Jan 13 2009Over And Out: LEGO Making Digital Cameras, Walk Talkies For Children, Adults Like Me


Modular plastic god LEGO has "teamed with Digital Blue to bring out a line of digital cameras, PMPs (portable media players), and walkie talkies for children". Dropping sometime this summer, the devices will run $19 - $60 and not be made of actual LEGO blocks. They'll look like it though. And looking, my friends, is half the battle. Touching is the other, trickier half.

Lego announces line of digital cameras, PMPs, etc. for your teeny human friends

Thanks to Julian, who once convinced a model to let him take nude pictures of her with an alleged LEGO camera. It was just a castle set.

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Top 5!!

thats awsome now i can finally make a lego camera and take pictures :P first?





This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max is collecting sounds and pictures to make up a sound effects reel and accidentally tapes a politician's accident. He analyzes the tape and sees that it was an assasination and then the killers start chasing him and Baja around.

I thoght it was plural, so wouldn't it be Legos? Ha! OCD mother f***ers. Suck it!

How 'bout a Mouse Trap camera? You turn the crank, it makes the boot hit the steel bearing, it snakes down the wavey slide hitting the plank that launces the diver who jumps into the barrel causing the cage to come down and... uh... take your picture...

Actually, the official plural of LEGO is LEGO.

Better get your OCD checked.

Awesome! I would actually buy one of these...if I had $$$ to waste of course

#8 & #10 - You're both wrong. The plural of Lego is Legi, as in "We came over the top of the hill, and just below us on the drawn out plains of the Serengeti was a large herd of Legi, munching lazily on the scrub grass.:

FAIL!! This post fails on so many levels. Who the hell cares!?

This is exactly like that time when one of Will Smith's kids busts into his Christmas presents early and ends up with something of value to the mob bosses. The government's top spies want that tape back and they totally mess up his life by sending his wife pictures of him with another woman. Some old guy with a cat tries to help Will get out of the mess but his Lego camera isn't one of the new, bitchin' 9 megapixel versions so it takes him a little longer to thwart the evil government pork.

Later, Will's kid finally gets his new Lego camera and proceeds to post naked photos of his sister on the internet getting him grounded for a week. He became a successful hollywood producer while his sister was never able to overcome the psychological scars of those photos and is living in a dumpster behind a carwash in Canada.

I remember waaaaaaaaay back in the day when I saw a Lego phone in Toys R' Us. It looked like it was made out of legos (lego, legi, legwhatever...), and you could actually build off of it. So you could like, put a pirate ship on the handset or something. Anyways, I wanted that thing so much, but my parents would never get one for me...

I still cry myself to sleep over that one sometimes

I'm not gunna lie... I've been pllayin w/ these blocks since i was a wee lil nigga and the idea that i could sport a lego boombox and camera... maybe even a PC sounds dope as hell!!!!

You can purchase the Lego digital camera and Lego walkie talkies directly from our store.

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