Dec 11 2008LED And Time: A Photographic Gallery


I don't have much more info on these pictures except they were made by Picasa user magnus mouse using LEDs and lasers with a really long exposure. Just like they used to do in the olden days except with a flashlight or a sparkler. So yeah, a laser + long exposure = cool effect. But a laser + my penis = an even cooler effect. PEW PEW! Oh, careful -- don't wanna blind you.

Hit it for a bunch more and a link to the gallery.







LED and time [picasa]

Thanks to Mr Pink, who once kicked Mr Fuscia's ass in a duel.

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Reader Comments

That's really cool. Wonder how they did that orb in the first pic...

We're going streaking on the quad!!! C'mon! Bring your green hat!

I dedicate my third place to my boyfriend alex.

Didn't SPRINT do that for some commercials? Nice effect.

.1 David. If you shoot a lazer into a opaque glass ball, like a lamp, it will light the whole thing up.


It's a frosted light fixture with a laser pointed at it.

ps. i dig the light/lasers

@3 I'm gonna say it was just a hanging ball with a green light in it

by @3 I meant @1

wow. in all seriousness, that the last few truly look photoshopped. heh.

Woot!!! I been zapped into the TRON game!!! Where's my disc? Gimmie a lightcycle! F*** the MCP, I'll kick his ass!!!

I also enjoy looking at this

Anyone have any more info on this or this guys contact info?

This might be some of the best shit I've ever seen.

And let me tell you, I've spent much time whacked out on LSD.

So this is like home.

Please advise.

Very cool. I've done this before with low-light settings on my digital camera, my crappy little trantula laser & some LSD, but I've never gotten pics like that - only visuals.


It's not had to do yourself. Get a laser, shine it on some objects while you set your exposure high on your camera. Any decent DSLR camera can make this easily. Viola.

Shoulda read the other comments before posting, I'd also like to know more on this...

14: Yes and no. Seems like you need more than exposure settings for these pics (and acid mmm)

@16, no, you really don't need more than setting your exposure.

Well I need to f*** with the acid, laser & camera some more because those pics are niiiice

Obviously you're going to want to take these in a dark room with as little ambient light as possible, both for the laser and because with such a high exposure setting, it's going to pick up a lot of light.

i wonder if your naked in there, if you can see fecal matter??
i mean, i know i wouldn't want to, just curious.

i wonder what Dr. Feel Good thinks about all this.

More incredible light paintings at weburbanist:

pretty sure that is done by laser and not LED


thats definitely ill.
check this stuff out tho...
its a friend of mines mom who is the artist. its done the same way with time exposure and lights. none of it is photoshopped its all done in real time.

Pew Pew reminds me of my ejaculations


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movien Never Back Down where Max called into work sick, and went to see a baseball game with Baja's uncle's season tickets. A player made a really important catch right in front of him, and he was on all the sports highlight shows that night, and was really scared he'd get in trouble.

I'm wondering why the second picture has a front load washer in the kitchen. Thats no place to do the laundry, unless you want to put ketchup stains on freshly washed clothes, or you want your food to smell of bleach.

Shit first time to be 1st


looks like something i would do on yet another lonely saturday night

Why is there a clothes dryer in the kitchen?

Again, how can I do this?? Just get a glass orb thats frosted and shine a laser through it?

What kinda laser can I use **THAT WON'T BLIND ME!!**

#27 and #31 - it is a very British thing and also seen in Europe, but not uncommon. Probably started out because it saves having to install plumbing in old houses in multiple rooms.

I guess I'm just sayin ya need to get out more...

Apparently some of us have never lived in an efficiency apartment.

Adjust exposure settings, as in long exposure time. Turn off the lights, stop the lens down as small as the aperture will go, press down the shutter and laser away!

Pretty easy really.

these guys sucks
I saw so many better led paints

@33 - Friggin europe is a f***ed up country.
Do they store produce in the shower?
How about parking their car in the dining room?
Is the refrigerator in the living room?

@ 32
Any laser should be fine as long as you don't blast it into your eye (don't shine it into your camera lens if you are looking though it either

Do you really think those are good comparisons?
There are laundry machines in the kitchen. It's not cleaning clothes in spaghetti sauce.

Also, a fridge in the living room is a great idea.

I think the coolest one is the kitchen / laundry room. I can't tell if that's a washer / dryer or a dishwasher in the left corner....


You don't want to shine the laser at the camera anyway, because it'd pick up the light and ruin the image.

nice photoflop work

This is interesting and kinda cool, but not 40+ comments cool...

Did anyone notice theres a washing machine in the kitchen?


who are you to critcise anyone or anything when you refer to europe as a country?
i`m guessing your from the U.S.A and so the thought of having a laundry machine in your ktichen is so uncommon as you might try and roast meat loaf in it?

@47, haha. Yeah, we americans are all f***ed up.
I mean, we even put our black people in the white house.

American's are f***ed up huh, and we all have ESP.



LOL, tho arguably a slightly racist commet.

@46 - I didn't want to laugh, but damnit, that was funny...

The camera is a compact panasonic FX100 - not a big expensive DSLR

The globe in the first pic is a paper lampshade lit underneath by a laser - you can see my able assistant Ruby on her back on the floor.

The lights are LED except for the green one which is laser

No, no Photoshop at all apart from lightening a couple of the images.

Yes that is a washing machine in the kitchen

Very cool!

And yes, a great many people have washing machines in their kitchens. Many of us don't have dryers at all . . . oh the insanity!!

Well, I worked with him on some of these, and it was actually a bag full of LEDs. The green lights were done with a green laser.

hey mate....can i have the circuit digram or some info about how to do that i want to use it in my room :) thanks mate

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