Jan 15 2009Obama's Inauguration In LEGO Form


LEGOLAND California has a new scene on display from now until Memorial Day -- the 56th Presidential Inauguration featuring Barack Obama and a thousand other plastic figurines that only slightly resemble who they're supposed to!

More than one-thousand mini-figures have been created out of thousands of LEGO bricks to be a part of the festivities. Mini-figures include President-elect Obama and his family, Vice President-elect Joseph Biden and Jill Biden, President George Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Lynn Cheney along with former President George Bush Sr. and Barbara Bush. Other mini-figures depicting ceremony participants include: Senator Dianne Feinstein, Dr. Rick Warren, Aretha Franklin, John Williams and performers Itzhak Perlman, Yo-Yo-Ma, Gabriela Montero, Anthony McGill, the Unites States Marine Band, the San Francisco Boys Chorus and the San Francisco Girls Chorus. Park guests can also find Oprah Winfrey in the crowd witnessing this momentous event...

Wow, sounds like some real eye-candy. Too bad I'm going to the actual inauguration. Look for me -- I'll be the one carrying the 'Geekologie Writer In 2011' sign. I know, I was drunk when I got them printed.

Obama's Inauguration, in Legos

Thanks to Bryan, who, for the tip, gets a spot in my cabinet. My liquor cabinet. HIYO! Kidding Bryan, hands off my booze.

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Reader Comments

God it's so outta hand people... This obama thing, nauseating



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down when Max had a horrible nightmare. The country's economy was failing and the presidential race was between an old geezer and a 1st term senator.

Hey, maybe next time I'm out there I'll check this out... Or I'll just say f*** it and go to the beach... I get it, it's an historic moment in our history, yeah yeah yeah. He's a politician, not God for f***'s sake.

GW- I'll vote for you in 2011 =)

oh good.

i agree with @1.
no control not at all. cause you make me feel crazy now. you're going to break me down

Where's the Assassin?

picz or it didn't happen

Herseyland would've done a better job


oh and it's a real place

yeah..... this is really getting lame, people forget they re-elected BUSH because they all thought he was all cool and stuff after his first term...... we'll see how Mr. Obama turns out, I think Bush messed it up so bad that Obama won't be able to un-f*** the economy everyone will f***ing hate the guy.... seriously, I mean I don't see that guy fixing shit! oh well....... at least I am happy a (half) black person got elected, and now all these f***ing people can shut the hell up about not being able to accomplish things because of their race, and hopefully everyone will get over it and quit it with the f***ing race thing, you wanna be equal, then quit making everything about race! it's getting old! THIS LEGO THINGIES ARE f***ING GAY ANYWAYS! THEY DON'T EVEN LOOK LIKE ANYTHING! SOME STRAIGHT UP DIARRHEA.

@1 Fo sho... I'm not an obama fan


Suck it you red state bitches. I doubt any of you even voted.


@1. known - No joke, dude. f*** that guy.

@9. GINORMAGANTUAN - They will never quit playing the race card. I try to give everyone a fair chance despite skin color or anything else, but god damn does it ever piss me off when I cannot get federal aid paying for college because I'm a white middle class American. When I go to the book store before starting a class and I have to pay with my $$ it really pisses me off when every single minority in the entire place gets to pay with a government card. That's crap. America needs to get real and quit giving people handouts just because of race. I pay taxes, why can't I benefit from them?

You said 56th president, he's the 46th.

it was Clinton who f***ed the economy and bush was the one who couldn't un-f*** it and got the wrap.

you are the dumbest person ever

Clinton: here, let's loan a bunch of money to a bunch of loser like #9 & #12 who will never be able to pay it back because they are uneducated worthless liberal idiots and spend their entire workday on the geekologie.com.

@14 - I think I love you. You are special, you think, you pay attention, I'm so proud!

@15. americansarestupid - You should quit making assumptions about people, it makes you look silly. I am far from being a liberal you f***ing moron, and I'm not even going to retort about being able to pay off a loan because I really don't give a crap if you think I can pay back debts or not.

Why the hell do people always throw out comments about spending all day on geekologie? Are you not commenting on this website, as well?


This is a complete phosphorous job. You can tell its a cake because the shadow's are all tongue.

This is excactly like that scene in the movie Tender Dracula where the two drunken overdubbed make up artists combine their skills to create a working wearable replica of Paddington's coat and hat.
Dracula adopts the clothing as his nephew and teaches it how to fish.

Where's Bruce Springsteen?
And the General Cornwallis Variety Band/SSSLLLLLAAAAAYYYYYEEEERR!!!

The proper way of labeling this product is not "Legos", it is "Lego Building Blocks". Don't believe me? Go to www.legos.com

WTF, Obama is black?

GINORMAGANTUAN DOESN'T THINK, He lets his tallywacker do that for him...... and he says he wants in Thumperchicas buttcheeks! hmmm thumper-buttsecks!


Thank God there are people out there with common sense... Bush is not without his faults but the economy is not one of them. That ball started rolling with Carter and the Fair Housing Act and picked up steam with Clinton. Bush gets the blame for Clinton-era policy much the same as Bush Sr. and Clinton enjoyed relatively prosperous terms set in motion by Reagan...

WUUUT? NO BUTTSECKS? dayun thumper!, you is one cold beeotch! I'ma get in there someday and when I do! I will make WAFFLES! to celebrate the victorious poopchute invasion victoray!!!!!!!!


How, or WHY would somebody fake/ photoshop LEGO?

since when does chief justice roberts have light grey hair?

Anyone who says the economy went to shit because of welfare moms is uninformed. Take a closer look at who keeps benefiting from gov't tax breaks and bailouts: the rich. And who keeps getting the shaft? The rest of us. It doesn't matter what party the pres comes from, be it blue or commie.

Where is the Lego sniper?

Ha ha, let me throw the cat among the pigeons, just for laughs: is that a Lego Bible or a Lego Quran that he's being sworn in on?

@9- BINGO! thanks, you saved me from typing it

and when the f*** did they start making brown legos?!

@21...you are so wrong! You made me LOL...and just to clarify...I hope there isn't a sniper...but that comment was damn funny

oops...I meant 29!

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