Jan 6 2009Darth Vader Joins Church, Church Not Happy

In this video, somebody awesome dressed up as Darth Vader and joined the procession of the Clergy of the Lutheran Church of Iceland. You can see a couple of the members none too happy about Darth's appearance around the 0:15 mark. Sadly, they were powerless to do anything. Which proves my theory -- even God is a little wary of Vader's force-choke.

Hit the jump for another video from failblog of a highly unethical pizza delivery driver.


Thanks to Julie, who once force-choked a nun for slapping her on the knuckles with a ruler.

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10 second rule! Nothing wrong with that pizza!

heh that darth vader is something else, trying to get in on their clergy


This is very real. Uh...shadows, or something, and, uh...Never Back Down.

i mean.....


My kitten-cat is FRISKY. At night she sleeps in the microwave.I think it's cute!

@4 LOL nice!
i know all my pizza guys, friends with GED's bring me my Pizza!

Wow was this post worthless.

He didn't even join the church. He's just in the line. WTF?

Pizza video didn't make up for it either.

well that was pointless

As having seen the seriousness of such processions first-hand, i thought that was pretty hilarious.

F***ing with the shit people care about is a riot.


Pizza is REAL good! I love pizza, yum yum!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene from ther movie Never Back Down where Max's moped is in the shop after being run through a wood chipper. He was hunger so he ordered a bacon pizza for delivery, and asked the guy to pick up Baja on the way since it was on the way.

When the delivery guy showed up, the pizza was cold, and Baja had her shirt on backwards. The delivery boy didn't make Max pay for the pizza either.

I love lamp.

1. Get a sense of humour churchies!

2. I would eat that pizza even after seeing it on the floor but no tip for delivery boy.

strangely enough i had a dream about darth vader being in a procession at a catholic church just link this when i was a kid. Even stranger still... i wrote it down and used that text for body copy in a graphic design project last quarter.

long live lord vader!

dude, that website is f***ing awsome.
Thanks a lot, now I'll be on there until 2 in the morning

dude, that website is f***ing awsome.
Thanks a lot, now I'll be on there until 2 in the morning

Wow, that pizza delivery driver is scum! Bet he gets his head kicked in sooner or later doing shit like that. Oh well, he might learn to be less of a cunt as and when it happens I guess.

I just laughed my f***ing ass off so hard at that video.
I might just be drunk but holy shit did I think that was funny


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is a replicant of a scene from the movie Tender Dracula where Billy-bob and Luke are a huntin' when they spot a wounded coyote near a lake.
As they watch from a distance, a silvery woman rises from the lake and strokes the afflicted beast.
She then carries him and serenly sinks back beneath the surface.

Luke wasn't a bastard child...

@21 what a hack. stop making a fool of yourself all ready. what are you doing to yourself.

the darth vader one was lame, anyone can stand 10 feet away from the end of the line. now if he was in the middle, and went inside the church that would have been a different story. get some balls VADER, YA CUNTT!

This is not fake, It's a news broadcast from Iceland that someone put the Star Wars music over. You can tell by the Name that is on screen at 00:05. Gudfinnur Sigurvinsson. There is even an email for that person flashed underneath the name at the Icelandic National TV station RUV. I am assuming that is the person who was reporting on it. If you think it's fake you can email him at Gudfinnurs@ruv.is
Also, I just found out that it was a friend of a friend in the Darth Vader suit. Icelanders pulling pranks like this is not uncommon, you have find some way to entertain yourself on a frozen rock in the north Atlantic!

There must be some back history with that pizza delivery. Guys probably a notorious bad tipper. Yet another reason to be polite to the people who deal with your food. I heard a story from one of my friends who was a server at a restaurant that we'll call Olive blank, no thats too obvious, how bout blank Garden. Anyhoo this lady would come in everyday at lunch and talk down to, yell at, and generally belittle the servers. Which would be fine if she didn't only leave like fifty cents tip So one day she got violently ill from her food and came in threatening to sue. Well she got a free dinner... and guess what happened to that. Moral of the story- the universe balances itself.

That Darth Vader shit is hilarious. I love it when people take the micky out of religious drones.

I've seen this before, and I thought then that the people at the 15 second mark looked amused. I still think this.


for those who do not have enough imagination ... I live in Iceland and saw this on the news here, so face it, this isn't photoshopped.


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