Nov 30 2008"Stack The Memory": A Nerdy Rap Song

"Stack the Memory" by the Sniper Twins is a geeky rap song about computers. I thought it was pretty humorous, and definitely worth a watch. The video was very well made too. And I'm not just saying that because the twins called to tell me they've got my dome lined up in their crosshairs even as I type. But they totally do so please call the authorities. And tell them to bring extra pants. Oooh, and nachos -- my tummy's rumbling.

Official Site

Thanks to Dax, one of the twins, for threatening to kill me.

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Reader Comments

I'm not fond of rap, but a great take on it.



White people can't rap--don't have enough soul. Whitey can't dance either--look like chickens trying to feed.

I know this cuz I'm whitey.

IM STEALING 9th BUTCHES! Sukas! who cares about 1st when you got 9th!!! loozers!!! haha you guys miised yur chance!!!! im the WINNER!!! haha!! 9th....yep....thats the life....and im also stealing yur girlfriend if you dont mind...

.....Whitey can't write either.


This is an obvious photoshop job. YOu can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max says to Baja "A human pilot would react differently, because a human pilot would know that he's going to die."

HOLY F***ING SHIT. That was badass. Like in a im-a-virgin-forever kinda way...



I told you I was hardcore

lol was he just bragging about 1 Gb of RAM?
And having a Mac?
And hitting control-alt-delete on a mac?

Awesome! Geekologie's the best! - Dax/SNIPER.TWINS.

for you virgins forever

That was better than i expected... Gold Star GW!

Better nerd rap:

Mc Frontalot is the nerdcore king!

Even better nerd rap:

have you ever even seen a pair of t*** in person?

Wow you just can't "cool-up" being a nerd can you? Nice try though

Nerd Pride
I prefer Windows but oh well.

I can't watch vidsd at work.
and my home comp went all BSOD and dll boot error on my last nite... So I guess I must wait until I fix that...

I liked it :)
Very well made and the vocals are surprisingly very good.

Awesome vid!
It captures totally the office-in-a-box world.

I love it!

this is totally an ad for apple.
and fedex, for a second there.

still, pretty cool.

the original geekster:


google it.

I will personally make sure they dont stay virgins forever... I LOVE this.
Especially the dude who sings the stack the memory part.
Sexy geeks rock!

That's exactly what I was thinking, Felicia! For some reason I love when he opens his mouth really wide when singing "HIt that Paypal and complyyyyy..." So weird but they are my feelings.

Virtue is a jewel of great price.

Virtue is a jewel of great price.




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