Oct 24 2008Walking House Can Run Away From Floods


Art collective N55 built a walking house complete with bathroom and kitchen that can start hoofing it should shit hit the proverbial air-exchanger. It was allegedly designed to move to higher ground should a flood hit Britain. WTF, do they not have mobile homes in England? And if not, I'm moving there.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures and a video of the leggy bastard in action.



World's first walking house

Thanks to Uncle Ecolli, who once emptied his chemical toilet into a storm sewer.

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Wonder if it floats as well ?


That's an obvious fake. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong.

Its almost as if someone pasted legs onto Max's charcoal grill in the movie Never Back Down, and then pasted it into a screen cap from another part of the movie, Never Back Down.

Where's the john?

Okay, so this thing will have to start about a month before the flood. We all know there's that kind of warning for floods, right?

Maybe they should call it the house that can escape the next ice age? Hopefully there is enough time for the house to make it...if it starts now.

I hope the flood isn't coming very fast...cause if it is, you're f***ed anyway

Neat and all...how many people can it house? where are the aforementioned amenities? And more importantly, that thing moves so slow, it would flood and then evaporate before it got to higher ground...

otherwise awesome.

that thing will never get away in time...... LAME!!!!!!!


that was just painful.....

Shitter was full!

st00p1d house

wow, all it takes to make an impressive headline is redefining a few common words into new meanings:

run=move faster than a glacier
solar powered=dim LED lights are powered by solar energy. The hydraulics are powered by an offboard diesel engine, but we won't talk about that.
Wind powered=wind will blow it over
fully sustainable=it's a box, and will continue to be a box indefinitely
mainframe=some kind of computer
art=whatever the f*** we say it is

but the best one:
wood stove=carbon monoxide suicide chamber

why did i expect it to be faster...

wow.... so not impressed. has the internet become so boring that this kind of stuff has become entertaining?

Damn, if I had that, I'd fill it with alcohol and heinous chemicals and go camping in the mountains with some of the guys.

Yup, I've always wanted to have my crapper close by my bed & within viewing distance of large windows.

another thought. If i bring my girlfriend home and we get cozy and i get lucky and one thing leads to another and i finally lose my virginity, how many peeping toms can simultaneously look in through all the windows?
and will the humping motion cause any damage to the walking mechanism?
and does it include an attic where i can secretly masturbate to my porn collection?
Does anyone really have the answers to my life's questions?
When and how will i ever get lucky? or laid?


ps. i know im using caps!!

Put -=Daisy is annoying=- after you comment if you wish to ban daisy from this website!! =)

hey butterfly.. wanna share a pupa with me for the night?

I think the guy that made the motorhome had a better ideia.

Yeah I appreciate you went to the effort and all, but when you saw it on the Simpsons it was meant to be a joke, not a good idea.

Howl's Moving Castle is way better.

"Walking House Can Run Away From Floods"????
were's the running part? lol...
Its a real "go ahead i'll meet you there" house... :P

Not very quick is it.....I mean if its going to escape a flood shouldnt it be able to run faster than, oh i dont know, water?


Finally I'll be able to catch up with those damn gypsies that took my camping stove!

It would have been funny if the van would have run over it's foot.

There is ingenuity for the sake of survival and there is making a tiny "house" move really slowly in case of rushing water. It seems like it would be simpler to just make it float.

wouldnt some wheels have been a lot easier? its called a mobile home, you brits.

I have been looking through some of the different posts, and it seems Daisy responds to every post by alerting us to the fact that each image is "fake" and we can tell because "the shadows are all wrong". OMG Dasiy we get it. the shadows are all wrong. Everything is fake. Now go somewhere and die already.

Shoot, I'm one legged and I can outrun that thing!!

Wonder why it's so danged slow?

I'd like to see what the interior looks like.

BTW: You have an awesome website. Thank you for taking the time to put all of this together for our enjoyment.

Howl's moving castle. England has it

omg can it be faster their gunna b in trouble if a flood comes

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