Nov 13 2008Now You Can Get That 'Whee, I'm Popping Edamame!' Feeling Wherever You Go


Love edamame? Have no idea what edamame is? They're soybean pods. And the beans inside are delicious. Mmmm, soybeans, mmmm. Half the fun of eating them is kicking the scrumptious little bastards out of their pod home. Pop! Now you can get that feeling anywhere thanks to Bandai's Puni Puni Edamame keychain. The $6 gadget gives you that satisfaction of evicting soybeans whenever you want. Each bean has a different face on it, so you'll never get bored because each pod will contain three different faces! That's a lot of entertainment. For six dollars. Also, it says you're not supposed to eat them but I did anyways. I'm growing a bean plant in my tummy!

Hit the jump for a disturbing promotional picture featuring a guy with streamers coming out of his eyes, and two videos. Of which you should at least watch the first, so you can see all the fun to be had.


Product Page

Thanks to Mike, who knows the only good beans are magic ones. Jack and the beanstalk these, bitches!

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Reader Comments

Hahaha what's with the faces, first.

More black culture! Freaks.

That's just weird.

One of the Beans looks like a sad panda..... booooo


Saw it awhile ago on"TV in Japan" And...


Where's the keychain that gives you that "Whee, I'm popping a load in Scarlet Johansson" feeling, huh?


The beginning of the second video is like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, except instead of being replaced by a pod person you get to play with a mini simulated nutsack. And be happy about it. Kind of a trade off really... Body snatched or play with nutsack, hmmm....

Obama 2012!

Japanese people are seriously insane.

I could see bein stoned off my ass and playin with it....

MMMMMMMMMM.....this will be an ideal gift for the upcoming Christmas season now that we've all been swindled for billions of our own dollars.

I think if they come up of "pinch a nipple" key chain, people would go crazy of getting it.

@12, Yes. I totally agree, but it would have to turn purple after a while to get the full effect.


on the top pic, the third bean from the bottom right looks like my Grandpa

All i can say about the 2nd vid is WTF

Sheer genius.

Okay, all I can say is how many of these damn keychains does this company make? (And how long before every teenager in America has at least 3 of them?)

The advertisements are, however, priceless.

Cute! But the old dude and the one before it scare me.

What is the purpose of these things again?

I heard that Bandai America is coming out with this in the Spring and it will be available in the US.

They just came out with that other cool & weird toy too - Mugen Pop Pop.


It's all fun & games till some kid bites one off & gets it lodged in his windpipe... Then it's lawsuit hillarity!


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This looks like the scene in the movie where Baja makes emoticons out of beans in the movie Never Back Down.

These are effing awesome! And Japanese!

My eyes fell out from their sockets.
I can't even cry anymore.

Mmm... Goitrogenic.

Mmmmm Edamame! The funnest way to injest RoundUpĀ® Herbicide...

Mmm, yummy.

This is great! Really. I'll make my own little contribution to the list soon

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