Feb 13 2009Batwoman Is Back And Lesbian-er Than Ever


After 30 years, Batwoman is back on the prowl. As a redhead! And a lesbian! YOW YOW!

Billed as a 'lesbian socialite by night and a crime-fighter by later in the night', she replaces Batman, who was himself killed off in a recent issue of Detective Comics, the publication which introduced him to the world back in 1937.

Batwoman - the alter ego of Kathy Kane - is clad in a figure-hugging black outfit and knee-high red stiletto boots. She is the comic's first openly gay superhero.

She was originally invented as a love interest for Batman and first appeared in her present present incarnation two years ago, sparking a slew of publicity about her sexuality. However, her outings to date have been sporadic and this is the first time she will be the lead character in the comic.

Well it's about time. After all, gays are superheroes too. Am I right? Damn yeah I am. Also, I demand a Batwoman movie be made. With kissing, looooots of kissing. Mwah XOXOX kissey mwah mwah XOXOXO kissey kissey. Oh yeah, that's the stuff romance novels are made of.

Holy Smoke! Batwoman makes her comic book comeback as red-headed lesbian

Thanks to Allison, who could whip Batwoman's ass in a catfight, claws down.

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It's soon valentines day, so GW is posting romantic stuff. Lol David in that movie was still sitting in the back seat, looser! I wish a catwoman was after me, meow! Lesbian just means she'll bring a couple of her friends.
Btw, it takes many a refresh to get first and don't forget hitting Caps Lock before you spell FIRST. That's just some usefull hints for those who aspire to become first some day, not everyone can make it, takes lots of tallent. Hahahaaaa, I got FIRST today, and it's finally friday.

Shits weak!

Holy Diversity Batman!

For the first time, I'm going to agree with #4. Batwoman? Lame.

I just love what they're exposing the kiddies to. Disgusting.

They're objectifying the male body by making Batman so mannish. The men's liberation league will have a say in this, feminazis!

oh yeah real genious, a bunch of pervo nerdy guys that dont get laid writing comics came up with an idea of a lesbian hero. where would they come up with such an idea. it would have more controversial if they made superman come out the closet, i mean the guy is pretty gay all ready.

Oh that would be great. But with lots and lots of kisses between the villan lebian and batwoman not fighting wors as usualy!


I never saw any need for gratuitous profanity before. How's that?


wait, bats can be gay?

That's stupid.... just stupid....

Everybody knows that lesbians hate Valentines Day.

Uhmmm Batwoman appeared on the dc scene two years ago in the pages of 52... this story is two years old!!

@15: read the post, digweed. The man in me says "awesome", but the bat in me says "outrageous".

I think that's pretty awesome. As a bi girl myself, I think it's about time to have some diversity in the world of comics. Though I would've preferred a brunette... :)

Batwoman's alter-ego is Tori Amos?

Vagina! Brought to you by the makers of Cock!

I have no issue communicating without the use of profanity. Quite frankly, the english language offers much more colorful adjectives. The point being made is simply that in this country, where this blog is hosted, we have freedom of speech. The same freedom of speech that would protect this blogger (GW) in court. I find it rather disingenuous of him to post NSFW content and genitalia jokes, then censor our comments about them.

11- Welcome to the war. That I've already lost. But I'm going to continue posting my rant just to irritate people, hopefully the ones who complained in the first place.

I am not a fan of the darker side of the comic industry. I prefer my graphic novels more, fun? With the direct exception of Frank Miller. I love the look of Sin City, hate the story. Although 300 is amazing... And that's about it for my interest on this topic. Oh wait, there is one BLARING exception: "A death in the family". Thankyouverymuchhaveaniceday.

The first openly gay super hero? I don't think so. What about Robin? Or is he simply the first open gay sidekick?

Batman's dead? How did that happen?

Of course, he'll stay about as dead as Superman did. . .


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly likje that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was talking to Biff, and Biff was smacking him in the head and reminding him that he needs his work a day early so he will have time to copy it over befoer he gives it to the boss.

Flaming red hair? Socialite?? LESBIAN???

I know batwoman's secret identity....


I dunno. To me, there will NEVER be a replacement in my heart for Batgirl/Oracle. What happened between her and Dick Grayson is so, so sad.

What, so I'm a chick who reads comics. Don't look at me like that. Seriously. *facepalm*

@21: "The first openly gay super hero? I don't think so. What about Robin? Or is he simply the first open gay sidekick?"

"Open secret" and/or "open joke amongst the fans" =/= "openly gay", silly. IIRC Robin's never been confirmed gay (all we have is our suspicions, amirite? :P), let alone openly admitted it in front of other characters.

When they say she is their first "openly gay" superhero, they mean her character makes no secret to other characters that she is gay. As in, she'll date women in public. :P

The fact that they do this with a female character and not a male one is of course quite telling. I say this as a lesbian, but still - Marvel beat them to the "OMG BRAVE SOCIAL ISSUES" crap a long time ago by having at least one MALE member of the X-Men be gay and out of the closet about it. For years, even. Hell, I think they even did it more than once, at that.

A lesbian hero is... I suppose still a "step forward" or whatever, but it's only really "bold" to the kind of people who spazz over any sign of TEH GAY. Also, with what (admittedly little) I know of the character's stated bio + the truly creepy picture at the header of this blog? I will take sparkly!living solar panel!alien!gay a lot sooner damnit!Karolina from Runaways any day of the week over this version of Batwoman. I say this as someone who normally would prefer a nice redhead over a blonde, too (you want a REAL hot redhead from the DCU? Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl/Oracle. Hands down!)

I want to like DC, I do, I really do. I keep trying them out, and I'll admit that the first volume of Birds of Prey was pretty good and that that crazyass "why the hell not, let's make Batman the Green Lantern and then toss in The Flash, Wonder Woman and Superman as Green Lanterns too" What If story... well, it was at least entertaining. But outside of Fables (which is technically a DC property, since DC owns the Vertigo imprint) and the IDEA of Batman (which doesn't seem to have been executed very well in main stories since the 1990's at that, unless I missed something really genuinely awesome? Long live WB's Batman The Animated Series?)... honestly, I keep gravitating towards Marvel. (Well, and Dark Horse. Umbrella Academy was kind of awesome and Buffy Season Eight is entertainingly crazy).

Hell, even their gimmicky stuff like X-Men Noir and Runaways often ends up being surprisingly entertaining, and the thing with Karolina and her shapeshifting alien lover was I think done really well, both funny in some moments and very touching elsewhere, just like any other well-written romance (also, sidebar: technically the first gay marriage in mainstream comics, since she's Skrull that stays in female form ever since Karolina told her "I like girls". Of course, it's still girls gay-marrying not men, and they're both aliens,but still :P)

Yeah. I can smell DC trying to play catch-up from a mile away. They'd be better off trying to focus on the Vertigo line, IMO. Much more interesting stuff there, from what I've seen.

How could they kill off Batman!?!?!?!! =*(

So, was Batwoman introduced before Holly Robinson, the girl who took over for Catwoman? I've pretty sure Holly's been around longer, and is also a lesbian...

The dumbest article ever. A lot of people in comic forums have been mocking it.

The media is filled with people who have no idea what they are talking about. First of all, as already said, this story is 2 years old. Second of all, first openly gay superhero? I think not. Marvel beat them to it but several years. Northstar is gay. Karolina is gay. DC fails so hard.

...image had rainmaker over a decade ago....

...marvel has northstar

dc is just late to the fad and this shouldnt be news

The original story about this, which isn't linked from the Daily Mail, is here: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=19983

Why Batwoman? Catwoman would have been better. And she's not the first gay superhero, she's just the first to admit it. ALL superheroes are gay. There is no other reason for a man to wear tights.

@ #9- Greg Rucka (the writer) is also a novelist, he's married, has kids, and has a buttload of cash from other material being optioned.

@28 Batwoman as a character is pushing sixty years old.

Whoops, forgot.

@26, the last time Rucka wrote for Detective was a mini Bats "golden age." (Him and Ed Brubaker, early 2000's. Gotham Central was fantastic.)
So here's hoping lightning strikes twice. That said, Mark Waid kicked it into the dirt when he returned to The Flash, so who knows.

@31 yes.
Image had Rainmaker fondling Fairchild's bikini clad butt (FANBOYS REJOICE!) back in 95.
Marvel had Northstar saying "I am gay" in 92 and Karma of the New Mutants came out in 96 or 97...

And DC apparently forgot they made this book called Watchmen in the 80s. Silhouette was the first openly Lesbian hero. Lucky for northstar she wasn't a main character or she'd own his title.

Hmm, weren't Apollo and Midnighter the first openly gay superheroes?
@7 Oh, I don't know, violent murder, rape, decay of the human soul have pretty much all been covered before in comics, and you'd complain about this? What sort of moron are you?

Amy geek chicks are hot.

So is batwoman a dominatrix too? Or is that her socialite outfit, that doubles as a superhero costume?

Actually, thinking about it, weren't the ambiguously gay duo the first openly gay super heroes?


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Tender Dracula where one of the drunk french actresses landed a role in the Dark Knight 2 as The Caped Carpet-muncher.

Great job with the several years-old story.

Maybe the next post can tell us that Windows is coming out with a new operating system called Vista.


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