Oct 31 2008You Have Got To Be Freaking Kidding Me: Luxury Screen Cleaning Fluid For TVs


The end is nigh: luxury screen cleaning fluids -- for the flatscreen television owner who has everything, except a freaking brain. They come in two varieties, EazyCare and OneClean, and cost $32 and $24, respectively. WTF!

AM's specially developed water-based screen cleaner formula contains no IPA or other alcohol. Our formula is effective, but also gentle. AM's screen cleaner fluid can be used on all types of screens or surfaces.

Really? Really? I know that shit's just water. Nice try guys, but I didn't just fall off the back of a truck. I did get hit by a chick on a moped though. Watch where you're going!

Luxury screen cleaning fluid - for the geek who has everything [techdigest]

Thanks to Sugar Honey, who is allegedly made of sugar and spice and everything nice. And honey. Definitely some honey.

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Reader Comments

F1Rst!!! Bitches

WTF is this shit? what kind of an asshat would buy this?!


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell, the shadows are all wrong.

They do look kinda like Max's cologne bottles, copied from his room in the movie Never BAck Down.


This is an obvious fake. You can tell, the shadows are all wrong.

This looks a little like thescene in the movie Never Back Down when Max but on some screenwipe before a fight with Mike Tyson.

I'll take three of each!

@4 FAIL!!!!

You neglected to mention photoshop. Other than that your Daisy halloween costume was pretty authentic.





Photoshop, photoshop, fake fake, Never Back Down, yadda yadda....


What kind, Ollie?


Hahaha. I have the oneclean screen cleaner and i bought it for 25€. so this 24$ would be amazing price...

10 to 12, LOL.

Just eat my chunky cock Ollie! It's chunky like a negro at a I-Hop!


Multiple fake Daisy's, now THATS funny!

Her mom went to college.

pew pew pew

Do they include a scraper in case you watch alot of porn?

pew pew pew *o-face*


That is the funniest thing I've ever heard in my entire life. EVER.

@19, you must be two years old then.

Lol, Sorry to say this guys but they are not fake. I work in an outlet of currys in england (our biggest electrical chain) and we sell them and they sell at £19.99 for the screen cleaner or you can get a pc set which includes special keyboard cleaner for £29.99. They also sell micro fibre clothes to go with the cleaner which are £10 for 5. :S

Currys employee here again, Just to prove my point, the sister company of currys, PC World also sells them and i can provide a link.

hahaha we have these at work.

its exactly like monster cleaner but with built in cloths....
yeh completely worthless.

Currys employer again. Motherf***er did you have to say 'again'.
Youdumb piece of new Shit out here.
Read a few more hundred comments out here.
Beforwe you open your hole.

We know this is f***ing absolutely fake.
We know You are fake,
you don't exist.
The link doens't exist.
The link you provided is fake.

You are an obvious fake and your shadows are all wrong.

Now run away from here you little boy and never back down.
Now take craker along with you as you run along.

@18 So that's how you got your name?
Moose Knuckle using scrapers to clean off your screen.

Are you a professional screen cleaner.
Do you only clean screens?

Goddamn this is old.. I have had one of those since flatscreens were invented...

What no actual post from the Realy daisy

nnnnnooooooo dasiy come back i love youooooo

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