Nov 13 2008Styrofoam Gundam Looks Styrofoamy, Tasty


This is a Gundam-esque robot made out of recycled styrofoam packaging. Thankfully, I'm not that afraid of him because I'm pretty confident I could karate chop right through his ass. HI-YA!

Holy shit, he broke my arm. Quick, a lighter!

: Mmmm, I love the smell of *cough* burning styrofoam in the morning. Smells like *cough*....cancer.

Recycled Styrofoam Gundam Robot [dinosaursandrobots]

Thanks to Stephanie, who knows the only good robot is one made of packaging peanuts. Or macaroni.

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Finally, a robot I can destroy in the revolution!

PVC glue dissolves Styrofoam :p

so much better than jules

I wanna paint it! Then set it in my bay window to scare people.

Fear my robot!!!

@4 and also weld-on

its only weakness, a large box

Thanks for using foam. I love it!!

Looks a little pale.

I remember the days post-chimp-in-the-white-house, Styrofoam Gundam was made of Gold, not this African crappy voodoo material.

why does it looked so surprised

I'd love to cover that in nail polish remover

@12 - LOL. I hadn't noticed that. It looks terrified.

Yeah, right. This is so unbelievable. Next you'll be telling me it floats.

It looks flimsey, like when you put the Constructicons together to form Devastator but you can't play with him 'cause he falls apart if you breath on him wrong.... Sigh, another brick in the wall around my heart *snf*

i love that you post this piece of garbage but didnt post my pics of my gundam costume for halloween which rocked this things world...sheesh...

@11. I remember the days when racist idiots didn't post dumb unrelated slanderous posts here. Nobody ever agrees with your statements. Which proves your hated here. Why don't you just go away.

BTW, post means after, dumbass!

@18, McGloin is only doing it for attention. Just ignore it, and hopefully it will go back where it came from, Texas.

"Here I sit, cheeks a flexin', givin birth to a baby texan"

douse some gasoline on him, and BAM! instant walking napalm! this is genius.

Wow! we all can be thankful that we have someone to keep our land fills

@12 lol he must have been playing with his box cutter.

This is exactly 1,372 times hotter and awesomer than a Real Doll. Daddy want.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake, because the shadows are all wrong.

This looks like what Max made out of styrofoam as a gift for Daisy in the movie Never Back Down.

how dare you say this looks even remotely Gundam like!

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