Dec 3 2008Out Of This World Deliciousness: Space Beer


Mmmm, space beer. It's the stuff my sci-fi fantasies are made of. Well, that, and the aquamarine breasts of alien chicks. Well now fantasy and reality collide -- with honest-to-God space beer (sort of)!

The beer will be made with barley -- to be harvested this weekend -- descended from seeds that spent five months in 2006 aboard the International Space Station.

Sapporo isn't planning to sell the special brew, at least for now, and hasn't decided how it will distribute the planned 100 bottles, Matsumura said.

So far, scientists have not found any difference between space barley and the Earth-confined version, she said.

First of all, The Geekologie Writer clearly deserves a bottle. And secondly, have you tried the new beer on tap at the Mos Eisley Cantina? It's called PEW PEW Pilsner. BWAHAHHA HAHA! Han shot first! Whew *wiping tear* God I hate myself.

Japanese brewery to make beer from space barley [heraldtribune]

Thanks to Jumpin_J and Pat, who, for the tips, can each get a sip of my space brew. Backwash.

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Reader Comments

Yay alien t***!!!

You didn't say 1st, so i stole u 1st and i claim 2th!

If you get plastered and yak in zero g, does it turn into a big floating barf bubble? An ex girlfriend of mine got really hammered and started puking up black stuff, I thought she had ebola until I remebered she ate a bunch of oreos.

And that's one to grow on.

@2 you can have first, no need to steal it, I formally bestow it upon you.


sapporo's not even that good anyway. I mean it's not bad but it's not great.

I'd rather drink budlight beer with buzz lightyear

@2. You can tell he's the real Moose Knuckle, becuase he let you have his FIRST and didn't tell you to f*** off.


Space beer is a little gassy.

#5 holly shit son i was about to say that!!! mohf***en' japaneesy beer aint be all that noway!!!! kirin, asahi, saporro, all that sheeat! they do be making some bangin ass CHU-HAI!!!! or however you spell that shit, nikka be zippin' on that shit all night long! singapore slings nikka! f***ing gorilla farts and shit! look that shit up nikka, f***..... my ass was up in Misawa and they nikkas had habu-sake and shit, i drank me some of that shit with some fugu nikka, man shit was the illest! nikka had the shits the next mornin though.....


If I'm gonna have to pay for expensive beer, I'll stick to the Christian Moerlien. Barbarossa will rise again!


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is somewhat like the scene where Max gets Baja's cat Daisy completely wasted on turpentine and space rocks & sells it on eBay.

What the f***'s going on with GW? Have they regressed recently or am I reading too far into things?

@12 I see no REGRESSION here. There has been a long standing and noble tradition of sharing spirits and ales with friends and comrades in many different cultures and in many different eras. Drinking can be time of reflection, a time of solace, or a time of celebration... like celebrating doin' the motorboat on some hot alien chicks yummy space BOOBIES!


GW - I totally dare you to go steal that hundred pack, and invite all of us (yes, even the f***tards) over to watch... any movie except NBD

That should be---- 6, yummy space BOOBIES! Because one set ain't enough when you're dealin' with hot alien t*** & ass.

I just can't wait for Marijunana grown in space.

My weed makes me feel like I'm in space

@17,Mine makes me feel like a penis in Sarah Palin's ass. Yes, it's THAT good.


yay david bowie references!


This is an obvious photoshopjob. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja accidentally launch themselves into space when their space camp shuttle lesson malfunctions.

@8 epic comment

Hey @7... F*** off!


In space whats more fun than drinking beer and having sex in 0g? no its not playing with lego. Its following the path of david thorne and spitting on rocks and throwing them in deep space to fertilize a new beggining for mankind! and ill have to pass on japanese space berr today cause for one its saparro, two its been in space for a longer time than i can hold a relationship and im under aged. :(

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