Feb 26 2009Billy Idol's 'White Wedding', The Literal Version

This is the literal music video for Billy Idol's 'White Wedding'. I'm mostly posting it because I have a special affinity for Billy. You see, I went to see The Who perform Quadrophenia and Billy Idol made a special appearance dressed as a bell boy when they played the appropriately titled 'Bell Boy'. Then they broke into "White Wedding" and Billy scanned the entire crowd before flipping me the bird. Out of all those people, he chose ME to flick off! I haven't blinked since. Love you Billy! What do you say -- me, you, a white wedding? Sleep on it.

White Wedding: Literal Video Version [funnyordie]

Thanks to Dustin, who had an orange and purple wedding because of the acid.

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@me Fail!!

i sat here for an hour trying to be First and look what happens...

@1-4 I hope you all get Moebius Syndrome.



Hilarious!!!! Love it, love geekologie!

"he chose ME to flick off" - I know you did that on purpose, and it's still driving me crazy. BTW- not blinking is cool as long as you lick your lips compulsively.

My best friend had this as her "father/daughter" dance at her wedding. It ruled. Then I fell. Longer story.

Billy Idol hates people who claim first

Annnnnnd, Billy wants to know if you'll have the chicken or the fish?

@5 it is from birth so the only way that we co_ld get it is from converting to Hind_ism, die and come back as one of gods little f_ck _ps, as the end of my arg_ment i m going to say F_ck yo_.

P.S. Would you like to buy a vowel #5?

sure I'll buy a vowel, how about an "I" as in, "I sure am glad I wasn't born with Moebius Syndrome like DanDan was."

Now blink your eyes and brush your f*cking teeth.

I came.

i love these things.
"It's a good time for my... cool glove" at 0:50

I still prefer the version of Red Hot Chilli Pepers of Under the Bridge, still this video is awesome

I'd like to see a literal version of "Dancing With Myself." Or not.

Special wedding.

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GR, thought you might like to know that I was in the stage resurrection of Quadrophenia with Zoli Teglas. QUAD OR DIE!

I'm sorry but the right answer is "U" as in "U" were born with it.
now please exit the stage and have a nice day.

That's nothing. Juiceboxxx jumped off stage and punched me in the face during a show.

Then he took off his shirt and climbed to the top of the speakers. Then he climbed down and broke some dudes glass and then held my face tenderly.

Sure, but did he buy you dinner afterward?

I love Roger Daltry, but boy is he a tiny, tiny man...

Oh, so Julia's last name's gonna be Guglia. Julia Guglia! That's funny!

@23: She's gonna get it. She's gonna get it, and she doesn't even know I'm gonna give it to her.

Good afternoon, everyone. We're flying at 26,000 feet, moving up to 30,000 feet, and we've got clear skies all the way to Las Vegas. Right now, we're bringing you some in-flight entertainment. One of our first class passengers would like to sing you a song inspired by one of our coach passengers. And since we let our first class passengers do, pretty much whatever they want, here he is…

Remember that time in Puerto Rico when we picked up those two, uh well, I guess they were prostitutes, but I don't remember payin, okay, how bout that?

Sleep it off, pal. All right.

I don't think it's possible to puke more than that kid - I think I saw a boot come out of him.

All right, remember - alcohol equals puke equals smelly mess equals nobody likes you!

You lost me back at the Hulk.

You had me at hello.

i find this shit so unfunny.. :-/ why do it over and over and over again. sigh, one time was fine.

I actually like this guy's voice better than Billy Idol lol

See?? This is what happens when people younger than 50 get on the internet.

The Bell Boy is NOT Billy Idol.

The BellBoy (aka Ace Face) was played by a young Sting.

Here a link to IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0079766/

Whipper Snappers!

Taken down by WMG! Here's a working (for now...) link:


The literal version of "Take On Me" by A-ha was way better.

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