Jan 8 2009The World's Smallest Automatic Weapon?

Allegedly this is the world's smallest automatic weapon. I'm pretty sure it's just some sort of automatic handgun with a monster drum magazine, but what do I know -- I'm just a guy who gets a boner holding a BB gun.


Thanks to Andrew, who once brought a knife to a gunfight and stabbed everyone to death. Also, thanks to my brother, who PEW PEWs with the best of them.

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Turd Burglar.



Glock G18.

This video was on the internet before the internet existed. But yeah it's a glock 18c, I like it because it was the reason the 33 round magazine was created, which conveniently works in all other models of glock.

Turd Burglar for the steal.

Sure, the gun might be small and concealable, but how about those drum clips? Rather large aren't they?

Yup, Glock 18C, sadly it isn't sold to the public, only law enforcement. But this is an old vid -_-.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake becauuse the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max rode his bicycle from NY City to Washington DC to warn the president that aliens were about to destroy several cities in the US.

Luckily the president and Max escaped in airforce one in the nick of time and that allowed Max and the fresh prince to fly into outerspace and give the aliens a virus.

Later The Fresh Prince let a different virus loose in NY city and it killed off everyone.

another wonderful Never Back Down tale from Daisy

Wouldn't the barrel of that glock sorta melt off or explode from the heat exchange of an automatic clip after some heavy use? pfft WTF do I know, I've never tried shoving different clips into different guns

Daisy =)

That man must have a huge penis
good for him i say

Pfft.. All guns should be illegal and destroyed. Only because the gun has a failsafe does not mean that the guy behind has.

It's a magazine not a clip. RAAAAGGGGEEEE!!!

@ 13

By that reasoning no-one should be able to own a car. Or kitchen knives, or a lawnmower, or baseball bats, or......

I agree with 15. Here in Britain it's relatively hard to get a gun compared to the US so psychos just go crazy with samurai swords, machetes or stab people with small knives. My mum keeps a mini baseball bat in her car for potential road rage incidents. I am aware it's illegal if anyone was gonna point it out.

#16: better switch up that minibat under the carseat with a louisville slugger then, you never know when a little league coach might be out driving around looking for trouble

"Allegedly this is the world's smallest automatic weapon"

Never fails. People can' t just take something for what it is, they have to exaggerate and show off their ignorance.

Drum magazines for pistols isn't anything new. Full auto pistols isn't anything new. In fact, it's hard to KEEP a pistol from firing full auto. And top that off with the fact that the Glock 18 is a very LARGE handgun.

@13, shut it up, you!

guns are way cool. i once shot a bunny with a pistol, and its guts spilled out. it smelled gross!

i also ran over 100's of bunnies at once, and almost lost control of my pick up, but with my quick wits. i let off the gas. saving my life!

Actually, this isn't a video of a G18. Notice the selector switch on the back of the slide? The G18 has its selector on the (operator) left side of the slide near the back, which is not visible in this video. Clearly a converted GLOCK model 17 with a Beta Corp C-Mag or the like...

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´
Bro Fist

guy @ 20 = scary nerd

guy in vid = tiny penis


Nothing scary here...I used to work at a Class 3 FFL/SOT Firearms Manufacturer/Dealer. He was licensed to manufacture and deal anything but explosive destructive devices. You learn a lot in a short amount of time...

15. Chuck - January 8, 2009 12:54 PM

@ 13

By that reasoning no-one should be able to own a car. Or kitchen knives, or a lawnmower, or baseball bats, or......

But, lawnmowers arent made to kill people, and neither are kitchen knives or baseball bats. Kinda screws your whole point huh?

"Hmm...that gun looks familiar. small gun but BIG BALLS...Ladies?"

Because of peoples creativity of killing other people, so you mean a KID should be playing on the highway. Do you really trust the drivers ability to not drive over the kid. But you trust the drivers ability to not shot someone innocent...Interesting.

yeah.. you didn't say that but it's the result of your own action.

#26, I'm going to kill you with your own wit.


A gun of any kind is a tool, and as with any tool it needs to be handled and used by a properly trained individual. Yes, you can use a gun to kill someone, but my point was you can use any number of things to kill somebody. Just because it has the ability doesn't make it the intended function. The vast majority of gun owners don't kill people, don't intend to kill people, and abhor the thought of killing someone; just like any normal person. Shooting at targets is an Olympic sport, do you think those athletes go off killing people, just because they own a gun? Kinda screws your whole blah, blah, blah...


I can't understand your comment, so I don't know if you were arguing with me or not.

yeah..you can always try, wit is a form of intellectual humour.

arguing with you? No i was owning you.

@ 29

I failed to notice. Try using proper grammar and sentence structure next time and you might do better.

Aaaand I misspelled my own screen-name. Awesome.


At least you noticed you misspelled your screen name. And knowing is half the battle.

Criminals can purchase guns illegally and shoot someone who can not legally purchase a gun to defend themselves. Or mug, rob, carjack, rape, etc.
By logic, the more guns available to the public, the more people can defend themselves against criminals who also have guns. Once criminals get this in their head, then the less they would attempt to rob, steal, rape, or even probably kill.
We should also have more CCW laws. Also, @14, magazines apply to larger weapons, but what about handguns? I've heard people use the term 'clip' (incorrectly, at that) for a handgun, but no one ever said anything. Also, the world's smallest automatic would probably be that little Swiss-made revolver if someone converted it to accept mags with a proper automatic conversion.

Let's try that.

Thats not the smallest. Heres the smallest

oh, and one more thing


yesssss!!!!!! 34th AND 35th!

Plus I'm gay..

@20 At first I was going to say how it doesn't show it, but now I agree about the converted 17. ---Which the Joker totally uses.

But alas, the true moral of this story is, guns are good; people who think guns should be banned should be shot. It just wouldn't work.


"Clip" is common usage, however "magazine" is the correct term. Gun nuts love to freak out about people calling magazines clips, but we all understand what you're talking about, so I don't really see the point. Some rifles do use clips to hold the cartridges before being inserted into the gun, for example the M1 Garand (if you've seen "Saving Private Ryan", you might remember the clips being ejected out of the rifles with a distinctive PING noise.)

@13 you dont belong in america
@ the rest
i wouldnt mind having a side arm like that
it might suck to try and sit down with that huge magazine sticking out of it though

A huge drum and full auto pistol is quite easily replaced by good training.

you people are morons for sure.. if you like killing people, you deserve to die.

no the smallest full auto fire arm is the Tippman arms series 22 caliber replicas of the 1919a4, 1919 water colled LMG, and M2 browning .50cal.

all this is in the video is a glock 18 converted from a glock 17 into select fire.


This is a complete photoshop job.

You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the website Geekologie where Daisy made more lame jokes with movie refences in them again. Both Daisies, and The Spam Artist were captured and then put in a mindlock so they couldnt make lame jokes in the Geekologie comments sections ever again. The admins deleted all their posts and removed the comments sections so that people could not leave this type of repetitive spam and annoy the crap out of people.

Guns don't kill people. Chuck Norris kills people.
Gun Control is using both hands and having the sights aligned on the target.
The only times gun control worked was in Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, and Red China.
An armed society is a polite society.
The second amendment guarantees the first amendment.


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