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Inventor Of The Hawaiian Shirt Passes Away


Alfred Shaheen, inventor of the Hawaiian shirt, has passed away. He was 86.

"Before Shaheen came along, there was no Hawaii garment industry. There were mom and pop stores but no real modern industry," Linda Arthur, a professor of textiles and clothing at Washington State University said.

By 1959, the year Hawaii became a state, he had more than 400 employees working for him and was grossing more than $4 million a year as the major player in the islands' garment industry.

Somewhere, in paradise, Jimmy Buffet is face down in a pitcher of margarita. He hasn't even touched his cheeseburger.

R.I.P. Alfred Shaheen, I'll be rocking my favorite Hawaiian this weekend in your honor.

Inventor of the Hawaiian shirt dies

Thanks to Julian, who can get leid even without a flowery shirt.

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