Nov 18 2008Artist Wants Webcam Installed In Eyeball


San Francisco artist Tanya Vlach lost an eye in a car accident several years ago. And now she wants a webcam installed in her prosthetic, because she's a badass.

Tanya reasons that her aesthetic-only eye could become a source of "augmented reality," and she's got a list of possible specs up on her blog for would-be engineers to begin with. Just some of the things mentioned for inclusion are: DVR capabilities, MPEG-4 compression, a microSD slot, A/V out, and Bluetooth.


While a webcam eyeball would be cool, particularly if you spend a significant portion of your day in the women's locker room or staring at your own privates, I believe there are bigger fish to fry -- with a laser eye. PEW PEW!

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Monocular San Francisco artist wants webcam installed in her prosthetic eye [engadget]

Thanks to Captain Pants and Allegro, who, for the tips, get their choice of a free pegleg or eye patch.

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Reader Comments


Total pwnge

freaky O_o

It should be able to glow red like T-1000 or this thing

Haha, the pic of Seven of Nine is epic right there. Good choice!

Welcome to Jeopardy! My name is Alex Tribek and were here to play an little game of "What is the best sci-fi series"

A. Star Trek
B. Battlestar Galactica
C. Stargate Atlantis
D. Enterprise

STEVE: What is a faggot!

Oh my gosh. The Seven of Nine picture is totally appropriate, does that woman REALLY want to do that?
Next step will be the assimilation of mankind...

Hmm... this is the beginning of the end I fear...

Aren't artists supposed to be starving?

Now this one wants a custom-made eyeball with "DVR capabilities, MPEG-4 compression, a microSD slot, A/V out, and Bluetooth."

Hack. No artist--just another mentally-ill trust fund baby.

You should have put of a pic of Lt. Uhura in there too.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is a lot like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Baja went as the Borg known as 6 of 9 and Max went as the enterprise's spare tire.

Spare tire. TIRE TIRE TIRE!

Cyborg chicks are FREAKIN HOT!!!! "What's that my mechanized princess? You're forcing me submit to oral sex for scientific purposes? By your command."


Art is dead.


It'll be a HUGE jump forward in technology for POV PORN!!

Olhado from Speaker for The Dead (sequel to Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card) has a pair of metal eyes, one of which has a jack that he can plug into a computer. This sounds an awful lot like that.

Look for "Lauro SuleiĆ£mo Ribeira von Hesse".

@17 - I didn't know Ender's Game had a sequel! I think I read that book in 6th grade, and I still remember it vividly, great story!

Shit... I am a geek... *shoots self*


You also forgot about the first Duncan Idaho gohla in Dune: Messiah. He had creepy metal eyes also.

This is just like that time I was abducted by aliens who were driving the President's fully armoured car, and they forced me to wear this apparatus that counts every bite you take, and then they made me make fiber-optic wallpaper in an apartment filled with crystals, I forgot to mention they also put a webcam in my eyeball.

So the question is who put the pic of 7 of 9 up first.
Geekologie or Engadget?

"@17 - I didn't know Ender's Game had a sequel! I think I read that book in 6th grade, and I still remember it vividly, great story!

Shit... I am a geek... *shoots self*

Uh, it had THREE sequels, and a whole additional series of 5 books about Bean. You don't read much, do you?

Also, just for the record the 7 of 9 reference is NOT particularly appropriate, as she had no cyborg eyes.

@22: Word.

It would have made a lot more sense to have depiced Hugh giving Jordi LaForge his prosthetic eyepiece from the groundbreaking S.T. TNG episode "I Borg."

@22 - you douche, just because I don't follow every series of books I read in the 6th grade doesn't mean I don't read. Seriously, WTF is that shit? n/m. you're a f***tard

Pew Pew in the Eye?

Pew pewing in the eye is just disrespectful. Now a pew pew necklace is something that two consenting adults can agree on.

The damn truth:I`m an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

i would SO put a camera in my eyeball socket if i lost an eye.

@14 - Good. I freakin' hate Everclear.

Jeri Ryan?

If she goes through with the fancy eye gadgets, she might as well become a fembot and have bullets shoot out of her jugs.

thats nothing. they`re currently working on a contact lense with microcircuitry installed for soldiers on the battlefield, augmented night vision, orders texted straight into the eyes, etc. after all, the evil computers that secretly run the world need us to see things their way.

If I know what love is, it is because of you.

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