Dec 22 2008Instant Decorating: The Christmas Cannon

If there's one thing I hate about Christmas it's that fat bastard Santa and his lack of presentry for yours truly. I swear, you write one too many dirty jokes and the boubon-soaked skeezeball (trust me, I could smell his breath when I sat on his lap at the mall in '85. Also, I'm now spreading a rumor he touched my butt) passes your apartment. If there's another thing, it's decorating. It's time consuming, and, come May, you have to take everything down again. That's why the Christmas Cannon is so genius. You just lather something in glue, pump up the cannon, and BAM -- you just Christmas'd that shit. It's as easy as shooting yourself in the foot trying to shoot fish in a barrel. Which, haha, is easier than you think (read: I'm missing two toes and have to wear a special shoe).

DIY Christmas Cannon is a Festive Tinsel Explosion [gizmodo]

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I can't watch movies at work, but this just sounds stupid. However, since I can't see it, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and hope it's half as good as the drunk guy trying to mount the fake horse.

Im sueing i made this last year with a potato gun

No movies from work here either, but it reminds me of The Grinch movie....

Wish i woulda thought of that.


That's just about the best thing I've seen all weekend — and this coming from someone who was trapped in the snow for three days.


This is a complete photosho job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was known for his Christmas decorations and spirit, and a guy moved in next door who was similarly blessed with Christmas spirit, and they got very competitive.

This is so fun
This is so nice
Nothing is colder
Then really cold ice

I like to eat
beer and some chips
But you can't eat beer
So I'll eat your hips

Brillant!!!, I'm gonna wad some tinsel on the end of my dong and tell chicks "you just got christmased in the face!"

@1 & 3 - DITTO.




The "Man" is holding me back... "He" wont let me watch videos at work... Everyones out to get me.... I just know it

that's right Timbo

key ingredient = spray glue.
that shitll fix anything. even that gh-f***er's knee.

I'm going back to my basement with my tin foil hat..... in there you can't get in my mind and block my videos

I'll return when you're all zombies

you know what would be cool? a cannon kinda like the one form the Grinch so that you can put all the lights up in like 5 min

Simpsons did it!

Basically a different theme for Homer's make-up shotgun...

I think Homer Simpson invented something simpler to this; a shotgun for applying makeup, but it was set to whore when he fired it.

That's Chrismissy lets kill Jesus a second time this time with the decoration cannon. What a way to go dying on your birthday! Lets fill the thingup with glass ornaments and watch the Christmas colours by that I mean, the glass cutting my hand open and my hand turning a nice blood red.

is it sad i noticed the katamari damacy case?

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