Mar 6 2009Beatles 'Rock Band' Coming This Fall

beatles rock band.jpg

Want to play Beatles songs on Rock Band? Well get excited about September then, because "The Beatles: Rock Band" is coming.

Apple Corps, the band's music label, has strayed from its historical aversion to digital distribution of music by working with Harmonix and MTV Games to release the new title, which creators call "an unprecedented, experimental progression through and celebration of the music and artistry of The Beatles."

Apple Corps and Viacom Inc.'s MTV Networks announced the new game on Thursday, saying it would be priced at $59.99. For an additional $99.99, fans can purchase instruments similar to those used by the Beatles.

WHOOOOOWEEEE! I can finally go to bed at night knowing Beatles music is coming Rock Band. And also, that ghosts are real. WHOA -- DID YOU HEAR THAT? Sounded like chains being dragged across the floor. *grabbing flashlight* I'm going to investigate....

Haha, forgot to unchain the kids from the dishwasher after dinner. I swear, those rascals.

Beatles 'Rock Band' Coming In September [redorbit]

Thanks to MIKE, who used to get high with the Beatles before his company started randomly piss testing.

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what's with all the tags GW?

ur a dooch gootch

Things were different in the 60's, you could have bad teeth and still be a sex symbol.

I love you.


Die firstys!!!!

Being firstarded is nothing to be proud of. You're just showing everyone that you're the poster child of a true loser. It's old, it's ghey & it makes you look stupid.

Reminds me of a time when someone named Daisy posted on a forum & a bunch of people got all bent out of shape about it. Some of them mocked, others loved and many hated. Del Taco, bacon flavored ice cream on Baja's chest, fake shadows - even a moped stealin' Pat Sajak that was addicted to drugs.

Great Job Daisy, I salute you!

naas don't be mad cuz' you never get your firsty's

most tags ever?

Guitar Queer-o and Fake Band are no substitute for the joy of learning how to play a real instrument. Go ahead and buy all of this useless shit for your over priced gaming systems. I can still pick up an acoustic, sit outside and play Death's "Trapped In A Corner"(and every other musical piece ever made provided I have the time or desire to learn it) forever for the low cost of finding a cheap, used guitar. Fücking morons.


Happiness really is a warm gun. Bang Bang Shoot Shoot.

Paul is dead.

That's crazy!!!

i can't wait for rock band andrew WK.

i like the beetles and all but man talk about jumping the shark, why do they need to have all these songs for a system that will be opsolete..

really im just mad because they dont have middle ages music yet, because i want to get my rock on with some 9-11th century good old fashioned lute and harp playing, because nothing gets me sprunk like the sweet melodies of rain maker in australia where is my thunder stick???? huh huh can you tell me that? where where is it, stupid sony and nintendo there is a high demand for the things i rant for, like Redneck of war, the not so well known brother of kratos

Who are the Beatles?

Shutup Davo!!! I want to punch you in the head!!!! You Dumb Ass!!!!

Needs more tags

Needs more women.

Like a Prudence, a Julia, and an Eleanor.

The Beatles? Really? Did they think this was going to be a good idea or something?


We had an Eleanor, but she died - all of you missed out on a killer funeral.

Gordon "Fücking" Shumway

I agree.
It's like people who play GTA
What can't you by a real gun and go out shooting prostitutes and car jacking people?

Or people who play PGR4,
cant you afford a Ferrari F50?

Who needs games to give us a quick and easy alternative to real life.
In fact who needs TV and Movies.
Watching the latest James Bond

While we're at it why are people wanting to listen beatles songs.
Whats wrong with you prats? Not good enough to join the Beatles Losers?
If you can't play the real instruments, sing and not in the band how dare you listen to their music.
That is basically the point you was making Gordon "Fücking" Shumway .

When you think of it that way you must realise what a gobshite you sound like.

Thank you 22, I'm glad somebody put that hippie in his place. Coming to a tech blog to bitch and moan about Guitar Hero is like me going to a Hippie Jam Festival and preaching my disgust for stoners and love for big business.

If you want to listen to Beatles songs, buy them and listen to them. I am not opposed to the appreciation of music. Far from it. My point, you rascal, was that if you're going to spend the hundreds of dollars required for a fake instrument and the game it's for, why not learn to play a real instrument? Why not make an effort to get out there and enjoy life? But, alas, you didn't get that out of my post because your only link to the outside world is your pc and rock band. I'm really sorry your parents locked you in the basement because of their fear of what the world might think of your grotesque deformity. That deformity is, shit for brains. Sorry pal, keep your bullshit opinions on your side of the pond next time.

I work for a big corporation and I play/listen to metal. Metal, its what the guitar was born for. Since you want to talk about this being a tech blog, what about the complex electronic hardware required to make a real electric guitar? Evan my 5-year-old nephew can rewire a guitar queer-o controler. How about something harder, like building your own active pick ups? How about building your own amplifiers? Don't ever think a fücking juke-box video game is more technical than the real thing. Douche.


We all live in a yellow submarine
a yellow submarine
a yellow submarin
We all live in a yellow submarine

GFS- someone needs a hug. *HUGS* No kicking please.

@9 I play rock band all the time. It's incredibly entertaining, especially mixed with a dozen friends and a bottle of patron. I also have a Tama 5 piece drum kit that I piss the neighbors off with nightly and a bass guitar that I've played for the last 18 years. Maybe you should try out RB sometime so you can stop sounding like a kid who just had his sucker stolen


Thank you.


I'm to busy trying to get ahold of an ESP LTD AX-104 with custom EMG pickups to waste my time on this shit game. You're a bass player. You can understand that, right?

Y'know, I don't have any of these systems (I stopped playing console when SEGA died), but there's another British band who were contemporaries of the Beatles, and who whipped their pasty asses IMHO: the Rolling Stones. If this game has a Stones pack, or if they ever make one, I might just consider breaking my celibacy for it.

@4 - That's Brittain period. You know there is no dental care over there.

p.s. Davy Jones is better.


Nah, You need to try harder.

You still have no point.
It's not just about the money. To learn a real guitar takes time. A game is pick up and play.
I know a couple in their 40's who run their own business that bought rock band to play with friends round and have a few beers.
I dare you to tell them to learn every instrument in rock band for real as well as their friends so the can do it for real after a few pints.
Do you think they have the time or care enough to do that?
No they want to have a laugh on a saturday night after a few and their kids want to play it from time to time.

They have singstar as well. Why don't you tell them they need to learn how to sing?
I can't sing and wont do karaoke but will play that. Should I really deny myself of a fun experience with friends once in a blue moon because some trumped up little nothing who needs to feel better about her failure in leaning to play an instrument but not being in the next Beatles and regrets that so tries to show off they can play a guitar any chance they can.
I bet your the type of nothing who sits there strumming thin air when a song they know is on the radio hoping it impresses anyone who's looking.
Head rotating and all.
Hint: it doesn't. You look like a goit.

Oh I can play the guitar as well (not well but better than I am on Guitar hero) but don't own GH and I can that GH is a game, a very fun game that does not deserve to be put down with these unfair "go learn a real guitar" comments

And don't presume to judge my life. Rock band is a social experience that gets groups of people together.
If you wasn't so far up your own arse in love with the smell of your own farts playing little miss high and mighty you would overlook your unfounded prejudice towards this and society.

You would get some friends and should one have this and a group of them be playing this, having a wonderful time, try it.
Join in.
enjoy yourself and not bring everyone around you down with you sanctimonious superiority for once in your life.

Who knows you might get laid by that drunk guy who gets so drunk at the end of the night that he doesn't know he's shagging the bread bin but somehow always knows it's you and manages to avoid that landmine.

@32: "Your" means "belongs to you," and "you're" means "you are." Short and sweet, same way I like my gals.

Interesting post. I feel like the ratings that will come out after the game release won't be as positive as all the hype. Its one thing to like Beatles music, but to play it, doesn't seem to fit with the whole Rock Band genre.

lol #33

warning grammar nazi herew.
You do realise this is a blog and not the foreword in the complete literature works of Shakespear don't you?

This is the internet no Oxford University.

Sorry if I didn't proof read but was watching the hudds-'Ull match at the same time.
Don't be so anal. I know the difference but don't think it's that important given where it's being used and anyone who read the comment can get the gist without spell checking so I'm sure you can as well. Or if it's that important to you why just single my message out.

And it was meant to be "here" and "not" before you get you're knickers in a twist.

(as you might need it pointing out I know it should have been your and not you're above)

I can't be bothered to read all the comments to see if someone already pointed this out to you, but Harmonix and MTV Games make GUITAR HERO, not crock band. And anyway, they announced this last year .

Nope, nobody pointed that out. Gee, I wonder why?


Why were you watching the "hudds-'Ull match," good buddy - is there no rasslin' on the tube today? In the quiet words of my friend Maddox, do you know what the most ironic thing is about you writing me a couple of broken little messages to let me know that you're okay with being illiterate? Doesn't matter, now get me a Whopper.

Smoke pot, smoke pot, everybody smoke pot

goo-goo ga-joob!

^What are you like 6? Fcuking douchebag.

Reading the tags takes more time than reading the article.
We don't need the Beatles' full discography before hand.

On the bright side it's good to see a post without the tags "wow", "I want", "okay", "oh yeah", "whee", "not bad", "sure why not" and "yes please"

type any of them in the search box and you get 95% of all the geekologie posts.

for all you fucking retards saying play a real instrument and do something like the game, ITS ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES RETARDS

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