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Uh, I've Got The Feeling This Is Illegal: How To Hack Those Programmable Road Signs


Ever wanted to put your own message on one of those portable road signs along the highway? Well now you can with just a little tampering and a whole lot of illegal! Unfortunately, because many children read this website, you'll have to follow the link after the jump to find out how. I'll admit, I gave it a go myself, and it does actually work. Although I did get busted. In hindsight, standing next to the "SHOW ME YOUR TITS" sign with a Motorists Gone Wild t-shirt and video camera probably wasn't the smartest decision I've ever made. But definitely top five.

Hit it for a couple pictures and a link to the how-to.



Inside Programmable Road Signs [i-hacked]

Thanks to Jason, who hacked "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" and had like a hundred chicks accept. Ah, polygamy.

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