Dec 12 2008But Can I Smoke It?: The Wii Hemp-Mote


No -- it's hemp, not chronic. But that didn't stop modder Dhreck, who may or may not smoke the f*** out of the sticky-icky (hint: he does), from wrapping a Wii-mote in the stuff.

The Hemp-Mote is absolutely playable, all buttons, accelerometers and the infrared camera accounted for. Unfortunately its exterior is also quite fragile and prone to degeneration, being in the raw state that it is.

Using saws and files I removed most of the hard plastic shells, then rebuild the underlying shapes using modeling putty. After Smoothing the result out with fine grained sandpaper I give the whole a quick black paint job to ensure eventual gaps didn't stand out too much. Tadaa, a base to wrap stuff around.

Good looking, Dhreck. I'd post some pictures of my potted PS3 controller but my roommate smoked it. So you know what I did? I killed him and made a bong out of his bones. But not the skull! That's a candy dish.

Hit the jump for several more views and a link to Dhreck's work.





Endtroducing: The Hemp-Mote [dhreck]

Thanks Dhreck, keep up the good work.

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Reader Comments

I prefer to use the skull as a cereal bowl but a candy dish works too

Why is this making the rounds? Random item wrapped in random substance. neat.

Oh shit!

Why didn't I think of that?
Holy shmokes! KILLER!

Indy 5 pretty much? HAhahaa

brap... I have 4 of these faggotty things already.. they suck farts

hey, uhhh cool. good job? but i think jesus wants his wii-mote back now.

Hemp and the Wii-mote are awesome individually, but when combined they suck ass.

can i use it to fap?


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the moie Never back down where max knotted Baja a macrame bikini out of hemp.

WTF Daisy, I must see a picture of the person who posts the same thing everyday! Please refer to your myspace page or what have you.

You wouldn't even get high from smoking hemp. Hemp and Marijunana come from the same plant, (cannabis) but they're not the same thing.

@9 - Daisy is prolly some old lonely dude whose only excitement is watching that stupid f***in movie and posting dumb shit over and over on this site.
Either that, or it's a fat ass ugly girl that has no life. Take your f***in pick people.

i pick fat ass ugly girl that has no life, who knows maybe i can seduce her into cybering me []=

you guys wanna smoke some Wiid?


Epic win.

@13 - I thought this post sucked ass untill I read that. Thank you!

Who doesn't want to smoke the sticky icky while playing wii fitness?

@10, thanks for clearing that up, but what is this "cannabis" that you speak of?

@13 that was so f***ing clever. hilarious!

So cool!!! I'm going to ask my daddy one for xmas!


Hemp anything is great. hemp pants, hemp glasses, hemp cats, hemp fluid drip. All amazing. Lets all hemp something today. Im gonna hemp this girl i know. Shes playing hard to get but once i hemp her she will give in....and by hemp i mean tie up.



That's a complete PhotoShop job. You can tell it's a fake because all the shadows are wrong.

This looks just like the scene in the movie "In Hell" where Van Damme knotted some hemp using his fresh diarrhea dump, resulting in extreme WIN.

@ 13, thank you for that.
i will remember that forever.

It's usefull and environmental.

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