Jan 23 2009I Told Ya'll It Was Real!: Amazing Wrestling

I'm pretty sure this is the most homoerotically beautiful thing I've ever seen.



Thanks to francisco, who once threw his partner 30 feet while tango dancing. She hit a chandelier. And never came down.

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Which one is El Ass-o Wipe-o and which one is Señor Bag of Crap?


Que barba, que barba. You're right, it is torture.

Color me impressed.

Holey shit! The Stig is moonlighting!

@4: Nope, they're waiting to be tagged in. These two are Masquarita Dorada and Propellerhead. Nunca atrás hacia abajo.

That kicked all forms of ass, that was absolute awesomesauce

That was less impressive than previously indicated.

omg I'm still laughing, that was f***ing great!

Ahhhhhhhh midgit tossing...................... is there better a sport?

that was stupid

Blades of Glory II - Wrestlers of Glory

That's the method my girlfriend uses to get my into bed...

Not for sex tho', but to administer her finishing move, "The DUTCH OVEN!!!"

Anybody else think he looks like Tommy, the white power ranger?


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never back down...well...my heart's not into it today, i'm going through a lengthy divorce

but I will Never Back Down

Awwww... Daisy... I'm sorry to hear that. If it'll make you feel better, you can send me lots of nude pics of yourself and/or your best looking female friend.

ok.. I don't know if that would make you feel better. But it most certainly would make me feel better.

I'm not entirely sure what I just watched...

So it's a midget power ranger fighting the lost member of kiss?

And somehow, this power ranger actually has magic ninja powers?



Sorry to hear that Daisy. May I offer a helping hand? Ok here it goes...........


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never back down where those two guys try to catch a cat while training for a fight and the cat jumps over a barb wire fence and pierces its ear and every one was sad because the cat was not given the choice if it wanted its ear pierced or not.

How was that Daisy? I know I can't compare to you, but I tried!

Awwwwww shit!! I forgot I wasn't on the cat piercing post anymore LOL!!! Well take what i wrote and apply it to midgit tossing!!

OK, that vid was f***ing awesomely funny!!

Skeeter- Get in the corner and stay there, NO ONE should remember the NAME of the white power ranger. Fag.

Daisy - Sorry dude. That blows. But you totally remind of that scene in Never Back Down Where Max got Daisy some bacon flavored ice cream and a kick ass attorney.

the little guy is called "mascarita sagrada" (little sacred mask) and the other dude is "damian 666"
mascarita and mexican wrestle is funny

That's what I look like in the bedroom.

I mean the Kiss guy flinging himself out of the ring landing on his ass, not the acrobatics...

...oh and with a girl (may or may not be a midget).

That guy is my hero!!

Daisy </3

@ Daisy is not a FAKE

ahuevooo inche mascarita es chingon :)

In Mexico we have "mini" (midget) version of almost every famous wrestler, sometimes they fight only among them, sometimes they fight vs normal size wrestlers, it's all part of the show.

hey, we even have some fights (very rare and very special) called "relevos atomicos" where a normal wrestler, a mini wrestler, a "exotic" (crossdressed) wrestler and a lady wrestler fights a team with the same type of members.

Aww, since the waning popularity of the Power Rangers the white one turned to Mexican Wrestling...or was it the Stig from Top Gear?

I love it when they call upon their Eagle powers. There is a real business opportunity that is currently unexploited taking busloads of tourists down to Mexico to see REAL wrestling

Lucha Libre is BADASS!!!

Wow, this Best Buy chick is really getting a raw deal, that starting frame is so unflattering....

restling iz gey


This is more badass than Mortal Kombat!


This is a complete photoshop job. Yuo can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver Back Down where Max took Jimmy the King to see Sal Bandini for wrestling lessons. Sal told him to neverlet up until you hear cartilage snap, or they crap tapioca.

now thats some f***ing real wrestling, not the gay fake stuff Americans do


This is a complete. The shadow's are all.

This is quite similar to a scene in the movie Tender Dracula. Dracula buys a defective vacuum cleaner and returns it to the shop.
Luckily he kept the receipt.

So cool the way the midget defeated Gene Simmons.

hahaha... did anyone noticed that the masked one looked like power ranger. i thought that this was pointing at that fact that power rangers Wrestled.

The... White... Power... Ranger... LIVES!

SiGee, I'm sorry I have been away. The captain told us we'd be home soon, but then a terrible storm hit our ship, and we who survived only got Wi-Fi up and running a few hours back.

We lost a lot of men out there.

Anyway, I'll be home soon. I can't wait to burry my face in your warm bosoms and have you spank me. The boys out here spank me, but it's just not the same.

Yours truly,
The Deeze

That little white power ranger rocks.

@7, Some saaaay that he was formerly a partners break dancer turned luchador. All we know is, he's called The Stig.

@7, 45 - if that were really him he'd be listening to prog rock, or a self help cd.

Some say that his knees are magnetic.... AND that he lost his home in a divorce settlement with the Geekologie writer.... *shrug* All we know is he's called THE STIG!.

Is it just me or does the white guy bear a striking resemblance to Strong Bad?

I always thought Nacho Libre was exaggerating... guess not.

I think I watched the last bit, when he jumps off the ropes, about 20 times and every time I was impressed.

Kudos to those guys. Very difficult stuff to pull off.

Ahh, to be back at work on a Saturday... BAH!!!!! I can't believe I put my boots on for this...

I can't imagine the head spin you'd have after a move like that. Very impressive.

I hope things work out for you Daisy. <3

@39 - When he dropped it off did he tell the guy in the store it sucked?

"now thats some f***ing real wrestling, not the gay fake stuff Americans do"

You realize it's the same goddamn thing, just with more flips, right?



You realize that if a fight haves more flips there's not the same thing?

I have to admire his inner gyroscope. Little white Stig righted that spinning room with only a shake and a nod.

nice, never knew there was a show on Clown Wrestling

Fake??? fakeeeee??? NOOOO!!! I was there!!!! :D Really!! :D


I am so glad I didn't lose you!!
I was so worried!

my life would be over without your sweet ass around to slave over me 24/7.
BTW, it is your turn to strap that thing around the.........

@ Daisy....oh my you know nothing do you? Photo shopped what ever...just browse around more looking for Mexican wrestling.

Shadows are all wrong...what are you talking about? LAME !!!

So crazyyyy

I'm Muhammad... i do so alot. I love f***ing with guy.

i think this is mascarita sagrada (sacred mini Mask) , its a mini version of a very famous Mexican wrestler who came out way before the power rangers.
of course you people know wrestling is all an act so of course the big wrestler helps the little guy a lot. still he is great.

Agh! Physics fail!

The dude in dark is standing there pushing the guy and moving so that they can do that. Its sooo staged it's not even funny. Its like a well choreographed and practiced dance.

Except with a mans crotch in another mans face.

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