Jan 28 2009It's Like Bathing In The Forest!: The Moss Mat


Moss is like nature's carpet that never has to be vacuumed. So why not bring a little of the outdoors in with a mossy bathmat?

Nguyen La Chanh's ingenious design is made from a decay-free foam called plastazote, and populated with three varieties of moss: ball, island, and forest. Maintenance required for this little patch of green is limited, as the moss thrives off of the humidity released from daily bathroom rituals.

I want one. I just question how much traffic the mat can stand. Granted, that wouldn't be a problem for me -- I only shower bi-weekly. It's called cologne, folks, and I'm saving the planet one less shower at a time.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures.



Living Moss Carpet Adds a Touch of Green to Your Bathroom

Thanks to Melissa, who doesn't need a bathmat because she's an elf princess and only bathes in the sacred fountain of beauty, which has naturally moss-lined banks.

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Reader Comments

Looks comfy!

Ha ha, Islam Donkey-Kong is getting so much attention, I have this whole post all to myself… *stretches out*

Not intirely to yourself...sucka!

I want bath towels made outta that stuff...


Well, well. There's someone else here in the steam-room! The first thing I thought of when I saw this is the nasty alien athlete's foot you're probably going to pick up from it…

Also, is that a really strong girl, or a guy with shaven legs? Yuck.

What if your regular bathroom mat looks like this? Is it chic or sickening? I'm just saying that if I can sell mildewy mats for premium dollar, count me in!

Because nothing wakes me up better than stepping on a fungus right before I hop into the shower.

hmmm, i guess thats alright

JTT told me moss always grows in the direction of North

It's going to be really hard to see the dump your pet drops on that while you shower.

A room in the basment carpeted with this would be great.

@6 Yeah hard to tell. The right leg is wider than the left leg, so that can only mean one thing..... Photoshopped! (The shadows aren't even right!)

i actually really want this. how much is it? gah!


12: Howzit Naas! That means it's either Photoshopped, or it's the captain of the girls' soccer team… either way, no thanks.

This fungus rug model has the fattest female soccer player calves ever. What a stumpy german chick.

Bleh, meant 11…


Yes. We are correct. Again.

As someone with a full-time professional foot fetish, those don't look like girly feet—or knees. Must be a really smooth man.

I'm someone with a full-time professional foot fetish in real life, I don't play one on TV.

Awesome idea. Don't know how long the moss would stay alive for but meh.

Bi-weekly is an ambiguous term. Do you mean twice a week, or once every other week?

It means he showers in both the boys' and the girls' rooms, weekly.

Honey! The bath mat is getting a little out of control. Could you take it out and mow it again later?

No thanks.

@8 Moss is not fungus.

@14 haha yes, or a serious regular footed skater. Moose Knuckle is right about the cankles too, looks like one of them was removed to feed hungry children.

@23 - I know, but if you're a plant, and you share the same name as a New England wide receiver, then you're fungus by default.

Cankles, and the middle toe is hideously longer than the big toe!

Can you wag your tail bone?

If I wanted to walk on plantlife right out of the shower, I'd go camping...

Psst- You gents may be right about the burly calves, but your definition of cankles is widely off base...

I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle here… again, I call shaven man—or Asian man. Nguyen, is that you?

Anita - I say it's a female, if only because men are not generally used in this type of advertisement.

" I only shower bi-weekly" GW, are you French?


This is a complete work of digital 'art'. You can tell its a counterfeit because the shadow's are all unright.

This is exactly like a scene from the movie Tender Dracula where Dracula's resurrected man-servant went out with nice girls, only to dump them for insignificant imperfections such as every living being has.
He is later hypnotised for being a moron, and goes out with a big chick who he thinks is a small chick.
He later shows her his freakish tail.

Only one way to settle this, that model is going to have to throw in the towel.

those are female legs, and no one wants them i;ll take them. she can only have some thick thighs and a big ass to go with them calves. Oooh, she has got a big ole' behind! I mean, I'd like to slap some barbecue sauce on that big ol' butt and just uh burr burr burr burr burrrr. OOwwwwooooo!!!!

32-bah-dum-da-dah-crash! sadly, i lol'd

Those hulk legs may read these comments and find you... imagine the stomping.....

@33. Did you take Dorothy Mantooth out for a nice steak dinner...and never called her again!?!?!?

daisy is funny - spam artist is dumb.

Y'know, I didn't want to say anything (scared I might jinx it), but now that you mention Daisy, it looks as if she might have just curled up and died of natural causes… Now if only we could nail Tender Dracula through his tender heart with a tender stake, we would be making real progress!

@6. Anita Bath - I didn't even notice how snasty those legs were until you said something.

@8. Hunter - FAIL. Moss is most certainly NOT a fungus.

Hehe, wish I hadn't noticed… here's a whole nother world of nasty: you reach over the edge of the bath, pick off a clump of moss (choose between ball, island or forest) and lather up. Have a look at that little bath sponge if you're having trouble visualizing.

Ever notice how much "known" likes Daisy???? Ever notice how when he hasn't posted neither has Daisy???? Coincidence? I think not. Known and Daisy are one and the same.

Hmmm… he said something the other day about waking Daisy up. Maybe Daisy grows out of his chest, like Master & Blaster?

@42. Anita Bath - Close, but not quite.

Known actually drops his pants and bends over in front of his computer. He spreads his cheeks far enough apart that Daisy can hear the humming of the CPU. As soon as Daisy hears the CPU she/he/it rears it's ugly head from Known's nether-region and types a pointless comment about Never Back Down. After the comment has been typed and posted Daisy returns to her forbidden cavern and Known pulls up his pants, sits back down, and continues his day.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake becauise the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max found a bottle on the beach during an astronaut training mission. He rubbed it and out came a hot jeannie who wanted nothing else but to please him. Max found out though that the harder any woman tries to please you the more miserable she makes you.

Oh yeah I would tap that... The carpet. WTF?!?! You thought I was going to say her?!?! Ew your f***ing gross!!!

Looks like typical stumpy asian woman legs to me. 5% of them are smoking hot - the rest have the worst genes ever. All bow legged and stocky.

@ Cameron - FAIL. Read my clarification comment... # 25

@36-not before i smashed your face into a car windsheild.

@48. Sorry Champ, I think I ate your chocolate squirrel.

DO WANT! Awww, cute widdle mossies!

@ 46....Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Yup, short/fat Japanese chicks' legs look like that...

I bet she's Using a Moss Brush scrub Lool (^@^)

Sha-sha-sha Shower!

Legs aren't meant to be thin unless you're some lanky dude or anorexic chick like that Hilton character: http://thesuperficial.com/2009/01/paris_hilton_gets_drunk_all_ov.php?bfm_index=3&bfm_page=0

Gross, right?

This chick here, she puts on some heels, ya'll be down on you knees howlin' a storm.

Are you people nuts? This woman's legs are awesome! Yes, I'm confident that it's a woman. My wife's legs and feet are remarkably similar to this woman's; in fact I'm going to ask my wife later if she's been doing bath-mat modeling on the side.

WOW thats funky!!!

Actually, I'm not convinced that they are womand legs. They are shaven, but perhaps a little chunkey. I'm thinking they may belong to Lance Armstrong.

This is amazing!...not sure about the functionality though

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