Jan 9 2009Wife Cheats On Husband, They Separate, Man Demands Return Of Kidney Or Compensation


Doctor Richard Batista married his wife Dawnell in 1990 and donated a kidney to save her life in 2001. Since then, the whore of a hobag cheated on him and filed for divorce. And now Richard, like any normal person, wants his freaking kidney back (or $1.5 million in compensation).

He told reporters at his lawyer's office in Long Island, New York, that going public was a last resort.

"There is no deeper pain that you can ever express than betrayal from somebody who you love and devoted your life to," he said.

But divorce lawyers say a donated organ is not a marital asset to be divided.

Wow, I feel you Richard. And as a man who's going through a divorce himself, I've got to say: thank God I never gave the bitch an organ. Or a kid. Haha, I'm free!

Divorce man 'wants kidney back' [bbcnews]

Thanks to Pat and Jennaiii, who know the only organ you should ever give your wife isn't internal. Unless you've been swimming for a long time in cold water, in which case, hey, it happens to me too.

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Reader Comments

Never Back Down!!!

Whoa! That's messed up. I think he deserves the organ back too. Make sure she doesnt try to set it on fire.

I'll make sure to put my organs in a pre-nup.

Nice, I say he gets the house, the cars, the money, and the kidney - she gets the bills and dialysis(sp?)...

what he really wants are his nuts in that mason jar she has under the sink

you know why divorces are soo damn expensive? cause theyre f***in worth every damn penny

oh my you are just full of clever cleverness arent you...


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was in a road crew, and he shoveled sand over fresh tar while the eyewitness news theme was playing in the background. Later he ate 50 eggs for dinner.

I heard of a story like this once.
Only it was about the fake t*** that the husband bought the wife.
Stupid slut.

shiiiiiiit muh fukkuh! I would want mah dayum kidhey back nahhmeen!!!!! shit you can only drink half as much krunk on one kidney!!!!!!!!

If they're going to be splitting up the organs based on who needs them most, then obviously she gets the kidney and he keeps the pussy.

10... WIN!

It's only fair, she got his balls AND his kidney, he should get something in return.


Geekologie Writer needs to buy us all a drink some time and tell us how he got screwed over by a hateful wench. Poor bastard.

Imagine getting your heart ripped out and your balls chopped off with a dull hatchet, and then THIS is the group of people you have to support you.

Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, you poor f***er.

just what any self respecting man should do... Right on Mang!!

I guess she wasn't taking her organ rejection medicine.

see what I did there? a penis is an organ.

that is amazing.

at least his penis isn't burnt

Oh the malez in the internets

I guess it would only be fair for him to get back his kidney since she gave her heart to another man..

"He said he had been prevented from seeing their three children for extended periods. "

Well if she wants to play games so can he.

If she does that WHILE the divorce is still going on how in the hell can she still have custody.

Geekologie writer is right to be thankful he has no kids involved in his divorce.

This reminds me of that classic Broadway show:
Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp With Eva and Adolf at Berchtesgaden.
a love letter to Adolf Hitler

i hope this guy pulls out a win. he clearly devoted his life to this woman, and actions speak louder than words. He gave her the gift of life and this terrible woman (like most women) was deceptive and ungrateful. She will definitely be going to hell if there is one.

I donated a kidney to my little brother last year, and I had to sign about a thousand forms, a majority of which stated pretty clearly that once my brother had my kidney, I couldn't ask for it back. That's why it's called DONATING, you give it away and it no longer belongs to you. This guy's a douche.

He is just doing this for the case to get some national attention. Part of the story is that she refuses to let him see his children. So I think he is doing this to gain that right.

@18 Aaaawwwwwwwwww.

@24 Yea, i have that effect on people

Too bad OJ's a guest of the government. He could have a gig as a repo man.

I think that the funniest part of this is that the guy's lawyer is Dominic Barbara. The same Dominic Barbara that's always on the Howard Stern show.
I saw a clip of this on the news the other day, and started laughing my ass off when Dominic came on and made his statement... all I could think about is his now infamous distress call when his boat caught fire.

As usual, nobody wins. Or escapes with their dignity intact.
@#22 good point.

This guy's S-O-L. My mother gave my stepdad a kidney. They made her see a counselor first to make sure she would have no emotional issues if she were to give him the kidney, and he then leave her. Then she signed a paper saying there was no going back.

That dude should get his kidney back AND the $1.5 million. And an apology. Bitch.

21 is probably the type of person who thinks a woman cheating on a man is much more despicable than a man cheating on a woman.
Please also remember that, while you are calling women deceptive, most physical abuses are performed by men, most wars fought by men.
I am tired of assholic comments of this type.

Men are as much dumbshits as women when it comes to cheating and deception. However, women are much less likely to beat up the man for cheating.

OMGWFTBBQ - lots of angry people on this one... Jaded much? GTFOI...


He can't take back his kidney and he can not even make money out of it. He donated it and it's an organ. It does not make any sense at all. The wife also can't stop the man from seeing his children because she can't take away the fact that he is their father. They need to talk personally to settle things properly.

that dude should consider the $$$$ in his kid's-neys theres gotta be like 3 million per!


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