Jan 27 2009Spider Robot Shoots Webs, Catches Criminals


This spider-inspired robot apparently shoots webs to catch criminals in the act of cowering like little girls. Per translated German:

Which like an ugly remote controlled car is in really an awake robot, which is to catch burglars, looks harmless. The Japanese robot manufacturer Tmsuk and the safety enterprise Alacom developed the prototype of the T-34 of robot mentioned.

I have no idea what that means but I think what they were trying to get at is if this thing actually catches you, you're probably the worst burglar ever. Or a magic goat. Probably a magic goat.

Spiderman-Robocop fängt Menschen [stern]

Thanks to Dirk, who once had the opportunity to prevent a liquor store robbery but used the opportunity to guzzle a bottle of wine while the clerk was distracted.

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Reader Comments

Because that would SO work. Epic FAIL!

Definitely what they used to catch the magic goats...

In a scale one 1 to 10, well...this idea doesnt even get to one...

still has aids

What looks like an ugly R/C car, is in fact a guarding robot, who should capture burglars. The Japanese robot manufacturer Tmsuk and the safety enterprise Alacom developed the prototype of the robot called "T-34".

If a criminal got squirted with this string - even sticky string - wouldn't they still be able to pick up that Tonka Toy thing and walk out with it. It really would only be effective if it balled the criminal up and suspended them from the ceiling a la the real Spiderman.

Sorry guys, just got finished jerking off goat-boy. He still hasn't changed back to a human yet.

why don't they just train magic goats to catch people?

I try that baby to myself.

Whaddya mean? That thing kicks ass. What they don't show you is how the net is barbed and on contact with it's target, pumps 10,000 volts into him, Then it transforms into Megatraon and shoves an allspark cube up his peehole.

Do not underestimate the f***in' robots, if you give them an inch they will go all "Skynet" up and down your ass!!!

We could use one of those here on Mexico


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max takes a job driving a car, and his car owner keeps telling him, I don't know why they call it hamburger helper, it does pretty good on its own.

When they get to model T-100 then I'll be scared.

I think they are pushing it by just giving it a name T-##, I mean what if that robot sees a terminator movie? That name might be the inspiration it needed to go on its killing spree

I'm gona break into a computer factory in order to stop Skynet once and for all!

How do I shot web?

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