Feb 25 2009Even Parking Meters Are Out To Get Us


Thought you were safe from robotic parking meters? Think again. Apparently the clever little bastards are pretending to be broken, then, once you've limped away without feeding them, auto-correct themselves and POW, parking ticket.

How is this possible? One explanation, according to DDOT, is that 74 percent of D.C.'s 15,453 meters are designed to self-correct, but are also "at the end of their useful life." So a person who parks at a meter displaying a "fail" message may return an hour later to find a working meter flashing zero time and a ticket on the windshield -- a process that may repeat several times a day.

"It was a news flash to me that we had this huge number of meters that are self-repairing," Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham, chairman of the public works committee, said Thursday.

First of all, I think it's time for a new Ward 1 Councilman. And secondly, I live here in DC and just write BROKEN in black Sharpie across the glass of all parking meters. Law breaker or handsome vigilante -- you decide. But if you decided law breaker you should reconsider. Because -- you see this? No, down here. Yeah, the knife in my hand -- It's got your spleen's name on it. Well, it will. What's your spleen's name? Okay, now what'd I do with the Sharpie?

Parking Meters Out to Destroy the Human Race [nbcwashington]

Thanks spudtheimpaler, you in DC? We should drink beer together.

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My spleen's name is philbert


Typical elected offical....

my spleen's name is Philbert Jr.


Hey GW WE should have a beer together and try to beat Zelda II

CVS is slangin dope on every block worldwide - Scarface

Not First!!!

I have no issue communicating without the use of profanity. Quite frankly, the english language offers much more colorful adjectives. The point being made is simply that in this country, where this blog is hosted, we have freedom of speech. The same freedom of speech that would protect this blogger (GW) in court. I find it rather disingenuous of him to post NSFW content and genitalia jokes, then censor our comments about them.
These stupid meters and traffic cameras are the biggest rip-offs. The kicker is we paid for them to screw us. Whores.


#10... Stuff It. How's that for not using profanity.
Stuff it and Stuff you.
Colorful enough?

12 - No actually, it's not colorful enough. Perhaps you could liven it up with a bright coral? Maybe a seafoam?

i pretty much this this is bullshit, and a typical government ploy to get more money out of us. just saying.
and it's bad enough D.C. is taxed without due representation.

Dude, you live in DC? I work at Big Monkey Comics on 14th St NW, you should stop by sometime.

Also, god bless the Metro, cause god knows I can't afford a car in the DC Metro area.

This is only the beginning, word on the street is they'll be getting gatling gun attachments so that they can mow down litterbugs and jay-walkers.

Isn't that considered entrapment?

Great news, It is such a great invention! I am wondering when will the world economic crisis be ended? I feel very disappointed...Maybe find a rich guy on "C e l e b m i n g l e. C0M" is the best choice? I was told that some celebrities are dating there too.

$.02 and a pocket full of FAH-Q- if you died, nobody would care.

Let's see if it can reset itself after I piss in the coil slot!!

This has totally happened to me. I definitely died laughing when it did. I got a picture. Makes for a great story.

@19: I disagree.

I find it amusing that, at least in the case of the red light cameras, that they've been found to reduce law-breakers so much that they are losing revenue from fines and are actually considering taking them out to encourage more people to break the law...so they can make money off it: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23710970

easy fix to this, go around and put black duct tape over the part that displays the time on all the meters in the middle of the night .

Live in London, Ocean fail.

I'll have a beer in your honour tonight for every mile between us.*swoon*

3,675 beers - assuming you leave work at say... 5:30, and find a 24 hour bar, drink until 8:30 the next day to give yourself at least a chance but still let you make work (although frankly, what would be the point)... that's 251 beers per hour... or 14.34 seconds per beer. Totally doable.

I'm experiencing a mixture of emotions at finding out the geekologie writer lives in the same metropolitan area as I do. On one hand my inner geek rejoices... on the other hand, my feminine instincts believe this indicates some sort of potential danger...

At least the Superficial writer(s) are far away from me! ...right? RIGHT?!

i'm in DC... *wink*

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