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'Immaculate' Prosthetic Aims To Make Fake Limbs More Attractive, They Totally Succeed


The currently conceptual 'Immaculate' prosthetic was designed by Hans Alexander Huseklepp and looks like a robot's arm. Am I running? No, but I am typing this standing up.

The concept "immaculate" from Hans Alexander Huseklepp explores the idea of turning a handicap into a high-performance, cybernetic fashion statement. The neurological prosthetic is clad in technology-packed corian plates with dome-joints that offer a larger degree of freedom than that motherly-issued arm of yours.

Hey, anything that makes a prosthetic more efficient and those wearing them feel better is alright in my book. I just wish they came with a wood veneer option. What can I say -- I'm a pirate at heart. A really classy one who wears a monocle over his eyepatch. YAAAR, anyone for tea?

Hit the jump for one more picture sans model.


Immaculate prosthetic limb concept makes combines fun again [engadget]

Thanks to Julian, who is welcome to join me on my next high seas adventure. Heads up though, Julian -- no women on the boat. Just saying, I am the captain.

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