Jan 18 2009No, Absolutely Not: A $64,000 Turntable


We've already featured $19,000 and $300,000 turntables here on Geekologie, but what about something for the average guy -- you know, a mid-range record player? Enter the Angelis Labor Gabrielle Turntable.

The Gabriel is made from aluminum, bronze and stainless steel and can be customized with up to four arms. Each arm is made in a Modena, Italy, factory that also builds Ferrari parts. A one-armed model costs about $27,000, while a four-armed version runs for $64,000, including installation.

Why would anyone want four arms on their record player? Different pickup cartridges produce different types of sound, and some audiophiles like to match their record players' arms to different genres of music without going through the hassle of swapping cartridges.

"When I look at it," said Placido Pappalardo, co-owner of maker Angelis Labor, "the only word that comes to mind is love."

Really, Placido, love? I was maybe thinking spaceship or PEW PEW, but certainly not love. Unless, of course, you meant LOVE love, in which case, I'd hit that shit like a Laserdisc player.

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups.






The best turntable $64,000 can buy?

Thanks to Ben and Dan, who don't need record players because the government sends music directly into their brains.

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Reader Comments

Looks kinda steampunky

sorry, I meant FRIST!!!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja sell their Max's grandpas car to buy new art supplies . So after selling the car to the french mafia, an ancient Chinese master appears and says that the only way to buy a new paintbrush is to eat a bucket of chicken for the KFC on third street.

Keep in mind this was 2 in the morning and KFC was closed.

answer me this riddle

what's a bell that doesn't ring but makes an angel sing?

thats all well and good, but if the record is scratched you're out of luck.

go mp3 the sound quality is superior in every way...

4 1/2 inches will do the trick but a 12 inches is just that much more special.

well it looks better than the $300k one


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max had to take the bosses wife out to dinner while he was away. After dinner she steals drugs out of his coat pocket and overdoses. Max has to take her to his dealer's house, and shoot her in the heart with a huge needle.

Later she tells Max a really bad joke.

well it looks better than the $300k one

For that amount of money it better come with a penny to put on top of the needle

Looks like something out of a steam punk spaceship.

@4: Taco Bell

Actually, if you are referring to the riddle in "Legend", then the answer is bluebells.

(I still prefer Taco Bell)

In the rarified air that is the world of high end audiophile turntables, this is a bargain. eg: Clearaudio Statement, Goldmund Reference II.

This looks like a slightly more "bling" version of the stuff on recordplayer.com ... I'm sticking to brushed steel :-)

ketchup. get it? ketchup?

I want a laserdisc player! Never had one and although they're obsolete I want for nostalgic value.

...and it only plays 45's?????

64 G's and it's a goddamn belt-drive. f*** I hate Italy.

Ahahaha, but it's all hand-machined—and very beautifully, too. I guess if I had $64K I may just pay some angels to sing directly in my ears, but the sound quality on these is way superior to anything other than a live performance (@5: the quality on MP3 is better?! you been smoking taco bell?!). Now, anyone for a bit of the old Ludwig Van?

@15: Fox Force Five!

I agree with the steampunk comments, because that's what I thought it was at first glance too. Then I realized it was GHETTO steampunk.

Intergalactic planetary, planetary intergalactic!

No way I would pay that much for a f***ing belt drive turntable. Gimme some direct drive Numarks and we can talk.

I am happy with my Technics 1200...

Hrm - If they mount this thing on a steampunky scion with a 50 cal machine gun, then maaaaybe

#12: Good choice, I prefer taco bell too.
#15: That poor little slow tomato

I'm pretty sure I could just buy four good turntables and a Mercedes and never be able to tell the difference in sound. But the comment that MP3's are better in every way makes me assume that #5 is joking, since we all know that the clipping required to compress the data to digital sacrifices the audio quality. Though, with an MP3 you never get skips or pops... some of my favorite parts of my albums. sskrrk... sskrrk... sskrrk... sskrrk

Ok, I grew up in the age of the pre-digital analog audiophile, and I've NEVER heard of someone changing cartridges to suit the genre of music.

that is 100% made up bullshit to try to explain why a turntable needs 4 tonearms.

And as to the statement that MP3's sound better than vinyl, that's obviously a broad blanket statement, but in many ways undeniably true. In analog recordings there's no way to divorce the music from the recording medium, which will always impart noise (vinyl has the WORST signal to noise ratio of any analog format) to the performance. Digital is transparent. As long as the digital recording is produced competently, it's infinitely superior to analog.

"17. hgonc2 - January 18, 2009 10:25 PM
...and it only plays 45's?????"

I just noticed that in the pictures and was about to comment on it. WTF? Even if that's a removable spindle, the turntable itself is only sized for 45's. An LP would hang several inches in the air, which is going to distort the hell out of it.

This isn't a musical device. This is a piece of animatronic art built by someone who doesn't understand records in the slightest.

I have to agree with Mcfeely. It looks cool, but that's about it.

I wish I knew someone that had one of these... I'd break it just to watch them cry

Best polished turd EVER!

What kind of f***tard would pay money for that? I'm seeing more and more bullshit techno trash on the internet every day. Are there that many dumbasses with money out there?

from @5 to @19/anita bath, hand machined? Did your parents drop you as a small child? Also don't you appreciate the value of sarcasm?

Thankyou @ 26/dreamfolder it appears some people appreciate a lazy attempt at humor

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Who would have thought that my town would have sooner or later been named in our Favourite Blog...
Actually I live in Modena and prefer Ferrari, Lambos, Zondas and Ducati, all assembled within a maximum range of a few km from my house, and all tested in the neighborhood (but that's pure music, gentlemen, pure music I say).
This... this is pretty much useless.

My Technics 1200 is a better record player than this piece of crap. First, the last time I asked a true audiophile, direct drive was and still is the way to go. Second, it looks like something the kid that failed shop class would make.

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