Nov 9 2008Yes Please: A Zelda Themed Belt Buckle


I love Zelda. I eat that shit up like week-old Halloween candy. Or spaghetti. Except The Adventure of Link, they made that last Palace far too hard for a 6-year old. Or a 20-something. Seriously, eff that thing. Anyway, this is a $20 officially licensed Zelda belt buckle. It's Zelda's crest if you couldn't tell, and I bought two. One for my belt, and the other I just pounded into my skull. Now I know what you're thinking, "Jesus, Geekologie Writer, that almost sounds too sexy." And you're right, my brain hurts.

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Thanks to Justin, who wasn't sure if I was being serious about posting everything Zelda. These hips don't lie Justin!

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it is the weekend.


ok...i tried to hold back, but i just can't.

the new superficial, and geekologie writer need to use something to check spelling and grammar. i know it's not that big of a deal, but when you write for a living, shouldn't certain things be 'standard'? i'm not trying to criticize you on a personal level, i just think that this should be addressed...bring back the old writers, already.

@4 Who do you think you are the Grammar Gestapo...the door is to your left, see ya.

uh oh, grammar nazi. You could use that belt buckle to protect your junk, it's huge.

Grammar Nazi is s stupid expression and people that use it either don't understand the word "grammar" or who the Nazis were and what they did.

I've noticed the writing getting a bit mongy lately, too. Maybe GW should get a checkup sorted, there's loads of brain tumours going around this time of year.

Also, Sunday updates are good.

yeah... once upon a time geekologie made me laugh and laugh and laugh.... maybe i just outgrew penis jokes

german zelda :S

thse have been around for like 2 years now

On a Sunday? Wow...

Same here #11, WOW....

OK, I tried to hold back, but I just can't.

The new Superficial, and Geekologie writer need to use something to check spelling and grammar. I know it's not that big a deal, but when you write for a living, shouldn't certain things be 'standard'? I'm not trying to criticize you on a personal level, I just think that this should be addressed... bring back the old writers already.

Please, think nothing of it.

I don't wish to be a pedantic but surely there shouldn't be a comma between "Superficial" and "Geekologie".

@14 Surely, you mean that you don't wish to be a pedant.

WTF?! It's SUNDAY?!?!

WTF?!?!?!? Barbeque sauce.


I LOVE barbecue sauce!!!

and men

or men covered in barbecue sauce


I'll be your man i bbq sauce.

I see this as having an application for the homeless. They no longer need to curled up on the cold ground in the rain - they can crouch and sleep under a castoff piece of plastic. Then, when the Mad Dog 20 20 wears off, they can shamble down to the liquor store for more without their legs giving out.

Kudos, Honda, Kudos.

F***. that post belonged under the crotch legs.

Well it's not new if anyone was wondering :O

I bought that for my boyfriend almost a year ago.

It's a really nice buckle, and he really likes it.

:B Then again I like anything Zelda themed too.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake, the shadows are all wrong.

This looks a lot like the belt buckle Max wore in the movie Never Back Down.

@18 awesome! Now what do you prefer? Rib and chicken or original?

Definition from Wiktionary, a free dictionary

1. Like a pedant, overly concerned with formal rules and trivial points of learning.
2. Being showy of one’s knowledge, often in a boring manner.
3. Being finicky or picky with language.


They actually sell these at gamestop now. I noticed over the weekend whenever I traded in my PSP to pay off my Warcraft reservation.

Spare Tire!

i'm wearing this belt buckle right now...
i'm a little freaked out

I actually bought this buckle 15$ at the nintendo world store in new york :D

From the product site:
"This is an officially licensed ZeldaBelt Buckle which has a Zeldaimage on it. This ZeldaBelt Buckle is usually a hard durable metal that will fit most belts."

"Zeldaimage"? "...usually a hard durable metal"? What is a Zeldaimage, and what the hell is the buckle made out of when it isn't made of a hard, durable metal?

Zeldaimage - Zelda Image, IE: image of Zelda, or the logo in this case...

I got one! :D It stabs the shit out of my stomach when i sit down though...

I am proud to say i own that belt buckle. And i wear it proudly.

He is truly happy who makes others happy.

I really appreciate a good buckle, there are fewer and fewer out there, so much so that I started making my own! Check them out on my site if you get a chance,



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