Nov 6 2008The Future Is Now!: A Home Theater Watch


The Home Theater Watch costs $120 and brings all (2GB worth) of your favorite shows and movies to you in incredible unstunning quality. Truthfully, I'd rather watch hair grow out the mole on my arm. Or, alternatively, duct tape an iPod to my glasses.

You will have as home theater experience available everywhere you go. You can even use it to show people your favorite television shows or prime time specials. Simply convert your video from any of the digital formats listed above (ASF, AVI, MPEG, WMV, DAT/VCD, and ASX), and you will have your favorite television episodes whenever and wherever you want. Imagine watching your favorite sitcom while stuck on the train commute to work in the morning or while sitting in a traffic jam.

Oh yeah, watching tv on your wrist while driving, brilliant. I mean, the drivers around here are almost too good. And on a side note, a home theater watch -- what is this 2025? The future is now folks -- hoverboards, hoverboards!

Product Site

Thanks to Woo Doop "It's about a Watch with a TV and shit on it", for giving it to me straight.

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Reader Comments

First! I bought the same one for $50 a year ago. Its pretty sweer

Perfect for porn! I call it, "The Wrist Wanker".

I'll wait until they come out with the holographic projection watch.

I agree with LSDiessel now I can sneak into the stock room at work and relieve some stress.

The Wrist Wanker is now availible with an adjustible cock ring attachment

@5, does that cum with it? Or do we pay extra for it?


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong.

This looks like the make believe watch that Max dreamed about when he read the Dick Tracy comics in the movie Never Back Down.


I love you Mr. Geekologie

Excellent post

@6 Just like an asian message palor, you have to pay extra for the good stuff

The future is now! The end is nigh.

@6 It cums with the Watch, but only as a limited time offer. However LSD...even though the ring is adjustable, I still don't think it will fit you, unless you take Enzyte...Smile Bob!

Also, look at the stupid spare tire this thing comes with. How unnecessary! TIRE!

I'd watch that. Ahahhahahhahahaha hahahahha hahahhaha. You see what I did there. That's some serious f-ing raw commedy shit going on right there. Recognize.


If the future is now....whats the future gonna be like?

load it with your favorite 30 min sitcoms and watch the first 5 mins of commercials before you have to recharge. I bet that low battery alert right at the beginning of your favorite show while you are sitting in traffic will do wonders to calm your nerves. Seriously, are there really that many people out there that feel so lost without their tv shows 24 hours a day?

@14 It's going to be soon

This has to be a China made product. Up there with those game system knockoffs

@14, Now. It'll be just like now. Except with more steampunk.

I bought one of these about 2 years ago from for 99 bucks (2Gb Variety). Now it sells for little less than 50 dollars for the 2gb capacity.. Works great as a video player and audio player as well. Although you might look somewhat weird wearing headphones stuck to your watch. Also has a built in voice recorder to act as a blackmail tool geared for your scheming friends.

What's bad though is the propriety video format for this device. It would have been cool to just drag and drop media files on it since it acts as a removable drive. Unfortunately, you need to convert into a format which actually bloats the filesize. I converted a normal 700mb 640x480 vid rip into a smaller resolution file yet somehow, the result was an 800mb NXV video file. Not much porn to fit IMHO.

What a piece of shit

Hee Hee...I can use this to smuggle formulas to the exams!
Still waiting for a watch to actually do my exams though...

Something I could only dream of as a child is now passe and uninteresting.

I PEW PEW in your Home Theater Watch.

I bought the watch from a different site that sells it cheaper. Pretty damn cool IMO. I use it at work all the time........ I mean............ did I say work? I meant I use it while I drive home drunk. Here is the site where it's cheaper : This site also has a stainless steel model.

Here is another 2 GB version-

And a 8GB version-
Too bad they are all out of stock lol!

I bought th OLED watch an year ago and it stayed an year in his box. It's useless junk.

(never smoke pot, surf the net with a credit card near the pc)

I'm sick of converting things. Why can't devices just have codecs?

lol i thought that geekologie has already did this before

but this is wayyy to old for me because i bought mine from ebay about 5 month ago

hey you can get a cheaper one

it is 4 gb mp3 mp4 watch also has game and a mic

and you know what else! IT COST ONLY 100 something with shipping! and has a 1 year warranty

just telling you before buying a worst product with less gb for more money

oh and people will be laughing at you guys for wearing a big ass watch


These were out like more than 5 years ago, probably not in the US. "The future is now"? Haha - It WAS now, 5 years ago, dopey.

My best pal already had one! It's OLD!

Dont over pay for that product, its only $44.25 go to this site:

I totally agree! What is the point! I am designing a home theater room with the guys at, and as far as I'm concerned, HT should be big, loud, and in your face! Not portable!

it is a so beautiful make this watch is very hard.if man is done.

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