Dec 13 2008Woman Leaves Berlin Wall For Garden Fence


A 54-year old woman who was married to the Berlin Wall for 29 years is now cheating on the iconic landmark with a local garden fence.

Mrs Berliner-Mauer (Berlin Wall), who has been diagnosed with a condition called Objectum-Sexuality, claimed she fell in love with the wall when she first saw it on TV as a child. She began collecting "his" pictures and saving up for visits. On her sixth trip in 1979 they tied the knot before a handful of guests.

"The Great Wall of China's attractive, but he's too thick - my husband is sexier."

While she remains a virgin with humans, she insists she had a full, loving relationship with the wall.

WTF! Sadly, since the destruction of the wall in 1989, she hasn't been back to visit her lover and has "shifted her affections to a nearby garden fence."

Wow, cheating on the Berlin Wall with a common garden fence -- that's like leaving John Holmes for The Geekologie Writer. HIYO! Just kidding, I'm hung like a, well, it's not really long enough to hang. :(

Woman married Berlin Wall [ananova]

Thanks to Megan, who wanted to marry the Sistine Chapel until she met me.

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Reader Comments

been there done that.


he he he! 2nd!! did you make this up just to get that foul meat cake off of the top of the page?

ah - you beat me to the second place - you could of said something instead of just 'second' tho...


Wow and I thought I had strange pastimes.

this is the same woman who used to claim she was married to her guillotine, and on that site she didn't mention anything about the berlin wall! this was years and years ago (mid to late 90s) when we would search for the weirdest crap we could find on the internet, before sites like this helpfully listed them out!

If you want to see what she looks like go to youtube and searh for "100 Höjdare: Berlinmurenkvinnan" It's from a swedish TV-show where they listed the strangest people in Sweden.

Note that she got a replica of the wall in her bed...

Ok, so why do people think that me being married to a love doll is strange??? At least she doesnt just sit there like a wall... well.. she kinda does... but more like a love doll than a wall...

She probably masturbates with a brick, like me. So?!!?

jizzed in my pants.

THAT is so sexy!
Nice to see some "weekend" posters here.
I know y'all are hard workers during the weekdays.
I could tell y'all dedicated to your career.
Unlike Daisy, me, Moose, Douche, Thumperchhic, LSDiesel, Ollie,
we sit in our cubicle commenting here on Geekologie waiting for the day to end.

well, its not an ugly wall...

sexy bitch!

i'd hit it! where's the hole?

I watched the video of the tearing down ceremony. I must say that there were a LOT of people hitting and tapping that on that day and afterward. One would HAVE to assume that it now has the majority of STDs in circulation if not all. I DEFINITELY wouldn't tap that! Not without a 6 sack, 3/4" minus, 3 inch slump w/ fly ash, reinforced with #4 rebar @ 16" on center both ways, poured in sono tube condom. (If you don't get the concrete engineering implication, don't worry about it. It's beneath all of us here. And it would be nightmarishly itchy!)



Sex with a wall? Maddness!!! Now, sex with a desk....thats where its at. Thats why i can never go back to IKEA ever again. They are just prudes.

I once put up a fence.....

.....for the night.

ba dum tish


you mean a tent?

there was this chick at my school who supposedly made love to a:

They called her the plunge-meister, bastards dont understand.

fur reals yo


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max find's Baja in bed with a wall, and the wall is licking bacon flavored ice cream off her chest. Understandably Max is hurt and takes a bacon cheese roll and makes love to it in front of them and then goes out for Del Tacos which he eats inside a cardboard box.

Hey Daisy, at least my fake story is humanly possible and not a scene from Never Back Down.


That's a complete PhotoShop job. You can tell it's a fake because all the shadows are wrong.

This looks just like the scene in the movie "In Hell" where Van Damme falls in love a dump he took and tried to make love to it. He later cheated on said dump when he took another, which much more handsome.


That's a complete PhotoShop job. You can tell it's a fake because all the shadows are wrong.

This reminds me of the scene from the movie Tender Dracula where the mute ex husband of Dracula's wife kills a girl with the axe he usually chops wood with.

If they had kids, would they be blockheads?

damn and wooooooooow! thats pretty weird but on the other hand ........ ........ ......... ........ wow................... wild........damn........ damn


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