Jan 9 2009TURN YOUR SPEAKERS DOWN: Stupid Kid Gets Wii For Christmas, Doesn't Deserve It

TURN YOUR SPEAKERS DOWN, SERIOUSLY. This is a video of some kid getting wiidiculous after he opens a Wii on Christmas. And let me tell you: based on his behavior, I would have taken that shit right back to the store. But in all seriousness kid, your parents don't love you. Don't believe me? Where was your Wii on Christmas 2006? 2007? Exactly.

NOTE: To everyone else that didn't get a Wii until this Christmas, I'm sure it was just a supply shortage issue.


Thanks to Edgar (aka the-iguana) and Sarah, who hope the box was filled with coal almost as much as I do.

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Never Back Down!!!

I can't wait until the video of that kid smashing their 56" LCD TV with his WII remote.

That kid needs a backhand to his loud, obnoxious face. Then bring him with you to the store while you return the Wii and buy booze.

hehehe I was just thinking that

if i ever got my mega pegasus console back in '94, i'd be that excited.

stupid kid

his brother looks like a dork too.
i would've taken it back for that too.

I think he was possessed by Satan...Look at his face at the end of the video.


If he's this happy about video games, wait until sees his first vagina.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max goes to BAja's on his moped. They are playing Wii bowling and Max is about to roll a perfect game. Baja gets out the video cam to record his accomplishment and max is so enthusiastic he ends up throwing the wiimote through the TV screen.

Baja thinks quickly and makes the cracked screen into the shape of a swastika, and then tells her dad the skinheads down the street did the damage. He gets really mad and goes after them, he tries to throw them into his wood chipper, but it runs out of gas and while he's filling up the tank they escape.


this kids is sooo gay, wait until he see's his first cock..... and I'd take the Wii back and buy a bag of weed.... and then make the kid watch me smoke every bit of it and then I would play Xbox

On second thought, I think I see this kid's future:


i got mine in 2007 for xmas so swirl that softly around your erect nipples.

my reaction was in the other direction then this kids. i unwrapped it and looked at everyone and said "oh you guys are asses".


And that's where the lost chimp was after escaping the Bronx Zoo...

What a complete and total dumb ass. That kid needs a f***in' kick right to the head. Then maybe he'll have an excuse for acting like he has downs syndrome. If I would have every screamed like a little girl when I was little my dad would have whooped my ass.

what exactly are you never backing down to?

i'm telling. f***...nintendo 64 is where its at.

hawt hawt sex room.

(also, f*** that kid. f*** parents that always back down)


this kids is sooo kid, wait until he see's his first Wii..... and I'd take the smoke back and buy a bag of gay.... and then make the Xbox watch me weed every bit of it and then I would play cock

It looks like a viral marketing campaign for condoms.. i bet this would be 100 times more successful than those stupid pig commercial

@17 I suppose that would explain why you're the sort of well-adjusted individual that likes kicking children in the head.

@ 35 to 45 seconds - that part where the kid's hopping around on his knees.... that's what I do when I can't poop.

It works everytime


puma... just WOW on the Mega Pegasus reference. I haven't heard that phrase in years.

Drugs in 2 years.

Wow I thought he was kidding about the speakers. My ears are still ringing.

he's not human he is an animal

I agree with Daisy, his reaction was completely fake and forced so he could get attention. Without the camera he would have just said "hurray thanks mom and dad."


Wii? More like PISS...

Man this kid needs a smack and a half "SHUT UP" *SLAP*

I would have peed myself if the box was just what they used to wrap up another gift in.

Dad: Uh, you need to open the box
*kid still screaming*
Mom: Seriously, OPEN THE BOX!
*dorky brother looks puzzled*
*kid still screaming*
*dorky brother opens box*
Dorky Brother: It's socks and underwear.
Dad: Yup, some for each of you.
Mom: The pink one's are for Melanie....got that?
*kid is silenced*
Kid: Where did that stuff come from?
Dad: We used the box to wrap it up. Those are new socks and undies for you guys! THE PINK ONE ARE MELANIE'S.
*kid starts screaming and jumps out the window*
Mom: That was a great present.
*everyone carrys on*

The End.

F*** ME I tried to turn the knob on my speakers down, but I turned them the wrong way and now they're on fire
*dies inside*

I think we know who will pick up the slack for daisy when she retires......

I just got punished for not paying attention. I thought I read, "Turn your speakers down, stupid kid"

I've got poopies!

Kid looks like a Palistinian to me. Someone get a Jew to put some holes in him and the rest of his family.

What I don't understand, is why do the parents put a video like this on the internet?

Either they think it was super cute, or they knew it'd be a viral hit.

Either way, they need to have their hands sold as ashtrays.

the version that i sent was cooler.... heavy metal wii kid.
peek this version you guys, its fun.


This is the kind of kid that's going to shoot his parents if they ever take it away from him.

I just want to die now... I know if I did that when i got my PSone way back in the day with FF7 it would have been put away till my birthday or taken back.

If that were my kid I would definitely have him put away for being f***ing crazy!

man do I wish they filed the bo with old clothes

Yup, this pretty much proves it. Wii = Ridiculous.

Concur with #2: 3 minutes after it was hooked up, they had to spend $1600 on a new LCD. Or is that a 19" Trinitron in the back? :p

Kill it with fire.

that was probably the same reaction the parents had when they went into WalMart to buy it, and they didn't have any in stock.

then they probably called everyday 2 times a day until they got some in.

...what little faith in humanity i had is now gone.

The parents were probably happy that the kid was excited, and he only wigged out for a minute anyway. He's a kid, and he's happy. You people are ridiculous.

#8 I concur...

Something was familiar; compare this picture:


and this video at 1:05.

These Wii kids need to get out more

hahahaha, nothing like niintendoo sixtyy fourrrr
thats a classic :D

I dont get the take it back of the child for really loving his present?

Sure the kid seems a little over active with his cheering and screaming but he was just playing it up to the camera and he was truely really excited.

As parents you would actually really enjoy seeing such a reaction from the child even though it was extreme.

That's the last time I play a video without corrective lenses (couldn't read the warning on the title)...damn it, my speaker system about shredded my ear drums...

That kid is going to grow up into a major f***ing douche.

This is slightly satanic. You can just imagine what he'd be like playing it.

Personally, I don't see the appeal of the Wii (sacrilege, I know), but let the kid have his fun (alright, screaming fit). When was the last time you jaded adults were excited like this about... well, pretty much anything? I wonder if any of you can find that sort of enthusiasm in life anymore.

@ 46: There's enjoying your present & then there's being over the top obnoxious & rambunctious. My parents would have put up with that for maybe 10-20 seconds before they told me to calm down or I wouldn't be playing on it for a week. If I was really bad they'd take it away for a few days & give me a pop on my wii butt.

This is why condoms were invented.

@ 9

comedy, N64 was quality. GOLDENEYE RULES !!!!!!!!!!


thats f***ing harsh, still funny tho.

would have loved it if his dad cracked him in the face for being a screaming freak and then force fed him ritalin.

more like wiitarded

I like the Wii dry humping in this one:


I agree with 498...

I have no problem with a kid liking a present a lot but that what stupid, he screamed like a retard...

who else was left with the urge to kick that f***ing kid in the face?

I trully hope he breaks that wii

I would love to grab that present out his hands after his little outburst, and just f***ing destroy it right in front of his eyes

Come and vote for me and I'll make it worth your while ;) xxxx

Autism is a serious condition.

i hate the wii
its overrated

I would smack my kid in the face for being so f***ing fake and or lame.

Anyone else think that the kid was an accident????

Take a look at the other two siblings and then look at the kid. There is a huge age difference between them and him. Maybe the parents are feeling guilty because they were going to abort him but at the last second something happened and they couldn't.

Just saying....

@39 - So it's Wiidiculous?

This kid needs to be banned form TV and any gaming for a few moths, get his hyper ass outside.

#50 actually made a good point. I haven't been that excited about anything in the past 20 or so years. Except maybe sex...no wonder she left....*sigh*

@ TC...Wiidiculous...knee-slapper...har har...

Haven't i seen this before?

Oh yes! Blastoise! Do every kid acts the exact same way now?

#35: hahaha, awesome thanks for sharing! Another viral star in the works, keep an eye out for battle royale XIV: Wii kid vs star wars kid vs nunchucks backflip idiot
#43: freaky man, just freaky
#53: goldeneye forever man, grenade launchers in the pyramid!
#55: zomgwtfrainbowsauce, that's gheyer than working security at the blue oyster bar on guestlist night yikes!
#you: thanks for your insight, you kept this topic interesting because I read & enjoyed every comment =)


I'd smack the kid in the head with it and then bring it back 2 da store.. this is sooo stupi d trying to copy the ever so classic NINTENDOO 64.. on you tube.. .. This kid is just stupid!

I would so like to slap the livin shit out of that little fecker!

Get your own name you asshat! You're worse than the little douche-nozzle in the video.

So this is great, another kid that will grow up to be a fat-ass virgin who will ensure McDonalds will be in business for the next 50 years.

It would suck to have him as your little brother. His older brothers actually smiling. Id be making him dumber everyday with the knocks upside the head hed be receiving.

The little f***er didn't even say Thank You

--Kid 6 years later--

(Plays Mariokart Wii) OMG DIE YOU @@@@ER!!!! I HATE WIIIIIIIIIISSS!!!!!
*Cries uncontrollably while smashing his Wii and TV with an ax and goes to the nearest Bum town and buys cocain* YYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!


link doesn't work

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