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Wrong, Just Wrong: Sexy Microphone Video

First of all, these videos are NSFW because they're all of of some chick pleasuring a microphone. Jesus, I feel dirty just posting them. Apparently they're part of some performance piece by artist Wojciech Kosma that has something to do with, um, acoustics, and, uh, bl0wjobs. Actually, I have no idea. But I do know this: I'll never be able to watch an interview the same way again.

Hit the jump for two more equally NSFW videos of the same damn thing. How people can casually sit there and watch is beyond me. Oh, and yes, you are a pervert if you watch these.

Videos of Woman Giving BJ to Microphone - Gotta Love the Art World [urlesque]

Thanks Keo, now The Price Is Right is forever tainted.

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