Dec 4 2008Terrorist LEGO Minifigs Stir Controversy


I can't say that I'm surprised, but apparently people are taking offense to LEGO minifigs that have been modded (by BrickArms) to resemble terrorists and Nazis.

Mohammed Shaffiq of Muslim organisation The Ramadhan Foundation told The Sun the figures were 'absolutely disgusting'. He said: 'It is glorifying terrorism - the makers should be ashamed. We should be coming together to unite against terrorism but how is that possible when children are playing with toys like this?'

Last night the business's founder Will Chapman said: 'It's not my intention to glorify terrorism or Nazis - but kids love the bad guys. He added: 'I can see why people might get offended but that is not what I'm trying to do. We have sold thousands and thousands of them.'

He later added: 'CHA-CHING!'

When reached for comment, the Geekologie Writer had this to say about the figures: 'Finally, terrorists versus Nazis! PEW PEW.'

Hit the jump for a few more of the offensive minifigs.



War games: The al-Qaeda and Nazi Lego men that 'glorify terrorism' [dailymail]

Thanks to Mr. Sausage and Uncle Eccoli, who both kill terrorists and f*** bears for fun.

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C'mon GW post a pic of the Geekologie staff

I agree with Mr. Chapman. I've been to the site before. He has a lot of different guns, minfigs --including lots of hero-types, grenades, and specially made Lego stuff. He's just fulfilling a demand. He isn't 'glorifying' anything.

Those are sick, I'd tape m80's to them and blow them off to their kindom of 72 Star Trek fans, (they never specify what KIND of virgins they'd be getting)

Nice. I'm gonna pull a "Toy Story" and strap an explosive to one of em.

Sorry Moose Knuckle, didn't see that you pretty much said the same friggin thing I did. Ladies and Gentlemen, muh boy Moose Knuckle made the joke first.

Okay, and with that, I'll go ahead and commence crying.

No worries LSDiesel, as you can see, the other Moose Knuckle beat me to first, as such you can draw only one conclusion: we Moose Knuckles are LEGION. You were simply out numbered...

The "Terrorists" just look like soldiers to me, ready for desert combat. I mean, if guys dressed like this tried to hickack an airplane, we'd see them coming. Sounds like someone has a problem with stereotypes.

As for the Nazi's well, er, uh...FAKE!!!! Photoshopped. Shadows all wrong. NBD. Baja is a whore!

.....and just the right size for little kids to eat.

Weird... Digital art gets 60 comments, Lego terrorists gets 10. That coffee buzz must've worn off. That's why I use meth, and it doesn't give me the jitters.

I don't see what the problem is. Kids will know they are evil by the way that they are all frowning.

How is that anymore offensive than Nazis and Arabs in video games that kids play?

Is it me or are the posts here going up later than they used to. I'm sure the first post of the day used to come alot earlier. GW waking up late with a hangover more often?

This is silly, there have always been enemy figurines - without them, who would our heros fight? What would the AutoBots do w/o the Decepticons? What would Captain America have done w/o the Nazi's? So now our kick as military isn't allowed to fight the Jihaad-ists in Lego form? That's f***tarded.


Haw! What a f***ing failure.

Oh, I almost forgot, Durka Durka, Jihaad.
America, America, F*** Yeah!

I agree with thumperchica. The kids these days are sick of bad guys who wear goofy costumes and have cheesy lines.

Nothing says bad-ass like some sand-nigger armed to the teeth with weapons, and a diaper on their head.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This reminds me of the movie Never Back Down where Max converts to Judaism & Baja spills potato salad on the new carpet.

It's not offensive. That's what terrorists and nazis look like.

GW. Please don't jump on the PC bandwaggon. It's bullshit and this article is BULLSHIT.


i dont know what the big deal is, its just bad bad guys in lego form, and the nazis, well they are just lego guys from indiana jones, sheesh, people make such a big deal about things, its just a freakin toy!

Big Brown, NONE of these are produced or endorsed by the Lego company. They are ALL made by brickarms.

Awww terrorists are the new indians COUGH excuse me, native americans.
How sweet.

Well nothing really wrong with this, because its part of history and daily life soe i say meh

@14. Your jealousy is showing.




This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max emulated Hitler and started a group that was dedicated to the kiling of ginger kids. He then found out HE was a ginger kid and weaseled out of it.

Why does anyone even give a goat kabob what offends muslims anyway? Everything offends muslims! I hope the brick arms manufacturer makes a lego version of muhammed so I pay the 12bucks for it and blast that piece of shit into orbit.

brick arm, lego.... same shit!

"Moose Knuckle (the craven closet homo one)"

My "failure" was in reference to the "FRITS": I thought you were trying to write "Fritz", and have just realised that it was more likely intended as "first".

Retracted, pet. Don't you worry your pretty li'l head none.

Also, just for your information, "fag" is a really weak insult, and it makes you look like a channing simpleton. Little tip for ya there.

@31 your a fag

Wow thanks Quasimodem! From now on I'll be sure to call you a tit fearing, dink smooching, taint licking, balls sucking, shaft polishing, pile of f***ing shit faggot monkey.


Did Anyone Else Notice the pic at the way bottom right looks like it has boobies?

only contarvorsy here is that there holding giant dildos and now the clone troopers have a bigger advantage but dont worry the dragons will save the day!!! PEW PEW NOM NOM PEW NOM PEW!


Surely these are from the Indiana Jones range? Are the films "disgusting" too?

then may aswell remove every toy depicting a bad guy and let the kids make the good guys fight togheter!


KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!11

Well now i love terrorists and all terrorist actions and want to be a terrorist because i can buy them in Lego form......

Didnt see anyone moan about the Pirate Lego sets that exist.


You can buy them from Thanks to all this press though, they are out of stock on EVERYTHING. Thankyou GW :)

What I find most offensive about this is that the "nazi" has a beard—what the hell?! Any self-respecting nazi would be clean-shaven.

What a cute way to make money.
Extort nation tragedy.

"You know Lucy when I was a kid I had Sadam, AND Hitler. They where married to Barbie and one the Bratz dolls...before they got the boot"

now comes with lego sized oven!

I like the how acurate they are regarding the weaponry supplied to soldiers of the Turd Riech and the Jihadists. Broom handle Mauser pistol and Panserschrek anti tank rocket for the Krauts and an AK series rifle for Hadji.
I am willing to overlook the fact that in order for the mini fig to be able to hold the Panzerschrek they gave it an RPG style hand grip.

(side note: The Muaser pistol was the inspiration for Han Solo's Blastech DL44)

I will marry the first ( or any) woman who is impressed by the fact that I know this.

bR1an- Why do you know that!? and while declining marriage I do think its kind off impressive......

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