desk to the window view.

This employee must have been really bored!

@17 Be sure it wasn't me boss!

ya those shoes are pimpin hawt
@7 those legs are thumbtacks dipshit

The "wire" is plastic coated paper clips and the 'stach looks like a part from old school (not optical) mouse wheel

my username says it all

So, so cool!

Isn't that a Darth Vader mouth?:)

Hm,could this be a selfportrait..!?

Hey, the mustache is clearly made from a cut up optical wheeel from an old ball mouse.
Queenie strikes again
Squeek GW, squeek I say

The mustache is made of a part of the mechanism of an old mouse were the movement of the ball was captured by two cilinders, one for each axis Y and X and those cilinders were conected to weels like that moustache, were te spaces and lines interrupted a sensor wich detected those interruptances to understand how much movement was made on each axis.


Any way, besides what the moustach is made of, the final effect is awesome.

Just to clarify, this two links shows the pictures. One is a very simple diagram but with a generic part, not the one in this Mario but very easy to understand.

The second one has the exact part but is not so clear to see how it works.

Enjoy and remember... share the knowledge.

WAY COOL - I wish I had the time and supplies. they don't allow me to have dangerous things like OFFICE SUPPLIES

WAY COOL - I wish I had the time and supplies. they don't allow me to have dangerous things like OFFICE SUPPLIES

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