Feb 3 2009Wrong #: Cell Phone Explodes, Killing Man


We reported on a 'death by cell phone explosion' last year, but that one turned out to be some guy trying to cover up accidentally killing a coworker. Maybe this one's real. Or maybe somebody else pushed the wrong lever.

A man has died after his mobile phone exploded, severing a major artery in his neck, according to reports.

The man, thought to be a shop assistant in his twenties at a computer shop in Guangzhou, China, died after he put a new battery in his phone. It was believed that he may have just finished charging the battery and had put the phone in his breast pocket when it exploded.

According to the local Chinese daily Shin Min Daily News, the accident happened on January 30 at 7.30pm. An employee at the shop told Chinese media that she heard a loud bang and saw her colleague lying on the floor of the shop in a pool of blood. The employee said the victim had recently changed the battery in his mobile phone.

Jesus, I'm never charging my phone again. So if you want to talk to me, you better call quick, because yesterday was my last charge. Yep, I'm only yelling from here on out. YOU HEAR ME? HONEY, I'M GOING TO BE LATE FOR DINNER!

Man killed by 'exploding mobile phone' [timesonline]

Thanks to Richie-con-carnie, who once cooked a delicious meal on the heat of a burning cellphone.

NOTE: Picture is not related to story. Except it's a picture of a cell phone that exploded. And caught fire.

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1st.... First Finally Made it hahah....

Dammm u Borat!!!!!

So..... if he was at work... why the f*uck is there a pic of a bed?

What kind of work did this Chinese dude do?
Massage with happy ending, maybe??

soooo, are they sure he wasn't sniped?

It was totally the Joker who did this.

The Chinese mafia rigged his cell to explode the next time he replaced the battery. its obvious.

that iS The most fUnny Piece of news I have ever hearD of!!!

When that happens, you KNOW it's just your time.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake bnecause the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max inherited an auto parts company from his dad. He had to ride around the country with Joe Dirt trying to sell brake pads to keep one of the ghostbusters from buying the company and laying off all the workers.

You can still use bad words SUCK IT


แหม อือฉันได้รับการยอมรับว่าเป็นร่วมเพศเกย์ประเวณีสิ่งที่โยนี sucking หัวโจกหน้าแม่โยนีรับประทาน. อึที่คนที่แต่งตัวประหลาดควรประเวณีพี่ชายของเขาในการเป็นร่วมเพศปากของเขา แล้วอึหัวโจก.

That boy got clipped Wanted-curved-bullet-style

The pic doesn't seem to go with the story - If it severed a major artery, why is there no blood anywhere in the picture? And as #4 mentioned, didn't it happen at work?

uh... terrifying.

Artery in his neck.....I don't see any blood. That would make a huge mess. There is no blood in the picture.

Two solutions:

1: His phone was a transformer

2: His phone was a zombie

probably one of those cheap chinese batteries sold on ebay....

only buy batteries from brand name companies

That's why I only charge my phone in the bathroom, the only acceptable place to drop explosive bombs.

@18, Neither zombies or transformers spontaneously explode.

Short and simple.

Expect the Chinese press to refute this news soon... China phones are big business, unlike (melamine-laced) milk.
Instead of always covering up for their shady industries, China should start enforcing Quality Control.

@21, I think the point #18 was trying to make about Transformers, was that if it was a Transformer from the mind of Micheal Bay, then it involved a large, almost unnecessary explosion...

...@18, You're on you own about the zombies...I have no idea about that one...

You put the lime in the coconut

If you read my previous comment (#8) and was confused by some of the capital letters in the words then maybe you should take another look....

OMG THAT IS SO STooPID!!! foNES DON'T not XPLODE!!! WAT A FReaking Ratard!!!

umm, so i guess i'm the only person here at all curious about what the F@CK kind of PHONE that was!!! I mean come on, if it's a phone they only sell in china okay, but if my i-Phone is blowing up asian people somewhere I think I need to switch providers is all. How bout we work on that info.

Yea right, the guy fell asleep smoking in bed, and didn't want to admit to it so he made up this lame brain story of his phone blowing up. You can tell from the burns between his fingers that he was holding a cigarette between them.
And yea, right, he died right afterwards, then why is there a pic of him soaking his hand in a sink of water afterwards, (you can tell by how wrinkled his fingers look). Some people will believe anything!

No way can i believe that

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