Nov 11 2008Fire: Set Your Wrist Ablaze! (Metaphorically)


Tokyoflash is back at it, this time with their new Fire design.

Created from a fusion of plastics carefully wrapped around a solid, seamless sheet of highly polished stainless steel, Tokyoflash Fire features a new formation of multi-colored LEDs and is a lightweight design, built to last.

Each hole, with two LEDs beneath the surface represents one unit of time. Yellow LEDs indicate hours 1-12, red LEDs indicate groups of 10 minutes and green LEDs indicate single minutes 1-9.

So it's a fairly easy to read model too. Go ahead -- test yourself on the watch in the picture. Did you get it right? If so, pat yourself on the back. If not, put your helmet back on, your mommy's probably worried about you. The Fire is available now for about $130 and makes the perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything -- particularly wrists.

UPDATE: F*** it, kankles work too.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures and a link to the product page.



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Reader Comments

Kevin Ug Lee


CRAP !!!

Sorry Monev AKA Money with the tail chopped off. But I had to Ug Lee you.


What?? this is stupid! I'd rather just buy a digital watch for prolly a fifth of the price of this one

Horrible watch, takes longer to tell time than ramming a stick in the ground and calculating angles with the sun.

By the time I got done reading the time it would have changed :(

This is a waste of time.

What is it with this company making watches that are impossible to read when you're drunk? BAH!

wheres the purple light that indicates how long it takes tell that you're an idiot.


Hopefully GW smashed Daisy's face in with that stainless steel watch

Daisy's still trying to figure out what time's on the watch


im still trying to figure out what time is on the watch...

oh.. its denoted on the bottom.. damn i feel stupid.

@11 Please don't encourage her!

BTW, how did they make these LED's so small??

I heard about this watch... it counts down the time until you get laid for wearing it. The battery in this thing is enormous.

looks like the love-child of cheese grater and a lite brite.


well....actually, look at the shadows in the second picture...OK, OK , don't kill me...just kidding!!


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake, the shadows are all wrong.

This looks like the watch Max gave Baja for Chaunacha in the movie Never Back Down.

i look at my watch to see how many minutes is left i DO NOT want to look at the time and think before i know how much of math class is left

Do they come in purple?


The fact that everyone hates it makes me want one even more.

@ 24 You want it coz every one hates it.... You got issues, I hope that's not how you choose girls.

I just want it because it looks like the society in Back To The Future 2 would have them, would also go well with my DeLorean.

What's so difficult about reading the watch? I think it's pretty cool!


Love is blind.

I just bought the barcode version, Hmm

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