Jan 5 2009Mmmm, Piggy: Bacon (Gum)Balls


Let's face it, women find nothing hotter than kissing a man whose breath smells like bacon. It not only indicates great wealth, but a refined palate and good sense of meat. So, before your next match of tonsil tennis, how about hitting a few bacon balls? Two 22-balled tins will set you back $7. Alternatively, this 3-balled ten will set you back $40 (extra for really freaky deaky shit). Book soon ladies, my evenings fill up quick.

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Thanks to Manwai, who once blew a 40-gumball bubble and used it to float to Baconland.

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i hate when people write first.. its so stupid...



why is bacon showing up more lately?

Girls do NOT find bacon breath atractive!
Expesally when they are veggi ;)

I got these as a present for xmas along with some bacon flavored toothpicks. The gum really does taste like bacon but in a holy unnatural way. I don't like my bacon chewy, only crispy and served with a tall glass of pig tears. And the toothpicks are much better going down then out.

STFU Scarlet. Go cook something.

I got bandaids that looked like bacon strips in my stocking this year... I also got a tooth brush, what do you make of that?

I got bandaids that looked like bacon strips in my stocking this year... I also got a tooth brush, what do you make of that?

ollie- wow someone has issues, what happened? girl friend dumped you?


I'm with Ollie. Nobody gives a backwards F*** what you eat or don't. Go stroke somewhere else.


I'm also curious about the bacon trend.

how about pussy gum... and for the ladies cum gum

Not digging it.

It's like that dinner chewing gum by Willy Wonka!!!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja used their close relationship with Pat Sajak to get on the TV Show Pig in a Poke. They eneded up winning a trip to europe, and toured the whole country in 5 days. After a day in france they really understood what a pig was.

I would take these & melt them all into one giant gum ball, then melt that thing over this thing (http://www.geekologie.com/2008/12/pfft_hearts_are_overrated_anyw.php) - - then have that with some of this (http://www.geekologie.com/2008/11/how_to_make_your_own_bacon_ice.php)

pussy gum?

do you really want pussy gum?

think about it

This is right out of Futurama!

Big Pink! Gum with the breath-freshening power of ham!

@10 Yeah, and if you give cum gum to most of the girls I know, they will just swallow it.

@16 - Ham and Bacon may be from the same animal, but taste wayyy different. He shoots! He... Misses...

I think I'll pass on the gum that makes your breath smell like pig ass...


Epic win!

I LOVE BACON!!!! I'm a chick and i would love for my man to chew that all the time, i'd be all over him, even more than those chicks on those dudes on the axe commercials. mmmmm bacon

Ahhh! I love this site!
Has some of the best, most screwed up products ever.

This year my friend bought a jumbo surprise box from them and gave everyone in our art classes something from it. There was some reeaaaally strange things. Totally worth it though.

i got bacon mints and bacon gumballs this year. and a bacon air freshener. i really like bacon, but i was pretty disappointed. they're gross. give bacon a bad name. shame on you, fake bacon.

From the same website that brought you the bacon suit (which is fake,but not because of shadows nor Never Back Down).
And if ya ain't down with meat,than kiss ma arse.
Wu Tang!!!

And go Ollie.Scarlet is a sockflobbit.

eww, i've tried these things! they're soo nasty.


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