Dec 15 2008I Hear Wedding Bells!: A Match Made In Halo


John Henry and Desirai Labrada (PsychoVandal and SickNdehed, respectively) met playing Halo in 2004 and are now getting married in a Halo themed wedding at this year's Otronicon gaming convention in Orlando, FL.

They met when she lived in New York and he was in Florida. She'd become Xbox Live friends with his roommate, and they slowly started to play games together, regularly. When he didn't show up online one day during the time they usually played, she sent him a message and her phone number.

"I was drawn to her laugh," John said in a phone interview with MTV News earlier this week. "I had made her laugh a few times and thought her laugh was kind of cute."

They played "Halo" as teammates. As they were falling in love, they tended to protect each other a lot, watching each other's back as lasers and grenades fell around them. And in an act of sacrifice only possible during a blossoming romance, Desirai agreed to take Dramamine so she could last through three-hour binges of campaign mode on "Halo 3" with John without getting motion sickness.

That's true love.

That IS true love. Don't give up readers, there's hope for you yet. The wedding goes down January 17th and I'm totally gonna crash it (with permission). God and booze willing, I'll even make out with a bridesmaid. Oh, and apparently the event is receiving some negative attention regarding the couple's decision to go with a video game themed wedding. Which, I think we can all agree, is utterly freaking stupidtalk. I've got news for you folks: I got married in a non-Halo themed ceremony, and you know what? That marriage went straight to shit. Coincidence? No.

A heartfelt congratulations to the husband-and-wife to be.

Halo' Wedding Planned By Two Video Game Fans; Master Chief Will Officiate [mtv]

Thanks to evilcharismatic, my woman on the inside, who promises to keep me posted on the awesomeness as it develops. Expect a followup post after the event.

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Reader Comments


This is really sad somehow.

Man and wife! PEW PEW PEW!!

I'm totally there with The Geekologie Writer... open bar only of course


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja decided to get married, and he gave her an engagement ring with a tri-force setting for the diamond. For the wedding procession, Baja snuck up to the alter in a cardboard box. At the reception they ate Meat Cake and Bacon ice cream. Later they played zombie tag and got drunk on radiator wine. which one is sickendehed and which is psycovandel? and where are they registered? Game Stop?

i wish i could pick up guys on Sonic and Knuckles

no avail




just in case no one got it

I wonder if they will ask Duff from Ace of Cakes to make their matching White and Green Bride & Groom Master Chief figures on top of their wedding cake.

Full Sail university is sponsoring. I work with an ex-employee and he knows these people. When he told me about it I laughed but damn... didn't expect this to go to MTV!

I'd imagine it might kind of annoying plating with them.

"You got my back sugglebunny?"
"Check your 10 o'clock kissybear"
"Did you see that headshot fuzzybeav?"
"there flanking us mr slippyfist"


contraction fail

and spelling fail

Daisy is retarded

I think it's cute, I wonder if the "Red Vs Blue" guys would put together the "Wedding Video"? I bet their wedding night will be crazy awesome half lan party half geek sex...which now that I think about it is almost the same thing...

You think the cake will have Master Chief and an Arbiter on it?

Now if only she was reasonably hot. Granted any chick that games gets at least 3 extra points on the scale, he's working with what could be a 4 in that pic.

I wonder if Carrie Underwood actually plays with a ghey DS or it's just BS for the commercial.

The food should be a turducken- Red vs. Blue style of course...

@8 - I got it, I'm not sure if that means I win or fail though...

GW, I don't think you would want to be picking up any bridesmaids at this wedding. They're probably the kind of girls that realized their vagina's would never have dick in them, so they rented them out to small rodents.

Actually, that's pretty cool... I only hope the marriage doesn't go bad... I can see him walking in the door one day and getting hit with a sticky grenage, while she has an invisibility shield.

I now how people play on Xbox live... how did they find time for love between all the F***.. N00B... You f***ing FAG and all that wonderful language?

HALO FAGS get a f***ing computer and learn how to play a real shooter!

GW, does "evilcharismatic, my woman on the inside" mean what I think it means? You're one hell of a man if it is. I mean, my girl slips me a knuckle or two deep every once in a while, but that doesn't classify her as "my woman on the inside".

It figures they would both be ugly

Omg.. ew shes ... sooooo fat.

and heeesss... sooo...

omg.. they should not breed

I also did not have a Halo themed wedding and that marriage went straight to hell... You may have a point, I will study this theory.

And it is hard being a girl who plays Halo. If I had a dollar for every time I got asked "if I was hot" or "how big my breasts are," I could afford all the gaming stuff I want and a house to put it all in. But then again, it IS a self esteem booster, hell they all think you look like Master Chief and we all know that bitch is hot!

Bad ass!

It's totally obvious that these two will have absolutely no clue as to what they're supposed to do the wedding night. Don't tell them though, because you'll probably get "I have to stick WHAT into WHERE?!? EEEEEUUUWWWWWW!! GROSS!!!!!"

That poor girl.
I've yet to meet a guy in-game that can tell his mouth from his ass.
Every last one talks shit and doesn't have a single worth to society, other than making it worse.
Not to mention they're ugly, jeeze.


Dude. My fiance and I are having a Halo themed wedding too.... assholes took our idea. If they see this and want to face off and see who is a better couple at halo, bring it. 2v2, BR start, you pick the map.
Email me if you want to get knocked off the podium; I'll be waiting.

GW, come to the wedding! i live right around the corner. ill show u my boobs.

Im a personal friend of the wedding party and I think whatever makes them happy and wish them eternal happiness..And for all the haters out there:we love it!!!!! Rock on des and John

I know this post is old and nobody will see my comment but I wanted to say the woman who got married attended Full Sail in Orlando, Florida where I'm at right now.

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