Nov 19 2008Really? That's The Best You Could Do?


In a story that reminds me of every wedding I've ever gone to where they set out disposable cameras so you can take pictures, some dude took a snapshot of his junk with his iPhone. And, after emailing it to his mistress, his girlfriend found it. Oh snap! So what did the no-good cheating bastard do? Simple, he blamed it on Apple.

The Fanboy's excuse was that he had taken the picture but never sent it to anyone. In fact he was so worried about his Iphone taking the picture that he said had paid a visit to the ironically named Apple Genius Bar. There he swore that a spokesman for apple had told him that it was a known glitch. Photos sometimes automatically attach themselves to an e-mail address and appear in the sent folder, even though no e-mail was ever sent, he swore blind that the Genius told him.

Well folks, I think we can all walk away from this having learned a valuable lesson. One about, oh I don't know, making up better lies.

Help! Iphone snapped my husband's genitals [theinquirer]

Thanks to Michael, who doesn't take pictures of himself in the mirror for his Facebook profile.

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Hey GW, Fish asked me to give u a message. He booked Lindsay Lohan to come and service him but didn't have enough money. Can you please send Daisy over as she's the only Ho he can afford at the moment. He said if Daisy's busy you'll do once you've finished posting for the day.


What a f***ing tool.

Wow!!! 5th'd or 6th'd

What the f*** is that?
Whatever that shit is, I'm not reading. F*** you!

poor man excuse for being a douchenozzle "that's not my penis. i swear!"

pew pew pew

So he claims he never intended to send it to his mistress or his girlfriend??? How did he get caught? If I accidentally sent a picture of my junk to my girlfriend, I think I could easily explain myself without getting into "it was intended for my mistress, although I never sent it to her, there must be something technically wrong with my iPhone" territory.

I'm new. But i've read everyday for months.

So hi. I feel like I know all of you.


don't forget to flush

one for the bulk
two for the remainder

pew pew pew

Circlemaker, new kid has to bring us all coffee. Feel free to poison Daisy's.

daisy is a unsuccessful troll and needs a good ol PEW PEW PEW to the face.desu.

I haven't typed PEW PEW in a while so PEW PEW PEW! That felt good. *Brainwave* A geekologie themed keyboard with a special one press PEW hotkey that does the sound effect and types it! Get on it GW, I'll buy 2 for real. Make the PEW button glow red.

How did this end up here? SERIOUSLY! It's an odd story about an obviously non-geek (due to the being in two relationships with actual women) with a lame ass phone issue. Really GW, you gotta do better than this and ugly fat guys blowing paint out of their ass!


Daisy is an obvious photoshop creation. You can tell because she is just WRONG.

Which looks just like this scene in a movie about stuff that is lame and doesn't pertain to shit!

Daisy, i still love me.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This reminds me of the scene where Daisy finds a picture of Max's genetals on her cellphone in the movie Never Back Down.

IPhone Error 1603:

The attached photo is too small. Please increase size and send again.

We should all make Daisy personas for other sites that allow the posting of comments and create.....


Who's with me?

No? No one?

Right, back to the sofa then.

@19 - LOL!!!!!!!

So he sends his penis pic to his mistress, and that yappy bitch sends it to his g/f? WTF is up with that?
His lie should've simply been that he meant to send it to his g/f and he accidentally sent it to this chick, who got all psycho when she saw his penis and wanted the g/f out of the picture. C'mon baby, let's team up and tell the mistress (I mean, that crazy bitch) to go away.


I'm bored tonight so I got drunks sn took a photo of my penis and posted it on facbook bur not my account, my sisters cuz i hav her password an all her friends wil see how big my d is. oh shit, this camera doesn't have macro mode! No probz i'll tell em its a sausage roll in a forest

Actually this guys wife was going through his iPhone and found a picture of his genitals in an email sent to another women one was a cumshot. He told his wife that there was a bug in the iPhone that made pictures automatically attach to emails and then send them. lol She posted this on the apple support forums asking if there was such a bug, which there isn't.

I read about this on fark yesterday...

Funny as shit though.

Classic! Deny till you muthaf***in die baby!!! He had the right idea, just not enough brain cells to pull it off.

You can tell that he's a fan of wrestling and nascar. Look at those guns too.

If GW had a facebook, I would poke the shit out of him

This is why rednecks shouldn't own Iphone's..just more drama.

#19 Good one. I know my iPhone is scratch proof and all, but I've got pubes like steel wool.


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