Nov 10 2008Thanks A Lot Big Guy, All I Got Was An Extra Tooth: God Gives Man 260-Horsepower

Allegedly Allah gave Sayyed Muhammad Ahmad Abdallah the power of 260 horses, roughly the equivalent of 30,000 men. He has been married 24 times, fathered 35 children, and can bend coins with his eye socket and rip them with his hands. WTF! He has to have sex with his 4 current wives at least 15 times a day (in total) and can't shake hands with someone without breaking all their fingers. Needless to say, masturbating is completely out of the question.


Thanks to Ian, who God actually gave 330-horsepower -- and leather seats.

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Dang, what the hell did this guy eat? could be a hoax


This is a total photoshop job. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong.

It looks a little like the scene in the movie Never back down where Max and Baja go to see big time professional wrestling, and Baja gets stuck in a figure 4 leg lock.

holy crap... 14 times a day!?!?


This is a total photoshop job. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong.

It looks a little like the scene in the movie Never back down where Max and Baja go to see big time professional wrestling, and Baja gets stuck in a figure 4 leg lock.

Hmmm, he claims he can do all this, and he tears a coin in half. Did anyone check the coin first ???

ok i watched the whole video and he says he hasn't slept at all since the day he was born and i find that to be BS

damn, i haven't been first in a while.

fake or something

Uhh, I don't even know what to think about this. It says he has never slept, since the day he was born?

I want to see this guy on a benchpress.


oh woops i almost forgot, there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

This is ridiculous.

Guy's a fake, and an ass.

Ok so anyone who believes this story is stupid, end of discussion. This man is clearly insane. Lol I have seen other people who could bend coins, rip them, etc. Does this mean they are super human no, amazing yes. Lol 360 horsepower what did they dino test him. This man is an idiot.

I have to elaborate on this.

So he's saying it'd take 30,000 men to break a coin in half?

PSSSH. That's probably made out of gold anyways, which is super soft.

Bet he couldn't break a quarter in half.

Seems like Daisy might be right for once.


A good excuse for actually not showing your strength. I might get a burst of energy and break everything.

Hmm, realllllllly.

lmao if you speak arabic its probally just a show about some fat polygamist with a terrible haircut i think the subtitles are just made to be more ammusing... i know its bullshit because he said his father was over 800 hp, and thats impossible, i met his father and bench pressed him because im 900 horsepower,

AND you dont figure out horsepower with some sort of medical test like he said you piss off a whole bunch of horses and see how many you can get to submit to your awsome power before you faint...

OH and most importanly chuck norris is the most powerful man he's infinite horsepower because theres not enough horses alive to match the power of chuck norris

He does my taxes

You mean... an 'almighty' American quarter? could it be?

He could probably lift his wives off the ground with his cock. And where did he get the 860 hp number that his father was capable of? From his ass? the guy's so full of shit and is obviously a bigger fan of I AM LEGEND than he was of Never Back Down, which makes him Pwned on this blog.

This is retarded. As someone else said, I hope that this is just some moronic post-subtitling and that the actual report had nothing to do with this bullshit.

If it was done for humor after the fact, it's still incredibly stupid.

I cant work because the buttons on my shirt are stretched too tight. There is no God but Allah. I have to have four wives so they can split the time that they have to smell melted butter and raw mutton. There is no God but Allah. If the Homeless in Houston find out about this sweet deal, we won't have to have the empty shopping carts lining the parks anymore.

He doesn't want to shake hands because he fears it would break fingers, yet allegedly f***s his wives 15 times a day with his 260-horsepower hips?

And since his dad's was supposed to be 840-horsepower, I really feel for his mother right now...

This one of the greatest videos I've ever seen. The "reporters" want to call bullshit on him so bad, but they seem like their a little afraid that he'll jump over the table and rip their faces off.

For someone who's never slept in his life, he sure did seem like he was in danger of dozing off during the interview.

BTW someone's (everyone's) math is off... they say in the video that one horsepower is equal to the strength of about 360 healthy men. If this guy's got 260 horses under the hood, he's got the strength of 93,600 men, not 30,000. I'm not impressed until he hits 100,000 men.

"Are you happy living like this?
There are no problems, no beatings?"

ROFL this has to be a spoof

"BTW someone's (everyone's) math is off... they say in the video that one horsepower is equal to the strength of about 360 healthy men. If this guy's got 260 horses under the hood, he's got the strength of 93,600 men, not 30,000. I'm not impressed until he hits 100,000 men."

Math AND premise is wrong. 1hp is equal to the strength of 10 average men, not 260. The strength of 30,000 men would be 3000 hp, not 260.

That's the part that makes stories like this so laughable. Someone makes ludicrously ridiculous claims, and is personally so stupid he doesn't even know how to avoid the simplest contradictions. The the media just repeats it with no basic fact checking or math.

Well done, everyone in the story is an utter tool, including the reporters.

yeah this is retarded, he never sleeps? the human body needs to sleep to survive, even if we were fed with IV 24/7 we would need to sleep its how our body regenerates...second the power of 30,000 men? thats such BS. like say each of those 30,000 men can lift 100 pounds...that would imply that all of them together can lift 3 million pounds... show me this guy lifting something thats 3 million pounds and ill believe it...thirdly "i drink melted butter and eat raw mutton" ???? which is apparently something a regular human cant do...if this was real u think we would have heard about it in more popular news casts.


OH and sex 15 times a day? i mean as im sure its technically possible, i highly doubt that he does. :)

They should get this guy to play Oozaru.

I know this is obvious but I have to say it anyway: this guy is completely full of shit.

Actually trevor, the human body does not actually have to sleep, some people in this world don't sleep, they just relax a few hours a night, reading, and are ready to go the next day. Its all about what your body makes you do. As for this guy, absolute bullshit

He's only equivalent to an Acura CL type-S??


He might be strong, but I'm faster.

@31 - I doubt it.

...when the hell did we have fluid in our spine that calculates our strength in to horse power?

and it takes 360 something fit men to equal a single horse? thats bs (insert big dick joke)

Didn't Pat Robertson claim to be able to leg press 2000 lbs? Jesus is weak sauce compared to Allah.

why do I want to fight this guy just to see what would happen?

they didn't even mention the super human power of his ginormus man t***. I bet he could crush a beer can with those things...and not just a coors light can, but one of those fosters oil cans. and those are tough!

allah achbar, you fat f***!

If he can't shake hands, how does he have sex?

Answer: He's full of Shit.


(from my Dynamics class notes taken TODAY)
1 Horsepower equals 550 ft*lbs*s^2
An example: It would take a 2.3 Hp man to be able to move an 800 lb weight 8 ft in 5 seconds.

and I too think this video is unrealistic and and most likely created to instill fear in unsuspecting Youtube watchers.
Im gonna go drink some butter and try to not fall alseep.

I don't know why I'm actually responding to this retarded video but it seems like about 32 of the 38 of you who've responded have no idea what horsepower actually is. An average human has roughly a little less then one horsepower. Strongmen and athletes can usually have up to 2 horsepower (per the mechanical definition). Horses have up to 10 horsepower (I know it makes no sense from the naming convention but its true). For this man to truly have 260 horsepower, he'd have to be able to achieve 143000 ft*lb/sec which is impossible.

Also, to the guy who said you don't need sleep, you're incorrect. No one can go forever without sleep. Your brain uses that time to refresh ion channels and recirculate neurotransmitters. You'd eventually become braindead after a relatively short time span since your receptors would become super saturated and the neurotransmitters would lose all potency.

you don't get super strong from drinking butter, you just get retarded.

I never sleep. What?

Just 300+ horsepower...what's the big deal? last i checked there was a chinese comic book character who can harness the power of 100,000HP by the name of 海虎(Sea tiger), easy! Not sure about the sex part though:)

@16 - lol no i speak arabic and he is saying wat the subtitles say :P

this has to be bs lol i might have believed it if he didn't say that he has never slept before in his whole life and if he didn't say that it takes 360men to equal one horse power and he is 260 horsepower! wtf!? haha srsly and im really gullible! :P


Dude's got it good; "can't" go to jail or work, _has_ to have sex 15 times a day, got to skip the army, "it's all in the medical report", aint that just dandy.

... BS! *cough*

oh man, the more i re-read this the more ridiculous it sounds haha i had totally forgotten about the part about not being able to go to jail or police stations and the president pardoning him from jail...if his story was true more likely the CIA or some world intelligence agency would totally have him locked in some underground titanium cube where they would be doing countless tests trying to harness "allahs wonderful gift"

BAHAHAHA oh man, this is really worth a chuckle. i mean if thats all it takes to get on a talk show, what am i waiting for?

i learned to fly just recently with the power of my mind. i eat live spiders and melted cheese, most humans cant eat melted cheese and live spiders it would make them sick, but through the grace of Buddha i have achieved this :)

oprah winfrey here i come!

@34 FTW

I'm pretty sure there's an inverse proportion between the length of time people watched this before calling BS and IQ.

This guy is my hero!
I wanna just rub my face against his saggy man-t*** until my face gets crushed with his nipple strength!

And with those huge racks, no wonder he can support 4 wives and 35 children.


Spell "roll" properly or you'd be portraying yourself to take a part of a barrel in some sort of cinematic display.

Well done, everyone in the story is an utter tool, including the reporters.

I am the greatest tool out here. If you spend 1 second at
you are nothing less than a great piece of wasted shit. Welcome to shitologie


dude might be strong but he should talk to Allah about giving him better looking wifes,

but yeah its fake, cmon anyone who believes that shit is brain dead,,

@31 32

He might be strong but I'm GAYER!!

Islam is kind of like the Mormonism of Arab religions. Islam was created by a crazy guy who thought that his religion was a continuation of Judaism and Christianity, apparently thought of as the third and final in the trilogy. And being the 3rd in the trilogy, it is the most shitty piece of crap out of the three (think Spiderman 3 or The Matrix Revolutions). Formed by the "prophet" Muhammad at least 100 years ago, Islam may well be an honest continuation of God's word, that is if God is a giant asshat. Islam is primely suited to guide humanity to certain death through the magic of blowing up airliners over the Atlantic Ocean or ramming them into buildings with full force. Muhammad, who was a notorious pedo, married a 6-year-old girl and had sex with her when she was nine.

mah horsepowers are over 9000!!!!!


clearly you have mistaken this as a forum for people who actually *GIVE* a f*** about these kinds of conversations. f*** off you faggot.

I should stop drinking melted butter, because i will DIE!!!!!!!

The worst thing about this is he is on what seems to be national television.
Afghan, India, Pakistan is full of these twats, whether theyre curing kids of the latest pox by pissing on them, flying powers that are dispelled by the presence of cameras or this BS. The problem is that the entire set of countries is filled with ignorant knowf***all spontards.

I used to work with a couple who said that their education was better than ours, you know what... All you countries down there FAIL!! thats right FAIL!!

Don't get me wrong, no doubt theres God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, but DANG he's picked some of the stupidest f***s ever to walk the planet as his peeps and thes DEFINITELY rules out darwinism as these stupid cunts should have been wiped out generations ago for eating each other and boxing bears.


Oh and did you hear the woman ask his wife if he needs to beat them to make them have sex? ASSTARDS

I got so angry listening to this guy's bullshit, I threw my computer so hard it went into Earth orbit. Then I drank seven Red Bulls mixed with a kilo of cocaine and had sex with twenty porn stars before falling asleep on a bed of rusty nails with my razor wire blanket. And by "fall asleep", I mean that I bashed myself over the head with a locomotive until I got a little drowsy. That took about 17 months.
Chuck Norris and this guy are pussies, I tell ya. Pussies.

See this is what happens when you let a nigger in the White Hou-- sorry, Black House.

Way to go America, one f*** up after another, elect a god damn nigger Muslim! The only way we could sink any lower was if Obama was a disabled communist woman, well no need for the disabled comment as we all know unstable hormones effectively make women disabled never the less, as if the world doesn't think were stupid enough as it is!

F*** this false America, I refuse to accept this puppet deemed leader! You may aswell change the god damn flag because this is NOT America anymore!

#62: You forgot the part where you're commenting on the BLOG POST. Fanatics are directed to post their comments at
Black Jesus bless you, sir!

No 9, seconded

Melted butter gives you strength, people. Why are you all doubting the validity of this? The explanation's right there.

I carn't belive its not Bhudda ;o)



Don't you see?! He's got the strength of 30,000 EGYPTIAN men!

That's roughly equivalent to 100 THAI ladyboy and about maybe 1.5 american men for all of you ignoramus out there.

Hey GW! Is there any way we can get McGloin banned from posting anymore dumb shit on this site? Seriously, this asshat is making this site less attractive by the day. I think I'll just have to start wasting my time at from now on. F*** you McGloin! F*** YOU!

He might be his own doctor and write his own prescriptions?
That would explain a lot!!

The sanity of Islam...

The funniest part is that everytime they try to talk to the woman, he either cuts them off after a few seconds or doesn't let them talk to begin with. 4 wives? 15 times a day? How awful! That's not even enjoyable. And if the wives all live in different cities, how in the hell is he having sex with all of them? Does he drive there? There isn't enough time in the day. If he was so strong, he would be working and making money. No, he f***s and then praises god. What an ass.

This is Islam insanity blatantly obvious. You think a white person in America, or Europe would be able to get away with these insanely ludicrous lies on national TV? A white man, maybe in a high position of power, saying that God wanted him there? You ...Oh...wait...

I'm an Atheist, and not a racist. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all full of shit. I'll investigate Buddhism, Hinduism, and the other lesser religions later.

Edit: just discovered Scientology was full of shit. Didn't take long! One down....

Is there an Arab translator in the house?

"(from my Dynamics class notes taken TODAY)
1 Horsepower equals 550 ft*lbs*s^2
An example: It would take a 2.3 Hp man to be able to move an 800 lb weight 8 ft in 5 seconds."

better study a little harder.

it's 550 ft*lbs/s. your example is correct though.

So, by that, he should be able to lift 143,000 lbs one foot in one second... Allah willing. ;-)


You are a f***ing idiot.

Wow your stupidity blows me away, you just compared a religion with 1,200,000,000 followers to Spiderman 3.

HAHA f***ing retard.

This is total bull shit, if he can't shake someone's hand without breaking his fingers, and can't control his bursts of energy while lifting a car, how does he manage to not kill his wives while having secks??

I'd totally poke him in the a-hole with a 20 foot pole and see if he breaks stuff around him

Hmm, he claims to have 360 horsepower, but all he demonstrates is bending and ripping coins. Every time we see him perform this act, he uses coins that he already has. I've seen *magicians* do this same shit. Hell, I've even seen a cigarette and a pencil go straight through a quarter. I'm not impressed. He's an obese David Blaine.

Ummm, did they compare him to Samson in the very first sentence? Becuase that guy derived his power from HAIR.

That's amazing, what with Allah not existing and all.

Horse power come from the amount of work one horse can do, it was calculated from when they used to use horses for pulling mine carts up mines.

hahah his man is full of it! i will believe him when he lifts the car

frosted buttes

Man, I love middle-eastern propaganda movies.


@ 83 - But they cant win against the white man! Am i rite?!?! Boo yeah! Silly inferior imbeciles! DROP A NUKE ON PAKISTAN, IRAN, IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN then CHINA, RUSSIA and FRANCE.

Oh, boy. . . having spent nearly two years in Saudi Arabia (I'm American, btw) I can tell you the two most important things about the Arab culture I learned:

1: They invented and mastered the art of lying; it was stunning how lying would come so naturally. We would catch employees sleeping or better yet- stealing on camera- and they would deny it and swear by Allah they wouldn't have done that- until you prove it to them. Then it's tears and 'forgive me brother' bullshit.

2: They are able to justify any lie by declaring it "Allah's will", which, as you hear in this interview, is never once challenged. Every time they begin asking more questions about his supposed power, he starts thanking Allah which renders the interviewers' useless. No way on Arab television are they gonna call 'bullshit'.

Come to think of it, this isn't much different than 'The Hills' or WCW.

Oh... his powers were bestowed upon him by God? Sweet! That explains everything... Now if you'll excuse me the Yeti and I have a double-date with the Roswell aliens. Those gray chicks are freaks!!

@85 - WCW and the hills are way better - they display scantily clad females.

To Douche McAllister, you're an asshole. He has the right to speak his mind just like everyone else here. And, for the record, you're a hypocritical dipshit. There are many other racist posts on this comment section, yet you ignore all the ones directed at Muslims and only pick on the guy who says "nigger". You need to understand that all racism is the same, and seeing it on the internet is something that you just need to deal with.

And, for the record, racist comments are much more fun to read than your useless whiny drivel. So, post a racist comment or go kill yourself. We don't want to hear you cry anymore.

@94: You're absolutely correct.


I bet a ninja can whoop his ass.

....i'm on the verge of being correct..

...almost there!... i can be right for once!


@89. i totally agree, this guy does look mexican.

What happened to his other wives? Before the current 4?? Did he crush them with his equine powers? 240hp would crush them. So there simply may be an element of truth in this after all. Praise be to...Ganesh.

I would love to be the first of his four wives to take his load after he's done drinking a melted butter and raw mutton shake.


Hairy monkey balls in your mouth. As a member of ARA I am dissapointed and angered in all the racist comments on this site. It really saddens me. But when McGivemeabulletinmyf***ingtemplebecauseihavedaddyissues keeps posting the same thing on nearly every post for the past week, I feel the need to type something. And by the way, last I checked, this was called Geekologie. Not the hitler youth forum on AOL. Which is where you should go back to.


nice. lol

guys.. i majored in islamic history in college!!!!! u are all stupid f***s out there... u think that muslims beleive in allah and not god.... f***ing retards.. allah is just the translation of god in arabic!!! the amount of ignorance is unbearable!!!

That dude reeks of BS. If he was for real he'd have dozens of scientists analyzing him for every moment of his waking life. Which would be forever, since, as he says, he never sleeps.

Which is also complete BS.

@99. You wasted your money on that "History" class as your "Professor" failed you! If you read the Koran you will find that the Muslim god and the Christian God are bothe very different. Could you please state the name and institution in which you were lied to? Thanks. Plus, I find it interesting that Allah would use a big, fat guy with lots of wives, who can't work, obviously on some kind of government cheeze to support his massive family, no job, too many kids, hurculean strength, and the media to demonstrate how powerful he is as the Muslim god when all that the Christian God needs is a little guy with a slingshot and a couple of smooth stones. Hmmm. Sounds like Allah needs some sort of enhancement operation, if ya get my drift. I'm sorry, but Allah is lame! PEW!

@36 - crushing a beer can w/boobs isn't all that hard, but by this man's statement, he can crush it by looking at it.

Who does he think he is? Chuck Norris?

we have Jenny McCarthy telling the world that vaccinations cause autism, they have a guy who bends coins with his eye.

The media is full of bullcrap whereever you go, just looks like the Arab world is about 100 years behind us in the particular flavor they're dishing out. Give them some time they just got televisions a couple years ago!

Somebody's got his pantys in a twist, hasn't he. Look, if you could read (I'm sure that you have your illigitimate children transcribing your trash for you) you would notice the afore mentioned 'rules' for commenting. They read: "Please keep your comments relevant to the post. Inappropriate or promotional comments may be removed.". If you'd like to post your proper name, address, telephone number, and date of birth, we will kindly forward that information to the appropriate authorities who will deal with your kind. If you lack the fortitude, then please pay attention to the rules of the game, or simply shut the f*** up you arrogant, dickless, mindless, piece of crap! Guys like me fought for the freedoms you have, but the freedom of speech that you choose is HIGHLY un-American! If you don't like it here, LEAVE!


I feel your pain man.
Its ridiculous.


I posted something similar last week. McGabbagabbakillmenow refuses to listen. He just copys and pastes the same thing every post. I'd gladly trade McGivemeallyourattention for a thousand Daisys any day.

I want to see these medical reports.. and the doctors diplomas, and the vaginas of all his wives. Because odds are... those things would be deserts by now!

Muhabidab duba duba

that pesky photoshop.....i ALMOST believed!

99 good job on wasting your money on a useless degree, seriously what are you gonna do with that besides teach other idiots as stupid as you to major in a useless field. And before you cry racism, it's not, it's the fact it's a history of a religion.

Guys I think you're forgetting a very important thing. He is this way because of Allah, and through Allah all things are possible. Sure, he may not have proof to back this up but he says that he's this strong and he says Allah made him this way so who are we to judge?

The fact that no posts on this article argue that point renders your wee 'ignorance' speech reduntant.
Sorry big guy - better luck next time.

I didn't believe him at first. I mean anyone can break fake coins in half. THEN I TOOK A CLOSER LOOK AT 0:35 OF THE VIDEO. This man can lift a 4-door sedan WITH ONE ARM.

show him lifting weights and he will have more believers

completely false he would get rug burn on his mpenis at 15 times a day, one time i masturbated 24 times in one day, once an hour and it began to chafe no fricking way

daaaaaamn post 116 has got to be a geekologie record


ButterBreath - November 11, 2008 8:20 PM

I didn't believe him at first. I mean anyone can break fake coins in half. THEN I TOOK A CLOSER LOOK AT 0:35 OF THE VIDEO. This man can lift a 4-door sedan WITH ONE ARM.

Who knows what's underneath that old car? A jack, maybe?
I doubt if it's Photoshop, but I sure as hell won't believe it until he does it live, no excuses (he might hurt someone, he has a license from the government, etc.).
Excuses are for sissies.

It is a real worry that people in this world still put things down to Allah.

The extreme strength thing is no more and no less a pile of bullshit than the Islamic faith.

Get 21st century you daft f***ers.


This "American" and "Unamerican" bullshit is so funny. Not everyone is from the US, and the US is not the world. But it doesn't seem to be a notion that's known or understood there (at least by a significant percentage of the population). American laws and ideal are not universal, thank you.

For instance, we love real cheese!

I don't believe in God at all. Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Wiccan... you're all equally full of shit.
(LOL, I'm making people angry on teh Interwebs! Look at how kewl I are! Durrr!!)

so..... you don't believe in god, why would that piss people off??? i for one don't really care if people do or not.

bender...... you're prob french huh........ stfu and go eat your cheese and drink your stupid wine, you bitches are mad your country is weak!

@115....... agreed! the most I have jacked my porpoise was like 4 times in one day, my willy was so f***ing sore and there was no jice left in there, so i call bullshit! no one can f*** 15 times a day, I don't care what kind of pornstar you claim to be! or how much viagara you stack with them yellojackets!

No, Samson's power came from god, not his hair. His untouched locks were a testament to his faith. When they were cut, god took it as a slight and left him.

You had to take a whole degree to figure that out?

I know you think you were doing the country a service, but if you think this "war" is anything but a backfiring attempt for the US to prove to the world that they don't have erectile dysfunction you're kidding yourself.

@ Ralph Avalon and all other ignornant racists present...

God is a non-denominational, conceptual word. Allah is the Arabic form of this word. Racism is a fools pursuit. If you lived beyond the suburban sprawl of white america, you'd be the racial minority. While this guy may be a liar, and the interviewers may be complete fools, they are no worse than the kids posting on this link. Think before you open you mouth, or better yet, just keep it shut.

Crazy Diaper heads. I thought it was hilarious when the host asked the wife if their have been any beatings! Hahahahahahaha

@125 - Don't pick on the military. He didn't choose the war he fought in. He chose to serve his country in whatever way needed, save your rhetoric for the politicians.

how does that man get all these women to marry him in the first place. . .eew.

and i'm not trying to knock the Muslim faith, but he's doing for it what those crazy snake dancing, tongue-speaking people are doing for Christianity. not helping people take you seriously.

I like that: "Don't pick on the military."
I was trying to acknowledge his intentions and point out the misguided use of the military.
Maybe you're right though. I may be too aggressive.

hahaha this is ridiculous, notice how he always has the coins on hand, everyone knows alah is a lie. he dosen't display a single piece of his strength only in that gay penny trick. split a ak-47 in half and i will be impressed. all your dirty alah praising sand niggers r liars and fakes

i wanna fight him so bad now

15 times a day is easy.
1. Put it in from the side, then roll back over like a killer whale surfacing.
2. Repeat 1 after you catch your breath, and take a swig of butter.
3. Have wife # 2 get on top, until you get winded. Repeat last part of step 2.
4. Side attack on wife #3 then repeat step 2 with wife #4. Just go in a circle til you have to go bend magic coins with your eyes.
5. Remember Allah gave you these powers to take advantage of simple minded people so that you can screw, drink butter and eat mutton all day. Just focus on growing huge t*** and bending tokens.

Someone out there should start a website to offer a bounty for a youtube video
of another pakistani kicking the living @#$ out of this lazy guy.

i think he gets his power from his abnormally hughe bitch t***.... must be from eating all that raw mutton and drinking that melted butter

his super powers come from his backwards comb over. if you were to comb his hair over his skull his ability will fade away. that is why he doesnt sleep. so no one sneaks in and combs his hair while sleeping.

He can't work because he's too powerful and could hurt someone so he has a "disability" because of that?

That is the most awesome excuse ever to not work.

yea, he might be strong but I bet my pet elephant could kick his ass!

Everyone has said it's BS

So I'm going to say BOLLOCKS to his false claim of inhuman strength!!!

And you're sisters and daughters are not what you should have for wives, thats just sick!

I love # 67



Don't you see?! He's got the strength of 30,000 EGYPTIAN men!

That's roughly equivalent to 100 THAI ladyboy and about maybe 1.5 american men for all of you ignoramus out there.

Well, if he's so strong, I can only imagine what he does with those man boobs. Drinking butter? He's not only a liar, he is also pretty effing gross!

This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen!

He has sex 15 times a day with each wife but he cannot shake someone's hand as he will probably break their fingers, surely his cock would break the women in half???

Another random Geekologie thread.

If he was from the UK he would definitely be on benefits.

Its obviously bullshit, theres no way this guy made it his whole life without masturbating

Yoooo dudes/dudets...... relax!! I'm an africaqn muslim living in dubai..... i deal with arabs day in and day out..... and this clip, you think is funny to you..... its bloody got us in stiches here...... there is not a single arab i know, who's viewed this clip....and not lost his/her mind!!! its crazy..... i'm sure you all aint ignorant to beleive that all arabs/muslims are the same..... read the Quran.... forget about those crazy f***tards who blow up planes, blow them selves up, attack other religions in any way..... we fear them too..... they are the KKK of the Jim crow South arab versions. Same goes for the retards from the"Nation of Islam", what the f*** do they mean by the term "white Devil", they just putting up a front to racially obtain sympathy, no one is putting no one down..... unless u let them...... its just a "version" of a religion.... where it is stwisted and followed in manner suitable to them..... F*** that crap!!! Islam is islam, i belive in all religions and respect them too, judaisim, christianity, bbhuddisem, hinduisem...... but not the manipulated versions of them..... and yeah, there is a NIGGER president now, so what??? do you not all take change as a positive sign.... doesa it not proove to you that there is progress...that we are all headed to where the world would best be.... where we are all equal??? Would you not like to see a white president in an african country??? its all for the best of the world...... accept it.... and support change!!!

Back to the clip, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i would love to meet this shit head...... i put cheese burgers in blenders...and gulp it down..... what does this f*** got on me?????

He is retarded!

Wow, I hate it when BS freaks like this come and pretend to express so much belief in God, then everyone makes fun of him and relates him to Islam. Yeah, if you showed this in a Muslim country, everyone would laugh, just as much as you are.

I know I am. :P

...before I converted from islam to atheism, I had the power of 70,000 men. I went for double or nothing on a hunch, and now I'm just one man. I miss the power...

this is so fake...
we would have heard SO much more about this guy if it was real and he really was a super being

bahahhhahahahahhahahahaha :P,
hehehe lmfao
can't stop lafin :P

He must shit crackling after all that butter and bacon

This guy is really impressing...He can tell bullshit, every1 belives it, so i dont have to work, can marry 4 women and f*** all day long...soundz like a good story..excellent cheater

Hey it's an Arab version of Chuck Norris! woo!

Someone's probably said that already, but I'm not reading through 151 comments

bloddy sex pest

He said he has the power of 30,000 men. then he says 1 horsepower = 360 men. and that he has 260 horsepower. basic math tells us 260x360= 94,000. so he's even stronger than we thought!!! hahaha

""(from my Dynamics class notes taken TODAY)
1 Horsepower equals 550 ft*lbs*s^2
An example: It would take a 2.3 Hp man to be able to move an 800 lb weight 8 ft in 5 seconds."

better study a little harder.

it's 550 ft*lbs/s. your example is correct though.

So, by that, he should be able to lift 143,000 lbs one foot in one second... Allah willing. ;-)"

He just missed a - sign before the 2 other than that its the same equation.

Also, how does this guy get on with opening doors... he must have a bag of doorknobs by now

Everyone on here is jealous because they will never be as strong as this man, or have 4 wives with steel vajay-jays hard enough to handle his 360 hp manly thrusts.

Hey Vegita, what does the scouter say about his power level?


WHAT!!?! NINE THOUSAND!!!!!?!1!!11one

#55: I'm sorry, but sir, the last LotR movie was the best.

And as already said, Chuck Norris could kick this guy's ass.

Come on!!!!!! if thats true, I'm THE BATMAN!!!

hahahaha who the f*** drinks butter xD
and since when does a medical device determine the amount of horse power a person has, that doesnt make sense
anyways, i got a laugh out of alot of the comments, thanks guys xD


Well surely they'll convert now! Cos spiderman 3 was utter shit!

Oh and how about a little proof... rip a truck in half or something.
And poor wives.. having their pelvis chrushed to splinters several times a day by his powerful yet flabby manhips.

And yes, drinking melted butter will eventually kill ya. I smell a quadrouple bypass incoming! .. he actually does remind me of an arab-homer. ... butter...rrrrr

Well i def believe that he drinks melted butter, prob sweat gravy to.

This kid must be his son:

I'M the strongest man in the world, praise Allah.

You will all give me money and beer, praise Allah.

The Dragon Ball Z movie won't suck, praise Allah.

.......I'm going to bed, praise Allah.

"oh woops i almost forgot, there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah." Thanks poonhandler!

"Thanks to Ian, who God actually gave 330-horsepower -- and leather seats. " LOL

if he's the real shite, total respect lol.

meatballs do lie :D

Reporter chick is smokin

let's go to the gym and prove some of this bullshit.

Your shirt is too tight, fatso!!


real life chuck norris

what the hell??? makes no sense
if he has sex 15 times why cant he shake hands
wouldnt he break his wives in half?
i hope he gets beat up by his family

360 men = 1 hp , hes 260 hp ,260X360=93600men , so why is he 30000men strong? ^^

Would have been nice if the hosts introduced another special guest to try and prove the claims. Mr. All Powerful, meet Wanderlei Silva..

it's not logical, if he's really capable he won't think twice before showing what he's capable of doing.. of course he's obsessed but that doesn't mean he's powerful. 15 times a day Rofl

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!

This is the most hilarious clip ever and the comments here are just amazing as well. Poor guy's life is just wrecked. He cant work, cant go to jail or police stations---whats a man to do with such strength? Yes, sex 15 times a day, no wonder he has no time for sleep. Praise Allah and praise these journalists and the coin from a Houdini Las Vegas store....

I really appreciate your help.Thank you very much!

He can lift about 1500 tons over head

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