Nov 21 2008Damnit, This Makes Me Sadder Than Hell


Abraham Briggs, a 19-year old from Florida, killed himself with pills while 1,500 people watched his streaming webcam on Goddamnit.

He had told others on a chat forum that he planned to kill himself and posted a suicide note on another forum before taking the pills and turning on his webcam.

Because he had made similar threats in the past, moderators did not take him seriously and other forum members even encouraged him to kill himself. He then posted his suicide note.

"I have reached out for help so many times, and yet I believe, I was turned away because of the things I did, that it is a punishment I am willing to take, for I know that being who I am has only brought myself and others pain."

While he lay dead on the bed after the overdose, many forum members continued to insult him, thinking the suicide was staged.

F***ing f*** this makes me sad. There's just no reason for it. No reason for Abraham to kill himself, and no reason for a bunch of assholes to egg him on. Now I'm no trained professional, but know that I'm here for all of you -- I'm only an email away. And remember: there is no Geekologie in hell.

Bodybuilder commits suicide live on web while viewers abuse him [metro]

Thanks Asbo and Robert.

RIP Abraham.

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wow, that MESSED up.. i hope the doorknobs that were watching feel like shit now.


Yet more evidence (as if we need it) that people suck.


F*** all those asshole who watched it f***ing homos


Well said Geekologie writer.

should've known people en masse exhibit the worst in human behavior, doesn't make his act any less cowardly tho'

Got damn. That's sad man!
Let's pause for a moment of silence and lament.

Daisy, this is a serious matter.

if you fake this one daisy i hope your minge rots in hell.

This really sucks badly


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is almost exactly like the scene from the movie Never Back Down where the teenage suicide counselor came to the school and explained that when a teenager threatens to commit suicide nobody believes them because they never do what they say they are going to. He also explained that taking Pills is more of a cry for help because they kill you slowly. Then Baja and Max cried for a while and went to Del Tacos.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This reminds me of the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max kidnaps Bajas cat, shaves it clean, paints it orange and then mails it back to her in a cardboard box along with some bacon flavored ice cream. Baja finds this out later on when she changed her online name to Daisy & asked Max about it in a wheel of fortune chatroom. Max confessed to doing it all because he was on acid he’d gotten from Pat Sajak the day before for a webcam taping of wheel of fortune online.

GKWriter, your public offer was a very noble thing to do. Hope it could help other in similar situations.


Kid was a dumbass.

You're not looking too bright right now either, Ollie.


Don't "kill yourself" over it....!


frankly I don't believe anything on tv or online..I still dont' believe he's dead. He's probably just gonna put himself on ebay next asking for someone to buy his virginity

Why? Because some kid off'ed himself and everyone is giving him sympathy? Why? Why does anyone care? I'd be more pissed at the parents, personally. Anyone who feels the need to use suicide as an excuse to get away from their problems are cowards and idiots.

This is seriously horrible.

that is very sad to hear ......... I wish they relised what was going on .. and I wish someone was there to help him

I cannot believe how many of you on here are so classless.

There's a time for humour and there's a time to be human.

Thanks, GW. You're a good guy.

man thats f***ed up...

What's really classless is how many people on here are "mourning" over this kid's death, when they never knew him. People kill themselves every day, it's only when it's publicized do you people care? How classy is that.

By the way..


It's weird to think of what has become regarded as normal. It's amazing what we are used to hearing.

It's absolutley sick that some people can read about something like this and still continue to be an asshole. Really? Even if the story is fake, it still should make you upset that you can't even tell if a story like this is real or not.

Serisously? There is nothing noble about being asshole. It's fun to mess around sometimes, but when something like this happens, grow up.

Thank you GW

oh, @22, I think you're just aboust the dumbest sack of shit I've seen on here in a while.

Care all you want, LSDiesel. Doesn't change the fact the kid was trying to cry out to anonymous people on the internet, rather than try and get real help. And that, my other anonymous people of the internet, is called being a dumbass. I'm sure you'll cry yourselves to sleep tonight, wake up in the morning and forget about this entire post.

Oh, and @25, I think your a fake, ignorant, and poser piece of shit. I guess that makes us even.

Ollie wrote - "Anyone who feels the need to use suicide as an excuse to get away from their problems are cowards and idiots." That opinion, in and of itself, is depressing. Many people who commit suicide are suffering from some kind of mental disorder. They are NOT idiots. Do your research.

That's awful, anyone know when it happened? I've been on jtv alot over the last month or so and never knew this guy or heard about this.

Something else I must point out. GW, can u please, please do something to the way the chat works here so we have the option to ignore users like in forums. If Daisy and Daisy imitators don't f off soon I'll have to stop reading the comments completely, which I don't want to do because there are so many funny commenters.


Your lack of respect shows you are no better than the assholes GW was talking about when he made this post. Congrats, I believe this community now hates you that little bit more, but after the last month+ I believe that is exactly what you are looking for.

Ollie, you claim that people are being self-righteous by morning someone they don't know, then you go on to preach about how people kill themselves everyday and no one cares. Get off your high horse. This case is seemingly the first of its kind, and is tragic in every sense of the word because it exposes people like yourself who have no respect for the plights of others.

Hate me. It feels so good.

You want people to hate you? Sounds like you clearly have some issues here. Taking out your inability to seek counseling on others who do the same?

I don't hate you, I pity you.

This is sad...
However; he chose his way out, his path, and chose to involve the others in the forum in his suicide. If you are really looking for help, don't go to the anonymous douchebags in an open forum... He most likely knew they would encourage his negative behavior and used their insults for "strength" to carry out his suicide. While it is a shame someone felt the need to end their walk on this earth too soon, and mind numbing that other people encouraged it, in the end it was his choice. He made it. I hope he's at peace, though I doubt that is so...
*May you find your place in this world, or the next*

This is a horrible testiment to what kind of f***ed up shit goes on in this world. It is sad to think that people were egging him on and clearly this kid was asking for help in a round about way. but we do not know the whole story maybe he has had help, maybe he pulled this stunt once a month, the point is we don't know. I think olie has a point "People kill themselves every day, it's only when it's publicized do you people care? How classy is that.". The people closet to him are the assholes for not realizing, not the facless bloggers that rant just for expression (good or bad). My point is suicide is not the answer and anyone contemplating it, or thinking that it is the only answer needs to get help asap. You only pass your burdens and hurt the people that love you most.

@24 - Does that apply to ALL threads, or just that one? Will you tell us when we can start goofing off again? Will you post the notice in this thread, or all threads?

Waiting patiently for the fooling around to start again. It makes me feel so grown up.


You pity me? Who's self-righteous now, asshole? Hint: You.

I'll let this post die out, come back a month later and see all you superficial pieces of shit forget this kid and have the posts of sympathy die off.

Boo hoo.

Man, that's terrible. No one should have to get to a point where they feel their life is worthless. No one has the right to take their own life away. Many are idiots for not believing him or taking him seriously, or even calling the cops. The poor kid called for help and no one helped him. This makes me very sad :(

And Daisy should be banned from this blog

perfectly said Thumperchica

I'm pro daisy I love the way she ties everything into Never Back Down, it is pure genius and it makes me smile.

It's amazing how much of a dbag some of you guys are being. Fake or not, death is death and it's not funny. When a "the world is LOL" geek goes into serious mode that's sayin' something. But yet you all still feel the need to stand on your soap box like a stubborn little kid.

And Daisy, you're awful. I'm not even kidding.

I hope everyone who was watching that kid feels like shit. This kid needed help or a helping hand. He didn't know where to go to get it besides the one place you can find ANYONE, the internet, yet people still shunned him. Assholes. What others don't realize is that when you feel like that, or think like that, it's not a simple thing you can just go up to someone and go, "Hey man I need help". It wasn't his fault. He didn't know how, he didn't have strength, he was feeling too shut-in.

Rest in peace, kid.

i think it's time for GW to become a member registration site in order to comment and that the GW Writer should start removing moronic nonsensical comments.

once upon a time there was some good stuff on here with good comments. Now it's good stuff with a bunch of kids commenting like idiots.

GW Writer- i can only hope you see this and seriously concider making changes for the betterment of the site and the community of people that could properly benefit from it.

Ollie Williams wrote : "What's really classless is how many people on here are "mourning" over this kid's death, when they never knew him. People kill themselves every day, it's only when it's publicized do you people care?"

Agreed to a certain extent. If somebody was telling you a story about how their cousin just killed himself would you say "People kill themselves everyday, why should I care." The simple fact is that there is a post about a boy who killed himself, we can either react to it with sympathy, ignore it, or be ignorant and still comment (like you).

Nothing bad about being dead, it is not dead to fear it is the transistion from life to dead. And the aftermath for the family. Poor family they would be pissed at the internet guys...


Good idea. Let's disregard both the U.S. Constitution and world-wide adaptation of a little thing called Freedom of Speech, based on the fact that you don't agree. That's called censorship. You know who else believed in censorship? Hitler. You should go kill some Jew's while your at it, because they don't believe in the same things you do.

...i wasn't going to comment...but i am
1. daisy is a loser and we all know it, but its what she does. there are people that like her crap all the time and find it funny....just not on this one
2. this sucks. you all want to feel bad for this kid, so at least show him some damn respect and don't yell at each other for this pointless shit.
3. suicide sucks....but its worse if people have to watch it (ik they didn't HAVE to)...much less push him further
4. i think since even GW didn't say some funny thing twords us, we should not be like this

i mean come on....he wouldn't of put it up here if he didn't care

What's funny after reading several of these threads is how many of you are bothered from repeated comments by Daisy. I think it's funny as shit, and it's even funnier when some newb writes a comment about it not making sense.

Rock on Daisy & keep em comin. Your insight makes the comments after these posts worth reading now AND its overshadowing the ever so ghey 'I'm the first comment yay' caper.


Not to sound cold, but more air for the rest of us.

Seriously if you look around the globe there are people way, way, wayyyyyyy worse off than you. I have no sympathy for an American who cant deal with life.

I would just like to point out that Ollie is probably just one of those assholes that would've sat there and cheered him on.

Dumb f***.

Ditto bass

...Oh and about this kid. Yeah, happens every hour everyday

@44 - Quit foolin around.

LSDeisel hasn't told us we can joke around again. And for every jew these people kill, we will have to mourn even more.

what the hell
the comments are pointless cause that's what it is
no way in hell could you delete some and leave others
the whole point is to say what you want.....if its shit like bacon ice cream
not death

thanks Luke

Everyone that is amazed at the general asshole demeanor of humanity please stand up.

To everyone who's being a bit "high and mighty" about this, let's not forget YOUR earlier comments on this one...

We are all douchenozzles at one time or another, stop being so damned judgemental.

Whats REALLY sad is this kid is forever immortalized by that stupid ass picture.

God bless you Abraham.
Whether they thought it was a joke or not...Why would you encourage someone to kill themselves! I hate this what this world has become sometimes

.....very valid point

@55, this kid also didn't kill himself to save himself from death.

Who would mourn if it was Daisy who killed herself?

its not that dude
its the fact that we laghed AT death not the act of

foobar.....i would

@62, I know man. I was just making the poin that it's easier to let yourself be an asshole in some situations. I'm not saying it's EVER right or excusable.

People can do whatever the hell they want. I'm just expressing my opinions like everyone else. Some people's opinion's just happen to disgust me.

Thank you for keeping is in reality thumperchica.

very tru
oh well f*** it all
i have to go work

i still feel bad for the kid tho

61: I would be sad if Daisy left our planet. Definitely. Who would comment about Never Back Down, bacon ice cream and Wheel of Fortune??

This is so sad! That this kid would assume that complete strangers that he has no relationship with would care about his demise. I don't even care! Those of you who do are fooling yourselves, this kid probably wouldn't have cared if you offed yourself either!

Come on, he is obviously an attention whore who thought that people would feel bad about how he was treated if he killed himself.

Suicide is the ultimate form of selfishness.

Pfff, I like to see people opinion but now it's just about bitchin' one against the other... it's really sad! I'm not better than anyone, you will probably tell me to STFU, but eh, just by writing here, you're sure to be insulted by at LEAST one person!

For my opinion, I think it's really sad that those things happen and it shouldn't be funny at all. Try to be more mature about this. I don't say go cry yourself about this, I don't even ask a second of silence, but PLEASE, be respectful!

Oh, and here's my bitchy little part, why does some people find Daisy funny, she (or he)'s always repeating the same f***ing joke EVERY TIME! Funny sometimes but... everyf***ing time.... COME ON!!!

That's my 2 cents

@63 - Fag

Daisy, stayin true to form! It is sad about Jeremy. To be sure. But I too felt the shadows weren't right.

@47 Do you really think being emotionally disturbed enough to take your own life has anything to do with being an American who can't deal? People commit suicide everyday, everywhere. You should have sympathy because one of your fellow man felt his life had so little value. And here your comment only reinforces the idea that a person who can't deal should take their life rather than seek help. People won't seek help if they think people won't care if they live or die. People like you.

And, Daisy, you are awful.

71: hehehehe

Something like this happened before:

I think its ok to fool around again. LSDeisel is posting on other threads, and isn't crying about this dead guy.

@71 - Who is Jeremy? Did you mean Abe?

He can practice his Will Smith immitation in heaven now.

this looks like the work of /b/....

Sounds like a candidate for a Darwin Award to me.


The kid was depressed.

People who feel bad for the poor bastard aren't mourning the loss of a stranger out of boredom. We see a life wasted because a kid crippled with a mental disorder thought that the morose ideas he had, the warped opinions others had of him, and the deeds he committed meant he deserved to die.

That's f***ing sad. And to judge him as if he were mentally competent and just some whiny bitch looking for attention is a mistake.

You wouldn't fault a paraplegic for not running fast enough.

You couldn't see that kid's handicap, so you assume he was cogent and stable. Now you know he wasn't.

The thing to keep in mind is that all of those people egging him on can be held accountable for his death in court. *cross fingers* that they find those assholes.

Sauce or it didn't happen.

It isn't fake. Hours later, in the morning, cops bust in and found him. All in real time. He was dead. How some of you can carry on being morons is sickening.

I realize this thread is played out, and I havent read all the comments so this might've been observed already, but my opinion is that the GW ultimately determines the outcome of the comment mood. I say that if he'd been (slightly) lighthearted with his story, these comments would have been considerably less depraved. Thoughts?

And who knew we had so many philosophers?

This is sad, don't get me wrong. But how many people posting about how awful this was or how terrible the people that cheered him on are laughed at the previous article about God's Facebook? It's all well and good to be so self-righteous to condemn others, but more and more of this is coming the more people turn their back on Him.

Hypocrisy is alive and well.


This is sad. RIP my thoughts are with you. at least he doesnt have to deal with the world bullshit anymore. we all know hes somewhere way better then we are

80: Are you jawing, or do you know the law?

I'd like to know on what grounds the eggers-on could possibly be charged.

That myspace suicide case will determine whether or not the offending mother violated the site's usage policy. No decision has yet been made whether or not online jeering that leads to suicide is breaking the law.

It breaks the law of good taste, but other than that, it doesn't appear to be illegal to be an asshole.

This was live via webcam? Someone post the video. I wanna see.

I told u I was hardcore

To those who consider this "selfish," I assume that you didn't bother to read very much. He did this because he believed that his life was making the lives of others worse. He did this to help them and to end his own suffering, at least that seems to be where his mindframe was. Grow a heart!

This is so sad. It is like the moderator for one of the largest Pro-ana websites on the web. She posted to the LJ community that she was going to kill herself and then documented it as she went. Not as grusome as a webcam of it happening, but just as sad.

It's unfortunate this happened, but the people who watched are not responsible and shouldn't be condemned. What HAVEN'T you seen on the internet? There isn't much. It would be natural to assume that this was being staged after so much of what's available is, indeed, forgery and intended to mislead. I wouldn't have believed it if I saw it, and I might have made a joke about it, too. That doesn't make me a terrible person, it just means that I've adapted to what I've come to learn about the interweb.

I've had a close friend commit suicide and it's a profoundly selfish act. By killing himself, he's alleviated his own suffering and inflicted a tremendous amount of pain on the people who loved him.

I can't fault either side of the coin on this...I used to think the same way as Ollie and others here saying that people who commit suicide are weak and take the cowards' way out. Nothing you say could have changed my mind, we have free will and our own opinions, and that's what makes us human.

However, i recently was in a fit of depression and was in a dark place for a while, and thought about killing myself. It really changes your perspective. I never seeked help, and in the end I ended up not acting on it, simply, not because I thought life was worth living, but that because my mother is still alive and it would break her heart. I have a habit of thinking everything through, so it was a better option to stick out the depression.

Now, sure, I'm still depressed, but I have no desire to off myself, and to be honest, this f***ed up world isn't much to live for...but it's what we got.

Geekologie writer: + 47927 reputation.

Offering your readers to write you an email was a really nice thing to do! :0

Selfish is losing someone to suicide and blaming the deceased for not considering your feelings first.

Suicide can't be measured on a scale of rationality because it's an irrational act brought about by irrational thought.

Kicking the weak while they're down is the lowest of the low. And laughing at them says more about you.

On-Topic. Damn shame but I think he was dumb as hell doing that. If he was feeling that down there was no way he should have put himself on webcam when he was obviously ill-equiped to deal with that amount of attention. So a shame yes and I sympathise. But feckin dumb and a waste as well, not to mention selfish if he had close family and/or friends who are now going to be ripped apart by this.

Off-Topic. Daisy would possibly be a little bit funnier if she/he kept the joke to subjects where it actually can be applied in an amusing manner and also if they stopped just copy pasting and then putting in a tl;dr stream of not very funny text behind it.

So yeah, a reasonably amusing gag to start off with, now pretty much dead due to a complete lack of variety, comic timing and the inability of the writer to realise that asides from causing a few cheap chuckles - their "funny" writing ability is somewhere on par with a bag of turds.

A few of my family members have taken their own lives. They probably felt that they were a waste, non-effectual, non-productive. However, they chose to take their lives knowing full well that others would be affected. Weather malicious or not, one cannot be so ignorant as to think that absolutely NO ONE cares. I am convinced that a few of the onlookers wrote him with kind words of caring. I have been stung by suicide, and yes, I am hurt and angered by it. I can call it selfish, which it is. I can call it sweet release, which it is. I cannot comment on where he is now.

What I can say is that the ones you leave behind, whether you think they care or not, are PROFOUNDLY affected as evidenced by these posts.

Friends, we are all loved in one way or another by people we have never met. We are all tied together by an emotional thread that one cannot deny. Yes people die every day and it is always a tragedy for someone. Today I hurt for this man, but mostly I hurt for his loved ones and all of the hearts broken today because of his choice.

GW: This is not a gadget, but thank you for caring enough to post this so that we may be reminded that we can feel.

It's not disturbing that people watched.
It's not shocking that people egged him on.
Most of them probably thought it was fake, and the internet is full of idiots.

So forget all that, and concentrate on the fact that he was a lost person, and we should just remember to love the people we care about as much as possible.

Atta boy, pluto!

Learn some common misconceptions about suicide from SAVE:

Ah the internet, the perfect place to be a passive-aggressive asshole. Seriously though, whether I knew the kid or not or whether people kill themselves everyday; the circumstances are makes it the most tragic. It doesn't matter if he was reaching out to strangers. What matters is every last one of them could have prevented this but chose to insult and belittle him. I try really hard to like people but this kind of stuff just cements my hatred for most of the human race. And props to the GW and everyone else here that actually has enough of a soul to care about tragic things like this.

Could we not fight in the comments section today and keep the self-rightous bull-shit to ourselves? Lets just agree that this is sad, and it really really sucks. It sucks when anyone dies, on some level. Hopefully we can agree on that.

Could we not fight in the comments section today and keep the self-rightous bull-shit to ourselves? Lets just agree that this is sad, and it really really sucks. It sucks when anyone dies, on some level. Hopefully we can agree on that.

Could we not fight in the comments section today and keep the self-rightous bull-shit to ourselves? Lets just agree that this is sad, and it really really sucks. It sucks when anyone dies, on some level. Hopefully we can agree on that.

I agree with Ollie.



I find it odd that McGloin hasn't chimed in. Is it possible that even HE has a heart when it comes to tragedy? It seems the perfect opportunity to add insult to injury. OR, is it possible that this Abraham Briggs WAS McGloin?!? Good heavens! I'm feeling all feathery and the lights are fading...

Every time I hear the word 'Fake' now I start thinking about Never Back Down. Is that crazy cause I'm hot for Daisy?

Who cares? The human body is built with systems in place so we don't normally behave like this. The fact that he did it shows a psychological weakness that may stem from a genetic mutation. Another argument is that the behavior was a by-product of an inadequate or hostile environment. Either way, if he wasn't strong enough to go any further, we, as a collective whole, don't need him in the gene pool. The psychological loss is terrible to those close, but humanity is better off.

And no, he's not burning in hell or anything. He's just no longer part of our collective concious experience.

Next story please.

Not a nice way to go...........

Guess we'll never know now either. I feel for his family really, and those left to pick up the pieces :o|

Sad story for sure. Regardless of whether you feel he's stupid for doing it or not, It's sick that people would egg him on to do it.

do u realise over 100 comments encourages future suicides who want to leave a legacy? You can't say I'm insensitive because I wanted to kill myself for a long period of my life and this is exactly the type of response I was hoping to get after death. I thought it would be worth it to cause pain to the people I considered losers when I was gone. I'm serious, don't over publicise this stuff as it is very encouraging to those in the same mindset.

The suggestion had nothing to do with censorship. You can go out and start your own blog telling people that only idiots and asshole kill themselves - that's your freedom. The idea was to stop you from using someone else's public platform to spread your shit. See how well it goes over when you try to speak your mind on your local news station.

I don't think that laughing at an absurdly modernized anthropomorphic representation of god is the same as laughing as some kid's streaming suicide. Suicide is real with or without faith.

It totally sucks that this happened, but I bet everyone here has jumped on some hurtful band wagon at some point in their lives. Just gotta learn from that shit. 1 500 people will take something big from this, hopefully constructive. Now they need someone who'll listen, hope they get that.

@108, I'd prefer that guy in the gene pool than you. You self serving evil Darwinian bastard

He's way more a part of our collective consciousness now. You DO realize we aren't a telepathic species right?

Also, I'm pretty sure it was people like you that provided the "hostile environment" and definitely think humanity as a whole would be better off without that environment than without Abraham.

I don't know what makes me sadder, this article or the comments. I feel more for the family and friends who he's hurting by killing himself than Abraham himself. The posters encouraging him were being dumbasses, yes, but if he didn't want to kill himself, would he have set this stunt up to begin with?

I hate when suicide gets publicity. If you want to become an hero, keep it to your f***ing self. This entire debacle has utterly destroyed what little faith I had in the human race.

"If you want to become an hero, keep it to your f***ing self."

contradictio in terminis, look it up if you dont know what it means

i think its sad how he had to kill him self, but did he really have to post it in the internet for everyone to see and mock him?

Well that's pretty f***ed up. I have a hard time feeling horrible about this "kid" because he wasn't a kid, he's a legal adult. A legal adult who chose a selfish and abusive way to end his own life. Fake suicides have been posted on the net before to the same reaction...he knew that people wouldn't believe it. The true shame is that no one in his personal life grasped just how screwed up he was, this isn't your everyday form of psychosis...this guy needed some serious 24/7 therapy and special care in a hospital. People act like assholes and nutbags on the internet all the time, the people to blame are the guy who commited suicide and those in his real life who didn't give a shit enough to pay attention.

One of the best parts of the internet is to be able to annonymously act like a douche, harrass people, and be an all around f***tard. What this shows is how detached many of us are becoming from the world around us...we'll spend hours watching someone die online only to ignore the dead next door.

@108, you have my praise and respect.

Also, @88, I f***in' lol'd.

Wow. Thank you internet....

@108 What the f***? You must be L. Ron Hubbard's proctologist.

@44 Are you being sarcastic when you're saying it? Cuz that must be the dumbest shit I've heard from the most opinionated person in the world. I'm just hoping you're not.

Freedom of speech is only to be practiced not to the extent that hurts and aggravate people's privacy. If you're just being dumb around the streets and be a nuisance, that's the time you've taken it too far.

America is a Democracy, but democracy itself is not sole freedom.

Listen: clinical depression and bipolar disorder are profound and serious medical and mental health the numerous wanna be hard asses: the kid couldn't just snap out of it or "act like a man" (LOL)...the morons who say stuff like this are punks nothing more or less. No person who's experienced being close to death,real violence (not a game or flick that glorifies it fro the amusment of bored punks) get their jollies from making obnoxious passive aggressive anonymous smartass comments; ask any combat vet with PTSD. The most difficult transition from an amoral environment of extreme violence and chaos is dealing with the many, many smartass punks back "home."

Many of these comments are PROFOUNDLY ignorant and disturbing......PROFOUNDLY. It just serves me as a reminder the vast numbers of spoiled, ignorant, clueless punks there are in our society. Soo many of you are absolutely CLUELESS about REAL medical and psychological conditions (not to mention the the horriblly negative side effects of many drugs, prescribed and street.) Many of you seriously need to get out of your COMFORT ZONE and experience the types of situations others are forced to deal with (like the combat vets,cops,firemen,EMTs who literally make your punk lives possible)....your ignorance and smug smartass attitudes are really,really disturbing. I can only hope one day you'll experience the real thing, not just a game, movie, video, or book.

Anyone ignorantly and badly "quoting" Darwin need to get a serious clue: aside from the fact Darwin was not talking about species as complex as human beings, much of what he said is very poorly understood by most people and much of what he said has been scientifically proven incorrect. People who quote Darwin mostly have a vague understanding of erroneous "pop" psychology. Again, I can only hope you experience a situation where you (the tough guy) are in a compromising (weak) position and need the help of others who share your stupid tough guy punk views. Poetic justice.

It is a sad reflection on the human race that people could watch a troubled person like this take his life. A tragedy made bigger by his young age. I can only wonder what was so bad that it drove him to this level. Why did no one give the Admins a "heads up" sooner? just tohave them assess what was going in..... just in case? Did no-one care enough? the problem with repeated threats is that one day they may be more than just a threat- as proven so tragically here.

First, I wish that all the people who say that suicide is cowardly to actually make a serious try for it and see if they felt it was actually like that because I have the belief that all people who say they think suicide is cowardly or selfish are actually too cowardly to admit they are lacking a compassion chip and too selfish to neglect their own negative attention seeking habits in order to draw the line and stay off a post like this.

Second, R.I.P. Abraham.

Zzzzzzz boring tool. Oh poor baby how hard it is to grow up in a developed country. Let's hope he didn't breed before his demise.

Also anyone who puts something about photoshop and shadows should have their IPs banned. Way to kill a joke assholes.

I am in no way trying to be insensitive, and I think this is a truly tragic thing, but I think a lot of people are forgetting a part of the article when they criticize the people on the forum and admins so harshly... It is mentioned that Abraham had made frequent threats to kill himself. (This is not a classy example, I know, but I am having trouble thinking of something else off the top of my head) When you watch the show Jackass, the first several times someone gets hit in the testicles it is really really funny, but after watching 6 episodes of it, it starts to get old, and you dont notice it as much. Something similar was going on with Abraham and this forum... "Oh Abraham's pretending to be suicidal again..." because in the past, Abraham's suicide threats WERE "pretend", as in he never followed trough with his promises. There is a point where the shock value wears off, and it becomes so routine it is easy to neglect the actual problem. I am not justifying the people on this site, but I think it has been neglected that this was NOT the first time Abraham said he was going to kill himself, and I am sure the first times that Abraham threatened suicide, the communitywas much more receptive to helping/consoling him.

I would also like to mention, that if you read what is quoted from Abraham's suicide note, that he was "turned away because of the things I did." He may have been a troll on this forum, and earned hatred and disrespect that caused the community to be so callous to him. So keep in mind, how horrible you feel for poor Abraham, who had killed himself and no one in his online community cared, when you say such mean things to Daisy and LSDiesel and others who are posing unsympathetic things about Abraham. They might in the workings of becoming another Abraham, with 'dbags' (to quote someone earlier) to egg them on to feeling so isolated and hated.

Regardless, it is a true shame for anyone so young (or old, for that matter) to feel the need to kill themselves, and my heart goes out to his family and girlfriend, who I know are having hell trying to come to terms with this loss.

EDIT-Not LSDiesel, I meant Ollie- I apologize for the mistake in names :)

O hai thar guize. im in hell nao lol.


Let me risk being called a troll (again, I love all the "hard ass" people who come up with all this crap); reading these posts it's obvious many folks still don't quite get it: Abraham was suffering from a major and very real mental illness and it's NEVER ok to mock or ridicule such people, just as it's not ok to drive around shooting homeless men with paintballs because you're a bored and sadistic punk.

And again, there's something SERIOUSLY wrong with people who're part of an online so-called community watch for hrs some kid who claimed he's over dosed and commiting suicide "sleeping" in their bed...I mean seriously WTF? This is the equivalent of you getting off watching a snuff film; and a REAL community and REAL socializing requires you go out into the REAL outside world rather than isolating yourself pretending the usually stranger you interact with online is a "friend." Online "friendships" and "communities" are no substitutes for the REAL thing, and I get the impression many people today sadly live bored and isolated lives. American society in particular is designed to isolate not create healthy socialization and communities; it's easier to sell crap to people who're bored, lonely, and anxious and American society (unlike pretty much any other society) requires people part with their money (it'll make you feel better to buy that piece of crap you really don't need) to be good little consumers....70 plus percent of America's economy is consumer spending which is like a dog chasing his tail.

The vast, dull and incredibly uninspiring and low population density suburban sprawl (where most Americans live) is the perfect setting for producing neurotic, passive aggressive, punks who get of ANONYMOUSLY behaving like assholes, ACTING "tough", and watching a movie about people being tortured and suffering for their pleasure, or watching a kid pretend or for real commiting suicide. It's no surprise we're an incredibly violent country; although many Americans love talking about how religious and Godly and better they are compared to say Europeans the reality is another story; we probably produce more serial killers and sociopaths per capital than any other comparable society and although many Americans (ignorantly) believe it's normal we have soo many homicides and other acts of violence, and every one else is the same, this is a's far less likely you'll be the victim of a violent crime in comparable societies than in the very religious and God-fearing America and in fact the most violent and dysfunctional parts of America are places where there are many evangelicals! How ironic is that? The secular and non-evangelical parts of America like New England have lower, often far lower, crime rates than many parts of the bible belt. Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine have the lowest crime rates in America;Massachusetts, gay marriage and universal healthcare state, has THE LOWEST divorce rate while the the bible belt state of Oklahoma is a high crime state (14 out of 50) with the highest divorce rate in America, and poorly performing economy. Florida, where Abraham lived, is the place where people who can't make it where they live often end up, usually because they lack a good education and skills. Sorry if I offended some people but it's the truth.

This kid wasn't the only one suffering a mental illness; the people who watched him for hours die while making smartass comments and cracking jokes, are worse than he was.

DO NOT click on the "Abraham Briggs" link above my last post; it could give you a virus.

site server is based in France:

Owner ZOY
Email site [at]
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Chatenay-Malabry 92290

The alleged "owner" info from above IP address listed as:

OrgName: RIPE Network Coordination Centre
Address: P.O. Box 10096
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NameServer: NS3.NIC.FR
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NameServer: SEC3.APNIC.NET
Comment: These addresses have been further assigned to users in
Comment: the RIPE NCC region. Contact information can be found in
Comment: the RIPE database at
Updated: 2005-07-27

# ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2008-11-21 19:10
# Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN's WHOIS databas

Nobody seems to think that he really is just that miserable. Sometimes dying is the only alternative to a crappy life.

this is not the first time, and not the last...the media just likes to make a bigger deal if its not a white kid....

Not to sound like a bitch or anything, BUT, it's dammit, not damnit...

Holy crap at #133.
I don't feel bad and don't feel like an asshole when I say I won't be losing any sleep tonight because of this story.
Feeling bad for the kid now is almost ironic.
Yeah... It sucks when people kill themselves... But... I don't know this chap. I can't bring myself to find it anything but funny.
If that makes me an evil sadistic a$$ I don't really mind.

He killed himself and people were STILL making fun of him online.
That, my friends, is comedy.

jeez... how do you prevent things like this? this is every bit as bad as the virginia tech massacre, but in a reverse direction. instead of one man killing many, many many people encouraged the death of one man. it's absolutely deplorable and something has to be done about it.


Chap? Old school English slang; but you also spelled it asshole not arsehole...WTF are you, English, British (whatever the F the name de jour is for English,Scottish,Welsh,British folks) or are you something else?

That's ok "Roman" I realize you're just one of many passive aggressive punks talking shit behind the anonymity of the internet or just get off talking shit for laughs or to be provocative: either way you're a punk in the worse, purist since of that word.

Same old, same old boss.

Harry Paratestes:

I hear what you're saying.

But, anytime something like this happens, when thousands of "humans" get their jollies watching a kid commit suicide and joke about it, deserves to be highly publicized. It would be cool (and easy) to trace those ip addresses and publish every piece of info available.

I can f'ing guarantee you 99% of the tough guys posting here or who watched and joked while he passed out and died would shit their pants if they were very publically exposed.

There is no "correct" spelling for a made up slang word like dammit/damnit: neither dammit or damnit are grammatical.

Sorry to ruin your day John.
I wasn't aware that saying the word 'chap' required me to be anything other than myself.
What I felt was ironic before was that most of the people who are going to read about this kid and feel bad for him because he died are probably the same people who wouldn't care less before it happened. I feel I'm just ahead of the curve.
But what really takes the cake is this statement of yours:
'That's ok "Roman" I realize you're just one of many passive aggressive punks talking shit behind the anonymity of the internet or just get off talking shit for laughs or to be provocative: either way you're a punk in the worse, purist since of that word."

Maybe you were trying to be ironic, I don't think I'll ever care enough to know.
Insulting someone on the internet by saying they are 'talking shit behind the anonymity of the internet' is fine if meant for a joke. If taken literally, it's quite a perplexing ideology.

"Holy crap at #133" was simply a surprise at how much you wrote. I didn't care enough to read the other 132 posts so you can assume I didn't care enough to read yours. I simply wanted to express my opinion and the humor I found in the situation. I hope that other people can find humor in it as well.
If this dumb kid is actually that depressing then try not to think about the thousands of people starving, the pirates holding people hostage, the families leaving their kids in Wisconsin (I think) because its legal. Try not to think about the fact that the world's super power has nothing better to do than force its morals and beliefs on other civilizations. Ignore the fact that Russia wants to take over South America and Georgia can't keep a strait face when it's telling the US lies.
Or... if you do think about all these things instead of this one insignificant ill-raised manic-depressive kid please let me know where your web cam is so I can watch you kill yourself.


"If taken literally, it's quite a perplexing ideology."............WTF? What the F does THAT mean?

Your bizarre boss: you get off yapping about all the wrongs in our world (and I agree with you about all of them) but you have trouble having empathy for a single, clearly defined human? You can't have empathy for an individual because you're too busy with the weight of the world on shoulders and seeing the big picture? Too bad someone killed themselves today, you've got bigger fish to fry? You're not a punk, you're a dick.

It can't be empathized enough the importance of proper socialization and a grounding in ethics, with a little humility and compassion thrown in, otherwse we end up with people like Roman who would run over you in the street because well, big deal, do you know how many other people died today?

Never mind the fact once again 1500(?) people got off watching a guy kill himself while passing sarcastic, mocking, nasty comments amongst themselves; this is all good fun in Roman's long as you (allegedly) care about the larger issues it's fine to mock and ridicule a person suffering from either clinical depression (you can't just snap out of it LOL) or suffering side effects from some drug(s) or medications.

Roman: why don't you just go out and kill a mentally ill drunk homeless person because, well, they're useless, are weak and asked for it.


And an American using the old English slang "chap" is very unusual and stands out; it's an obvious question to ask you if you're American.

The sociopathic freaks on this board are capable of rationalizing anything.

The level of srs bsns in these comments is over 9000. Srsly. You wanna talk about compassion? sympathy? careing? Any of that shit? Don't expect me or any other human to feel these things about another human that chooses (for some stupid f***ing reason) to take their own life. Honestly, most of the people in these situations put themselves there, and/or no one pays attention to them anyways to notice they're becoming problems to themselves. Yeah, we all have bouts of low self-efficacy, and self-esteem. Those who take it to these extremes deserve to be ridiculed, mocked, and laughed at. If you don't value your life more than just offing yourself at a chance of 'escape', I will take my right to laugh at you.


There's a HUGE difference between someone with mild depression or self-esteem issues, and someone suffering a serious mental illness like bipolar, PTSD, or clinical depression...these things are REAL pathological conditions, not just psychological; they are not "weak"

Your comments just show the wide-spread ignorance among the general population regarding real mental health issues.

"Roman: why don't you just go out and kill a mentally ill drunk homeless person because, well, they're useless, are weak and asked for it."

Been there, done that.
I now pay less taxes. :)

Boss Roman:

srs bsns indeed!

sarcasm as humor gets tired real fast....get some new material; get out of your "comfort zone" and try something fresh.

I love how lame people think non-stop sarcasm makes them more sophisticated LOL!


Boss, you never answered the question; are you American? What's your gender, age, ethnicity,race, nationality? Are you straight,gay,bi? Transgendered? Just curious

Already determined you love sarcasm, erroneously thinking it makes you look slick.

"chap" LMAO !!!! You're a trip boss

The boy who cried wolf eh? This used to be a moral lesson. Now we do not use it as a moral lesson. Instead we blame everyone else...the cult of victimhood. If this guy's goal was to kill himself, which clearly it was, there was probably little anyone online could have done anyway. No reason to manufacture two guilty parties. Likewise, that would only open the door for you all to create another victim. Lord knows we do not need any more of those in our society. Hopefully he made the right decision. Let this have been peace. 1

Now I'm a real troll

"f this guy's goal was to kill himself, which clearly it was, there was probably little anyone online could have done anyway. "

And it's cool 1500(?) humans apparantly got off watching him "pretend" to commit suicide? Are you shitting me? A psychologist would (will) have a field day studying their behavior....probably get a grant and make a few bucks.

"No reason to manufacture two guilty parties. Likewise, that would only open the door for you all to create another victim. Lord knows we do not need any more of those in our society. Hopefully he made the right decision."

Jean-Paul Sartre

Why do sociopaths love moral relativism?

All I can say is that this is really, really awful.

@44 (Ollie) - You're misinformed. That whole Freedom of Speech thing in the Constitution doesn't really apply to blogs. GW can block you all he wants. Understand what you're talking about before you so easily call other people stupid. Oh, and we're hypocrites because we'll go on with our lives tomorrow and not mourn? We didn't know the person. Just because we're respectful and saddened by a story doesn't mean it's going to change our lives. I second the motion to be rid of you on this website, though it doesn't seem possible. You'll come back to comment so you can have your "me against the world" feeling that you love so much. Go get 'em, 2Pac.

@92 - Sorry you ever reached that place. I hope you find some comfort, and there's no shame in talking to people about it. You're in my prayers, man.

Just to add my two cents:
I don't care, I feel no sympathy, and suicides are selfish...they run from the "pain" (either imagined or otherwise) and they think only of themselves.

Now how can I be such a callous bitch? I've got the scars to remind me of what a immature cunt I meh, give suicides all the condolences you want; they were thinking of nothing but themselves.

Right so, those wanting to commit suicide are only thinking of themselves?

So I suppose the empathy shown by anonymous jerk offs is...thinking of others?

John, people don't get it because it's easier to be an asshole. Being so far removed from an incident has little impact.
Disorders like major depression (not feeling 'down' like so many seem to think) are going to be misunderstood for many more years to come. The majority think that anything wrong in the mind is weakness but anything wrong with the body is something real and can be sympathized with. Maybe. Depends on the thread.

How does anyone
a- watch, or want to watch someone commit suicide
b- sit there while watching it, and not do anything and
c- egg the person on.
Holy shit, thats sick and twisted.
I think there is something seriously wrong with some people in this world.
It seems as if every headline in American news is of one person shooting and killing another person while critically wounding someone else.
Just sad.

Well, in Smoking Girl's defence I will have to conceed that the people attempting or succeeding in their suicide attempts are being incredibly selfish. It doesn't mean that they don't have a severe illness, it just means that they aren't thinking beyond their here & now. They aren't thinking about how much it will ruin the lives of those who cared about them or that eventually it will get better because it can't rain sh*t forever. All they can focus on is how badly they feel. There are those who are so mentally ill that they have no control or those who are so desperate to escape severely horrible lives, but those are pretty far & few between. Most are just average people who can't see that tomorrow will get a little bit better. (Been there myself, both as the person who attempted it & as someone who was left behind when a loved one succeeded.)

As for the rude reactions & the people who egged him on, they should be ashamed of themselves. You should always treat suicide threats seriously- you never know when they'll actually make the attempt like this guy did. As for the ones who posted here acting nasty & rude, I hope you never have to deal with anything like this. I'm glad that you've had such a limited experience in situations like this & don't know how incredibly horrible & nasty such a situation is. I really hope that you can continue to live in your sheltered cocoon & only experience these things through the dubious protection of seeing it secondhand.

Hot damn.

I'm not surprised that people were egging him on. Trolls have been faking stuff like that since before the Internet, and the Internet's gotten used to it.

I think that Chuuie has hit the nail on the head with this one. Yes, this is all very sad and tragic, and i sympathize with him and especially with his family, BUT i do not hold any malice or ill-will towards the others on that website forum. It clearly stated in the article that he had done this before, making such threats only to repeatedly prove himself to have been faking it. How would any rational human being perceive this last threat? With the sheer abundance of assholes on the internet, who wants to bet that pretty much everyone in that forum would assume that the guy was mocking suicide (and it's many victims) with these repeated stunts? It even said that he had posted his suicide note on ANOTHER FORUM before going through with it in that one. I feel bad for the guy, but you have to admit, he wanted an audience. He made those people watch him die and you want to say that he was the only victim? How would you feel if you thought you were insulting someone whom you thought truly deserved it and it turned out it was real after all? Ever heard of survivor's guilt?You're right John, he was probably not well, but that doesn't mean that what he did was not just terribley tragic, but also very selfish and thoughtless? How would all of you feel if poor little Daisy decided to cast aside that Never Back Down spirit and went ahead and logged her webcam onto a public forum and blew her head off while everybody watched? While you all watched and mocked and even prompted her (looking in your direction #61), but would you all be to blame? No. You want to point fingers, point them at those in control of the situation. Suicide is, by nature, a selfish act. If he truly thought nobody would care, then why post a note and then switch to a different forum to kill himself? Welcome to the world of personal accountability. The others in the forum didn't do this, he did. He cried wolf, he went to a place know for it's abundance of (seemingly) callous assholes looking for sympathy he knew he wouldn't find, then he logged onto a PUBLIC CAM WEBSITE and subjected innocent people to this horror. That would be like me going to a crowded park and killing in front of everybody. Or maybe jumping in front of a random car on the freeway with a sign strapped to my chest. You have to know that this will f*** up other's lives in the process. I think that was the aim. Force sympathy onto others, force guilt onto others, make them care, who wants to say that isn't selfish? If i threatened suicide right now, how would all of you act? how could you find me and send help in time? The police got to him, so someone obviously realized that this was for real, the only way they could know which, unfortunately, was by the amount of time that passed. Sure, it's easier to blame the parents, to blame those on the forum, to blame anybody else. Pass the buck, save yourself the guilt by pointing your fingers elsewhere, but to do so would be utter bullshit. Sick or not, the fault is his and his alone. Tragic? Sad? f***ing horribly so, yes, but make no mistake, this was a selfish act. Does that make me not feel sorry for him? No, i absolutely feel sorry for anyone who thinks that their life is so horrible that they would need to resort to this, but the hipocrisy in many of these comments upsets me almost as much as this article. You think those people are horrible? Are all of you? No.

Doesn't justify making fun of the guy, but it completely depends on which side of the coin you fall on for this endless debate: Who do you believe is the biggest victim of a suicide, the killer, or those left behind, Forced to mourn a death that didn't have to occur? Who are any of us to say for sure?

God, people are so messed up, I would never tell someone to kill themselves even if anonymous.

technology is becoming the devil's advocate!

I hate my life also what did he take? i'd like to try one more time, i took some pills but damn. They didn't work, what did he take?

Please let me know =)

Not kidding...

It is a very cowardly act to take your own life.. it is not the internets fault nor the people who egged him on..You are responsible for your own actions however in a situation like this the parents and guardians who neglected to give a shit I find to be at fault.

I think it would be awesome to be a ghost. :o

This was the saddest story I heard all year (well, last year anyway). But not for all the reasons people have cited - it was the fact that people watched, egged him on, and seemingly no-one tried to stop it. Obviously, he CHOSE to end his life. I'm not saying that's a good thing - personally, I don't understand why someone would take their own life, whether of sound mind or not - but this happens everyday. It's a terrible fact of life, and what makes the human race seem so awful.

No, what makes this story sad is that no-one tried to stop it, even though they must have known it was wrong. Even if they thought it was an act, the people watching MUST have known he actually went through with it. I don't understand the mindset of someone who would actively egg someone on to commit suicide.

All those who watched, stood by and did nothing, I hope you all feel the weight of what your inaction to call the police (or flag the video, or SOMETHING) pressing very hard on your soul. Possibly hoping the guilt will eat you alive, but that's a step too far. At least you all have the chance to redeem yourselves - Abraham Briggs didn't.

if u squint real hard at #163's post it looks like a guy

people who need an online forum to tell them what to think or even think out loud their feelings please gtfo now... thank you good night...

@170 i see a tie, a man's tie and a duck head.

Great hopes make great men.

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