Mar 2 2009Do You See What Happens, Larry?

This is older so you may have already seen it. It's the scene from The Big Lebowski when Walter is beating the hell out of "Larry's" car with a crowbar. Except it was edited for television, making it perfectly SFW. Do you see what happens, Larry?? This is what happens, Larry!


Thanks to Mike, who doesn't want to see what happens.

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I find strangers in the alps all the time. That never happens.

link is bunk dude

wow! this is awesome to the power of great (thats like pickachu times GW, awesomeness. except that combo doesnt come and kill your car

Oh, it works again. I am bunk, dude.

Where is Daisy today?

OMG I saw this on TV! My friends and I always quote the strangers in the Alps part. Almost as funny as the real movie (Not even close)

I've heard it said that this version of the audio was actually recorded by john goodman, under the direction of los bros cohens. Allegedly, they knew they were going to have their swear-heavy movie butchered by the censors, so they decided to take the initiative and produce a 'clean' version that was sillier and more irreverent than anyone else would dare.

My favorite site takes on my favorite film. Thanks for the laughs today. The TV version of the film may be just as funny as the real thing... mostly because of silly dubs like this one.
Is this your homework, Larry?

Awesome movie !

So your point is...?

I don't care what anyone says, this movie is so over rated. Raising Arizona was their master piece, and 100 time funnier. And stuff.

Ever suck feet for weed?


How irrelevant to the subject at hand, however...


These guys should do this more often,Great way to lose some weight.


That was my MySpace quote at one point last year...

Why edit this for tv, any way? Why Larry? What the hell Larry?
hey Larry!!

When you find a stranger in the alps and feed him scrambled eggs...
rates right up there with "Boy, what the funk you say?"

is the gw just trying to fill space?


hahahaha i have no witty comment, because this is just to great!

i love The Big Lebowski...and i love cheesy television editing.

There's a line in Scarface, something like "How'd you get all those scars on your face, from eating pussy?"

They changed it to "...from eating pineapple?" Cracked my friend and me up. We can still make each other laugh 20 years later just by saying, "you been eating pineapple?"

I am really confused now

it's no "yippe ki-yay Mr. Falcon!" but it will do.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver BAck Down where Max was upset that his smoke alarm kept beeping, so to get some sleep he broke it with a broom. LAter after an honest mistake with an excelelent tasting cake shaped like a genital that was served to kids, an irate houseguest puts out a cigarette in the cake, which when thrown into the trash eventually starts a fire. This is too bad because the smoke alarm wasn't working. So max and hes guests were homeless.


That's almost as good as when they said "mickey-fikki" in the edited version of "Do The Right Thing" -- which was A LOT.

Reminds me of when I saw a Police Academy movie on TV and they changed "Asshole" to "Eggroll". So it just ended up sounding racist instead.

Has anyone parodied this better than Mr. Show?

Whadda doucher.

I'm sure $0.02 and a pocket full of FAH-Q would have gladly accepted the ringer in place of the cash. Dirty undies fetish, anyone?

Hey, have you guys heard that this one appeared on the hot hook-up club "C e l e b m i n g l e. C 0 M " for wealthy singles to hook up for Love and Sexy dating?

ive never seen the big lebowski so that was a total waste of my life i cant get back

Well perhaps you should be a little more discriminating.

Rick Rubin gone wild

I think I remember seeing a version on TV that said "take a stranger by the hand" instead of this...or the original phrase...

Gordon Freman disapproves of that car.

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