Dec 31 2008Apple Equalizer: These Beats Are So Fresh!


eBay user jetsobox_au is selling a bunch of Apple logo graphic equalizer shirts. You can get one for $20 plus $15 shipping or $35 with free shipping. They light up in all their graphic-equalizing glory when the music is kickin' at the rave and you're rolling your face off, watching some asshat (who may or may not have stuck his pill up his ass with the help of a plastic Wal-Mart bag "glove") swing glowsticks around on showstrings (you know who you are!). Unfortunately, this seems like a bit of, oh I don't know, copyright infringement. Now I'm not saying I'm going to notify Apple to sue the pants off this bastard, but I am going to pose as Apple and "sell" the poor sap the merchandising rights. Suck it, the man!

Hit the jump for a video of the shirt in action and a link to the auctions.

eBay Auctions via Light Up Apple Logo Graphic Equalizer Shirt, Only Fanboys Need Apply [uberreview]
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I'm not sure if he can get in trouble for this, the stem is opposite of the apple logo.

At least some of us used the wal-mart bag instead of going unprotected style, then licking the finger. GEEKOLOGIE WRITER loves to go ass to mouth. You heard it here first.

@3 - So he goes Ass to Mouth, Stars in the Donkey Show, and prefers Snowballs to ho-ho's?

Too bad it's just a T-Shirt and not some kind of tricked out one-piece cat suit. Because if it was I'd be all over it.

This can't be new, these beats might be a bit stale actually.

And I don't mean that in a way to call out GW with older stuff, nothing here is promised as new all the time & I don't personally care. I just have 2 of these from the rave scene days, one of them has an alien head outline on the front that does light patterns & the other is a stereo EQ almost identical to the apple one above


Get back to your rave then. There's nunchuking to do.

@2.... That's not quite how trademark law works. The image is still recognizable as the Apple logo therefore still an infringement.

#7 that was years ago man, and if I had those glowing nunchuks at a warehouse party I'd probably have taken out an eye or a testicle

You never go ass to mouth, everybody knows that! Dante said so

yeah. my ass to your mouth.

What happens if you spill your drink on it or your date throws up on you?


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max tapes a camera to his head so he can be like the cool kid next to him.

Hehe im a glow stick "stringer" .

Im more into fire poi but this totally appeals to my interests, i want :D --

Can you plz make one which isnt mac'cy thou :P

Macs suck.


Rainbow = Gay

Apple = Gay

Yup: Apple + Rainbow = Double Gay.

Apple + Rainbow + Techno = Shoot on site, unbearably Gay

well there's a familiar face, wb fSN

You can not trademark known shapes of the natural world or geometric objects, but you can trademark the negative image created by the space around them or the background, in which case yes, he did infringe because in reverse or upside down it's the same negative space, for those of you that were just going to turn it upside down and make it more gay.

glow sticks = gay

just picked up the slack for you fSN

i mailed this to apple's legal department. have fun.

19/John - I would bet every dollar I have that you are breaking copyright infringement right now with either a burnt cd in your house or a downloaded mp3 on your computer.


The leaf is baackwards

I found this cheaper....

thank you for your share!

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