Nov 12 2008It's The Future!: Gmail, Now With Video Chat

Truthfully, I only use Gmail and Gmail chat to communicate with two select individuals (you know who you are). But now, thanks to the marvel of modern technology, we can talk it up with streaming video. Oh happy day! You ever videochat with a blogger that's only left bed to let the dog out and eat three bowls of cereal? And on a side note: did that just make your loins tingle? Because it did mine. Just kidding, bed bugs.

Gmail gets voice and video chat capabilities [dvice]

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Third? I guess


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This looks a lot like the time Baja was showing her t*** on a webcam to Max in the movie Never Back Down.

Top Ten Things People Will Experiment With Using Video Chat in Gmail:
10.) Have a video conference with workers
9.) Say hello to the kids
8.) Say hello to the wife
7.) Say ohh la la to the mistress
6.) Watch a live taping of a donkey show
5.) Video chat while ghostriding the whip
4.) Video chat with an online hooker
3.) Host a live chat drinking game taking a sip each time Jack Bauer of 24 says DAMMITT!
2.) Video chat with World of Warcraft players
1.) Video chat with others while "knowing thyself"...


Due to technical difficulties, this is the last post of this thread.
Please post on the next thread starting your post with "%gmail who-cares%" (interesting when read fast)

Thank god for technology.

Yahoo was ahead of ya, so mad props anyway.

One love


Hey, didn't I see this in a movie? Like, a movie with fighting and crappy acting and something? Something about not... giving up, or... backing away from... something.
Ah, f*** it, I'm too drunk for this shit. I'll just go with good old ridiculously ineffective insults.
Go f*** yourself Daisy.

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I'm 78 years old, and no girl will ever use the word about Tits her'sor any other t*** in public. Daisy your letting out your sex in public. Now put your cock safely inside.

I just use and let the whole world see my awesomeness! You can text chat too, I often get "Put that away you disgust me you fat pig. I'm reporting you!."

his inbox seems to be full of spam.

video chat, will get me busted at work.
but then again, i have been getting gayroll'd for a while now....
so nevermind

Welsome to the new world of syber sex! More pedifiles all the time.

Daisy is an idiot.

Serge from system of a down was chatting. WAT.

Oh how exciting. Technology that and Skype have had for years!

look at that douchebag in the picture. What a cock.

loving the oil price chart

This rocks! And it does not get any easier than that.

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I heard a lot about video conferencing going around these days. Back then 1999 I never thought I will ever see this innovation which I only seen it first in Jetsons and Star Trek.

Life is measured by thought and action not by time.


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very good article

Your loins will tingle alright, when you truly get Bed Bugs. I don't know if that was a serious reference to bed bugs, but don't make light of it and don't travel to NYC!

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